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This Gentlemen’s Club Offers Free Camping

The last place most people would think of spending the night is a gentlemen’s club. 

But it’s been a long day of traveling down I-90, and you need a place to pull over and rest. We’re not talking about an evening out for entertainment, but actually parking your RV and sleeping.

The Kongo Klub in South Dakota offers complimentary overnight parking. But is it a good idea?

Let’s take a look!

What is the Kongo Klub Gentlemen’s Club?

The Kongo Klub Gentlemen’s Club in Mitchell, South Dakota, proclaims to be the “Best in Adult Entertainment.” The club has been in business since 1977 and is open six nights per week, offering exotic dancers and a full bar. 

The Mitchell Convention and Visitors Bureau lists it on their Restaurants, Food & Beverages page. And, it’s the only adult entertainment club in South Dakota’s sixth-largest city.

Each year, the Kongo Klub holds events such as the Sturgis Bike Rally and something called Rodeo Week. But don’t confuse their rally with The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in Sturgis, South Dakota.

The Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is 300 miles west, although theirs most likely draws a lot of bikers too.

Why Park Your RV at a Gentlemen’s Club?

If unwinding at a gentlemen’s club sounds like a good way to end a long travel day, the Kongo Klub might be a good option.

It offers free RV or tent camping in its parking lot. Although, the website doesn’t mention any hookups. Parking here for the night allows a person to enjoy a strip club and drinks without driving.

The Disadvantages of RV Parking at a Gentlemen’s Club

There are certainly downsides to parking your RV at a gentlemen’s club.

The Kongo Klub, for example, is five miles north of I-90 and sits next to a drive-in theater but nothing else. Although it’s on a state highway, the club is outside of town with no security other than the bouncers inside. You’ll find many gentlemen’s clubs are similarly situated, while others may be in town but often not the best location.

And because they’re strip clubs serving alcohol, they’re usually open until 2 am. There’s always the potential for wandering drunks in the parking lot. So it would be necessary to keep your RV and belongings secured. In addition, you’ll be unlikely to get much sleep as the last patrons leave.

Lastly, how the strip clubs treat and pay the dancers may be important to many people. If it concerns you, you may want to research the club ahead of time.

That said, finding that information is a challenge without heading into the club and talking with the employees. Reading online reviews may help you get a sense of the conditions as well.

RV parked in parking lot for free camping
There are many free camping options for your RV adventure.

Alternative Free Parking Options

We love camping or parking for free any chance we get. While parking at this gentlemen’s club may seem like a good option for some, for others, it’s not.

For a quick overnight stay, we’ve got some ways to find alternatives.

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts offers its members access to over 2,700 wineries, farms, golf courses, and more. According to their website, there are two options in Mitchell. There’s also one to the east and two to the west of town.

These locations are free to members for an overnight stay. Some offer hookups, and some do not. A few hosts allow an RVer to stay more than one night, but most don’t. Each location also has size-specific spaces, so check host listings for details.

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Boondockers Welcome

Boondockers Welcome organizes free, no hookup camping for RVers. Their map shows different locations than Harvest Hosts and may be a home, a farm, a church, or other private or public spaces.

In May 2021, Harvest Hosts acquired Boondockers Welcome. Now when purchasing a membership, you gain access to host listings for both. 

Allstays or Campendium

Allstays and Campendium are websites that make it easy to find truck stops, big box stores, or campgrounds nearby.

Both websites show listings for six campgrounds near Mitchell. Prices range from as little as $15 per night at Rondee’s RV Park to $45 per night at the Mitchell KOA Journey.

Big Box Stores

As mentioned, big box stores across the nation allow for overnight parking. Websites such as Campendium, AllStays, and FreeRoam will show listings of available stores near you.

There aren’t usually any hookups, like the Kongo Klub gentlemen’s club, and these aren’t campgrounds. It’s good practice to buy something in the store and keep your impact to a minimum.

In Mitchell, at exit 332, there’s a Cabela’s and a Walmart. Known for allowing overnight stays across the country, these are often good free alternatives. As rules continue to change by store and location, be sure to call ahead first to verify if you can park in their lot.

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If local ordinances allow, churches also open their lots to RVers. Amenities will vary, and there’s almost always an invitation to attend a service. is a website created to guide people to churches allowing overnight stays. FreeRoam, Boondockers Welcome, and HipCamp also list churches on their sites. Listings here aren’t as evident that it’s a church as they would be on

Considered safe spaces, churches are an excellent option for RVers.

Is an Overnight Stay at a Gentlemen’s Club Worth It? 

Whether an overnight stay at a gentlemen’s club is worthwhile is up to each individual. Kongo Klub’s location isn’t far from the interstate, but other establishments may offer a more restful night. And, especially when we’re traveling, sleep is essential before doing it all over again the next day.

Have you ever parked your RV at a gentlemen’s club? Tell us about it!

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