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Is the Rogue Toy Hauler RV Worth It?

If you’re wondering about the Rogue Toy Hauler, you’ve landed in the right place. Learning as much as you can about an RV before a purchase can make the money you spend feel justified. 

You should make a  big decision like purchasing a toy hauler with care and concern. Take some time now to dig into what all the Rogue Toy Hauler has to offer.

You can use that to decide whether this RV is right for you.  

What Is a Toy Hauler RV?

A toy hauler RV is one that includes a small garage area with a ramp at the back of the unit. That way, you can easily transport your favorite outdoor toys. Camping is cool when you have a comfortable RV to relax in, but it’s even better when you can bring your ATV, canoes, and bikes along for the journey. 

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About the Rogue Toy Hauler RV

The Rogue Toy Hauler RV is a fifth-wheel travel trailer with fold-down access to the back of the rig. This allows for an easy way to load and transport your favorite ATV and other outdoor equipment. 

The inside and outside of the Rogue line of toy haulers have super useful amenities that come standard on each model. On the outside of the rig, there’s a retractable awning, charging ports, shower access, and propane hookups.  

On the inside, you’ll get plenty of USB charging ports throughout, a bedroom, living room, and a full bathroom. You’ll also get a big fridge, a three-burner stove and oven combo, lots of storage options, and even a little garage. 

Exterior product shot of a Rogue travel trailer from Forest River website.
Easily transport your favorite outdoor toys on your next adventure with a Rogue toy hauler.

Who Makes Rogue Toy Haulers?

A company by the name of Forest River makes the Rogue toy hauler. Founded by Peter Liegl, Forest River has been producing quality recreational vehicles for more than 25 years. It is one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America. They make Class A and C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth wheels, toy haulers, and camping trailers. Essentially, they have something for everyone.  

The Pros of a Rogue Toy Hauler RV

Having a Rogue toy hauler is a perk all on its own. The capabilities offered in all of the different floor plans will make your travel experience much more comfortable without question. 

A big part of achieving your goals throughout life is having the right tools, and the Rogue toy hauler presents a well-stocked toolbox for fun. It even has leash latches on the outside of the rig. 

The amenities have to be the biggest pro for this particular toy hauler. From USB charging ports on the inside and outside of the unit to the porcelain toilet in the bathroom, the design of these toy haulers’ RVs will make you feel like you are at home. 

The Cons of a Rogue Toy Hauler RV

There are a few cons to be noted before you run out and buy yourself a brand new Rogue toy hauler. For one, the maker of the RV (Forest River) doesn’t have the best track record for customer service. If you’re trying to get someone on the phone to fix an issue in a hurry, that won’t be easy to do.  

Another notable issue with the Rogue toy hauler RV seems to be quality. Unless you invest in the highest quality package the company offers, you may have to settle for less when it comes to certain materials.  

Also, the warranty on the toy hauler only covers a year on the road. The warranty is also non-transferable, which means you won’t have a warranty to offer if you choose to sell your RV within the first year of ownership.  

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Interior product shot of a Rogue travel trailer from Forest River website.
Take your pick of four different floor plans in the Rouge series.

How Many Floorplans Does Rogue Offer?

There are four different floor plans for the Rogue series, all offering different square footage. There’s more space as you go up in the ranks. The smallest floor plan has no pop-out feature, but the other three can expand on the sides. Check it out. 

Vengeance Rogue 25V

The Vengeance Rogue 25V is the smallest of the Rogue floor plans. It has a span of 6 feet 4 inches in the garage area. The rig as a whole is 30 feet 6 inches long, 12 feet 1 inch high, and 8 feet 6 inches in width. 

It comes with a 94-gallon freshwater tank, a 38-gallon gray water tank, and a 38-gallon black water tank. The gross vehicle weight rating is 9,985 lbs, so you’ll need a powerful ride to pull any Rogue you choose. 

The floor plan plots out space for a small garage, a bedroom with a king-sized bed, a full bathroom, and a kitchen area. The garage space also comes equipped with fold-away sofas and a pull-down sleeping area. All in all, you can sleep at least six people comfortably in this model. 

Vengeance Rogue 26V

The Rogue 26V toy hauler is the next step up from the 25V, so there’s a little more space. The garage space stretches out to 6 feet 10 inches of space. The overall measurements are 33 feet 8 inches in length, 12 feet 5 inches in height, and 8 feet 6 inches in width. 

The water storage tanks are the same on the 26V as on the 25V, but the awning is about 6 feet smaller. However, a pop-out feature on this rig offers more space on the inside for lounging. 

The floor plan is pretty much the same, with some small shifts in design. This model has a door to the bedroom that doesn’t require you to go through the bathroom first. You also get a removable dining table that sits nicely between the foldable couches in the garage area. 

Vengeance Rogue 29KS-16

The Rogue 29KS-16 is the next step up in space. It’s bigger and more spacious than its predecessors, offering an even larger pop-out than the 26V, and is also equipped with another sofa area. The garage space stretches 10 feet 6 inches in length. 

Overall, the Rogue 29KS-16 is 12 feet 4 inches high, 35 feet 7 inches long, 8 feet 6 inches wide, and has a GVWR of 11,575 lbs. This has a 100-gallon freshwater tank and 38 gallons of gray and black water storage. 

Vengeance Rogue 32V

The Vengeance Rogue 32V toy hauler RV is the biggest and most well equipped of all the Rogue designs. The garage on this is 12 feet 6 inches long, and it is separated from the rest of the living space with an access door to a second bathroom and one to the main living space. 

The length of the rig is 39 feet 3 inches. It is 12 feet 4 inches high and 8 feet 6 inches wide, just like the other models. With your purchase, you will get a 95-gallon freshwater tank, a 76-gallon gray water tank, and a 38-gallon black water tank. The GVWR is 13,598 lbs. 

The floorplan is a bit different, given that there’s so much more space on the inside. It has two pop-out features that make the main living area much bigger when expanded, one and a half bathrooms, a double sink in the kitchen, and lots of sleeping room for your travel party to get cozy.  

Is the Rogue Toy Hauler RV Worth It?

Overall, yes, the Rogue toy hauler RV is worth the purchase. The rig will have a good resale value, and the cost of each floor plan is fairly priced. Spending $40,000 on a toy hauler that’s this well equipped is not a bad deal. If you keep the unit for many years into the future, you’re sure to get your money’s worth. 

Which Rogue toy hauler design best suits your family’s needs? Drop a comment below!

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