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Nothing Arizona (Where It Is And Why You Should Go)

Some destinations intrigue travelers because of their absence of anything. Nothing, Arizona, is one of those places.

When you select locations to visit, you probably choose spots with things to do, places to go, and landmarks to see. Typically, tourists and travelers want to see something, not nothing.

But Nothing, Arizona, draws people from far and wide with its nothingness.

Let’s take a closer look at this ghost town!

Where Is Nothing Arizona?

Located about two hours northwest of Phoenix is the town of Nothing, Arizona. As you travel US-93 from Phoenix, you’ll drive through the town of Wickenburg, Arizona. Then there are about 50 miles of nothing until you reach Nothing, Arizona.

And as you pass through along US-93 and continue north, there will be nothing again until the town of Wikieup, Arizona, about 23 miles later. There aren’t any rivers, lakes, cities, or landmarks near Nothing, Arizona.

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How Did Nothing Arizona Get Its Name?

It seems that Nothing, Arizona, got its name because it lies along a stretch of US-93 that is completely empty. People have tried to create something there in the past, but it never lasts. This part of US-93 is just miles of highway with nothing in between Wickenburg and Wikieup.

The History Of Nothing

When it was established in 1977 by a couple of friends, Nothing, Arizona, had a market and a gas station. The few people who lived in the town sold rocks and minerals as souvenirs to passersby who stopped in to visit. However, the small town didn’t last long as it was completely abandoned in 2005.

New owners came in and purchased the market in 2009, but it was short-lived and Nothing, Arizona, returned to nothing within a year. Now the old garage attached to the gas station is long gone, and the market is splattered with graffiti. Doors and windows are gone. It looks like an abandoned and forgotten ghost town.

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Man walking dog in Arizona.
There are lots of cool sites in Arizona, Nothing, AZ included.

What Is The Population Of Nothing Arizona?

There are no current residents. However, the writing on the old market building says the population is four. You can still see the large print if you stop by today. When it was established in 1977, it was Arizona’s smallest town. Now it’s just an empty parking lot that may have a few truckers taking a rest.

Is There Nothing To Do In Nothing Arizona?

The only reason to stop in Nothing, Arizona, is to take some pictures. Tourists like to say they visited a town called “Nothing.” The huge roadside sign still remains. There isn’t anything to do or anything to see except the abandoned market.

Debris and trash litter the ground, so if you do visit, perhaps help clean up a bit for the next tourist who pulls over to snap a photo. It’s one of those locations that’s interesting because it’s uninteresting.

Why You Should Visit Nothing Arizona

Should you visit Nothing, Arizona? If you’re traveling along US-93, it’s not going to take any additional time to pull over, snap a photo, and jump back in the car. It’s worth visiting just to say you visited Nothing, Arizona. There’s something intriguing about visiting ghost towns.

Imagining what life might have been like among the deserted streets and within the isolated buildings brings our creativity to life.

That said, don’t make a special trip down US-93. If you’re taking a road trip along I-40 or I-10, it’s not really worth taking a detour. But if you’re in the area, go let your creativity explode. Stand in the empty All-Mart parking lot and picture tourists buying souvenirs or snapping photos in front of the large sign. Then take a photo of yourself. After all, how many people can say they’ve been to Nothing, Arizona?

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  1. Michael Matteson says:

    I haven’t been to Nothing, AZ but I have stood on a corner in Winslow, Arizona. For me I think that was a bigger thrill than Nothing would be.