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How To Be The Coolest Guy At The Campground

Everyone wants to be friends with the cool guy at the campground. They’re funny, friendly, and have an excellent outdoor set-up.

So how do you become the cool person at camp? How do you become the camper all of the other campers want to hang out with?

Believe it or not, it’s not having the cleanest, shiniest Class A motorhome. It’s not even about your RV at all. It’s really about how you conduct yourself at the campsite.

Let’s look at a few simple tips to help you be the cool kid on the block!

Be The ‘Cool Person’ At The Campground

Not everyone has a bubbly, outgoing personality. Not everyone feels comfortable talking to strangers. But even without these innate personality traits, you can still be the cool neighbor at the RV park. You might have to try really hard in some of these areas because they don’t come naturally.

But if you want to be the camper who hosts the Friday night campfires, you’ll want to consider these tips.

Talk With Your Neighbors

The part of this tip that’s crucial is to let your neighbors talk about themselves. Don’t talk to your neighbors about your latest travels. Let them share theirs.

Don’t talk to them about your family or your remote job. Ask them about theirs.

Show interest in the sticker map on the side of their RV. Ask them questions about their favorite campgrounds. People like to talk about themselves, especially RVers. So give them a chance to do that. You may have to initiate the conversation, but keep it focused on them.

Being open and friendly is a sure fire way to make friends at your RV campsite.

Make Too Much Food

Whenever you’re grilling on the Blackstone or cooking over a charcoal fire, everyone around you can smell it. Food has a way of bringing people together. Make too much so you have plenty to share.

Invite your neighbors over to try a new dip with chips or pita bread. Cover your picnic table with tasty hors d’oeuvres before a big sporting event. Whenever you cook something you know is a big hit, invite other campers to be a part of it. Then you can follow up with the tip above and start initiating a conversation about their rig or their last vacation.

What’s cooler than having a conversation about the latest D&V episode while chowing down on a hamburger?

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Back Up Your Trailer Perfectly

There is nothing cooler than being able to back up your rig perfectly. No pulling forward three times, no straightening it out. Just backing in and setting up. Obviously, this takes practice, but once you’re able to master the process of backing into a campsite, you’ll definitely be the cool kid on the block.

This might not matter in your HOA neighborhood with picket fences and two-story brick houses, but at a campground, it means everything. Some campers may even come over and ask for your autograph. It’s that big of a deal.

Happy campers at a campsite.
Always be respectful of your neighbors space while in an RV park.

Invite Your Neighbors Over For A Cool Drink

If you’re in the South, iced tea will bring your neighbors out of the woodwork. You don’t have to serve alcohol to get a crowd. But if you want to have a Taco Tuesday with margaritas, that works, too.

Sometimes combining drinks with conversation helps ease the awkwardness of chatting with someone new. If tip number one scares you, offer a beverage then follow it up with a question.

You’ll feel much more comfortable with lemonade or beer in your hand when striking up a conversation with a new neighbor.

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Deck Out Your Deck

Have you seen outdoor patio sites with elegant lighting, cozy fire pits, big-screen TVs, and a clam? Don’t they make you jealous? Be that neighbor. Set up a cool outdoor space that will make your neighbors green with envy.

But don’t keep it for yourself. Invite them over. Make too much food. Set out drinks. Get the Solo stove going. Combine all of these tips with a cool patio space, and you’ll be the neighbor everyone wants to hang out with.

Being the Cool Person Means Sharing Your Coolness

Perhaps in high school you were the cool kid – the jock who dated the cheerleader, the partier who had all of the friends, the jokester who made everyone laugh. However, most of us probably weren’t. But now you can be the coolest guy at the RV park.

Want to host the weekend get-togethers or be the hip campsite where everyone watches the big game?

Follow these tips and you’ll be sure to gain the title “Cool Neighbor,” next time you’re at the campground. What do you need to do to sharpen those cool guy skills? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Julie Gant says:

    Great tips! Being social and meeting new people is half the fun of RV living!

  2. Jim S. says:

    Good article! My favorite way to meet people at the campground was to be a good neighbor by having a tidy campsite and making sure your campfire is burning clean dry wood. Nothing like a smoky smoldering fire to offend other campers. I loved burning hickory firewood for the aroma. I had many neighbors stop to chat when I was cooking baby back ribs on a rotisserie over the open hickory fire.