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Is the Wolf Pup Travel Trailer Worth It?

If you’ve started looking at entry-level travel trailers, you’re likely overwhelmed! How do you know which travel trailer will be the best choice for you or your family?

If you want to stay on a budget, you should consider the Wolf Pup travel trailers.

There are several floorplans to choose from, and the lineup also offers a couple of bunk models with dedicated sleeping space for the kids. Let’s take a closer look at what the Wolf Pup travel trailers have to offer!

What Is a Wolf Pup Travel Trailer?

Wolf Pup travel trailers are lightweight, easy-to-tow campers designed for new RVers or travelers who need a camper to take out a few times a year.

There’s one toy hauler floorplan and eight travel trailer options in the Wolf Pup lineup. The 2022 models range from $20,000-30,000, so they’re some of the cheapest travel trailers on the market. They’re great options for campers on a budget.

Who Makes Wolf Pup Travel Trailers?

Forest River is one of the largest manufacturers of RVs in the world. Cherokee, a brand owned by Forest River, makes the Wolf Pup travel trailers.

Cherokee also produces the Alpha Wolf and Grey Wolf travel trailers, the Arctic Wolf fifth wheel, the Wolf Pack toy hauler fifth wheels, and the Cherokee line up of travel trailers and fifth-wheel toy haulers.

The Forest River headquarters in Elkhart, Indiana, also manufactures numerous other brands like Cardinal fifth wheels, the Charleston diesel motorhome, and Ibex travel trailers.

Wolf Pup travel trailer exterior product shot from Forest River website
Wolf Pup Travel Trailers are produced by the reliable Forest River.

The Pros of a Wolf Pup Travel Trailer

One of the biggest pros to owning a Wolf Pup travel trailer is the size. Because they’re lighter and shorter than other travel trailer options, they’re easier to manage when traveling. For campers who have never towed something before, this is a big deal. You can feel confident towing a 4,000lb travel trailer because it’s much less weight than a 9,000lb travel trailer.

You can also tow the Wolf Pups with the vehicle you have as long as it’s an SUV or truck. Just make sure to know your vehicle’s towing capacity, so you don’t put too much strain on the engine, brake system, and transmission.

The shorter length also makes it easier for you to get into campsites. For newbies, backing in isn’t as much of a hassle compared to owning a 38ft travel trailer.

You’ll also have more options for camping. Since many state parks and National Parks have size restrictions, you should be able to make reservations that other RVers who own larger campers can’t make.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind, size does matter! Make sure you Don’t Assume Your RV Can Fit Here.

The Cons of a Wolf Pup Travel Trailer

Wolf Pup travel trailers are entry-level campers. You won’t be camping in sheer luxury. You can’t compare them to a Grand Design Imagine.

But if you’re looking to escape from the world for a few weekends a year, a Wolf Pup travel trailer will do the job.

However, the finishes won’t be high-end or residential-style unless you make some of the upgrades of the Black Label Edition.

Even though the size is a pro, it’s also a con, especially if your weekend is full of thunderstorms and rain. You don’t have the interior space that other travel trailers offer. The bedroom is not closed off or private. The bed is out in the open at the front of the unit.

There’s very little privacy. Also, five of the nine models don’t have additional seating to lounge around. The dinette is the only available seating. Four units have an extra sofa in the living space. The limited room could be an inconvenience when you want to watch a big game or read a book.

Wolf Pup travel trailer interior product shot from Forest River website
The Wolf Pup Travel Trailer comes in many different sizes for all of your RVing needs.

What Is the Smallest Wolf Pup Camper?

The 14CC weighs under 3,000lbs, making it the lightest Wolf Pup travel trailer. The exterior length is just over 19ft. With a cargo-carrying capacity of a little over 1,000lbs, you can still load up this camper with all of the essentials for a weekend camping trip. Just make sure not to exceed the GVWR of 3,900lbs.

Despite its size, the 14CC still has a queen bed with overhead storage, a full kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, oven, and a booth dinette. In the rear, you’ll find the bathroom with shower and toilet as well as the entry door to the unit.

There is outside storage underneath the front of the camper and a television mount. Even though you only have 19ft of space, you have everything you need for a fun weekend adventure.

What Is the Largest Wolf Pup Camper?

On the other end of the spectrum is the 17JG, the largest Wolf Pup camper. Weighing in at 3,879lbs and measuring almost 23.5ft, this travel trailer has a cargo-carrying capacity of 1,120lbs. You have plenty of room to pack up everything you want to head out into the woods.

This bunk model features two dedicated sleeping spaces. The front of the unit has a queen bed and overhead storage, and the two bunks are on the passenger side in the rear of the camper.

The bathroom is located across from the bunks on the driver’s side and features a tub/shower combo, which is excellent when traveling with younger kids. The kitchen space is larger than the 14CC unit and comes equipped with a U-shaped dinette with ample seating for adults and children.

The added space in the center of the model is a great play area on a rainy day.

Is There a Wolf Pup Toy Hauler?

If you’re interested in a toy hauler option, the 18RJB provides just enough space to haul your big toys while remaining under a GVWR of 5,000lbs and less than 23ft in length. The rear ramp easily releases access to a golf cart, motorbike, ATV, or bicycle. It also provides an elevated patio space for morning coffee or an extra play space for the kids or dog.

This unit also features a queen bed in the front with overhead storage, but the bathroom is in the center next to the bed. There are 167 inches of length from the queen bed to the ramp on the end of the camper.

This provides plenty of space for cooking dinner, playing games, or entertaining the dog when it rains. It has a removable table in the rear against the ramp for dining, working, and lounging. Store your outdoor toys during the drive, and then once you’ve set up camp, lower the ramp, take out the toys, and set up the table.

What Is the Wolf Pup Black Label Edition?

The Black Label Edition is an optional upgrade. One of the most significant differences you will notice immediately is the exterior isn’t aluminum but gel-coated fiberglass. In the kitchen, you can upgrade to solid surface countertops, a stainless steel sink, and a residential faucet.

Upgrades also include thermo-foil arctic insulation, solid wood cabinet doors, and a frameless window package.

Pro Tip: Forest River has many amazing RVs apart from the Wolf Pup Travel Trailer line. Check out these 5 Best Forest River RVs.

Is the Wolf Pup Travel Trailer Worth It?

The Wolf Pup travel trailers are great entry-level options for solo travelers, couples, or families. Several different floorplans are available, so you can choose the model that best suits your camping needs.

These nine options vary in length and weight, so you also have choices based on your tow vehicle. If you’re looking to tow with an SUV, there are several good options.

If you have a truck, then there are additional options. You don’t have to spend more money on a new vehicle, which is great for campers looking to take their Wolf Pup out a few times a year.

So how about you? Does a Wolf Pup travel trailer fit your needs? Which model would work best for you? Drop a comment below!

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