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This National Truck Stop is Adding Full Hook-Up RV Parking

How do you think having access to a truck stop with full hook-ups would change your RV travels? 

It could revolutionize RV road trips in the future, but will it be a good thing?

Read on to learn more about full hook-ups at truck stops and how they’ll change your experience.

Let’s go!

About Love’s Truck Stop RV Hook-Ups

According to CSP Daily News and other sources, in May 2021, Love’s and KOA partnered to offer full hook-up camping locations at specific truck stops. The campgrounds would be adjacent to Love’s truck stops and expand their hospitality offerings. At present, some of Love’s travel stops have hotels onsite. 

KOA and Love’s planned the first KOA Journey campground in McComb, Mississippi. Like all other Journey’s parks, the one in McComb will have pull-through sites with full hook-up RV sites and tent sites. 

The McComb KOA will also offer well-lit after-hours check-in service, dog parks, laundry facilities, playgrounds, and a convenience store. KOA Journey campgrounds are often right off the highway, making it easy to pull off for the night and get right back on the road the next morning. 

The KOA Journey in McComb was supposed to open at the end of 2021. We couldn’t find the McComb location when we checked the KOA website. RVers can expect to pay at least $45 per night.

Do All Love’s Truck Stops Offer Full Hook-Ups For RVs? 

It’s unclear how many Love’s will offer full hook-up campgrounds. At this time, there are 13 Love’s locations in 10 states that offer overnight camping. 

They may be starting small, testing the waters before building full campgrounds. If Love’s decides to offer camping at all locations, there will be 550 camping facilities in 41 states. 

Love’s new overnight camping is called “Love’s RV Hookup.” Unlike KOA Journeys, the “Love’s RV Hookup” locations have few amenities and are more glorified parking lots than campgrounds. 

The number of campsites available also varies significantly from one “Love’s RV Hookup” to another. For example, in Newport, Tennessee, the “Love’s RV Hookup” has four concrete RV sites with electricity, WiFi, and a dump station. 

However, the “Love’s RV Hookup” in Winona, Texas, has 25 full hook-up campsites, two of which are ADA accessible. 

Campers can reserve a “Love’s RV Hookup” online or onsite. Each location has a contactless check-in kiosk where you can select a site and pay. If you decide to find a place online, you’ll be able to find out what connections are available and what the site looks like before you go. 

As for camping fees, they also vary from location to location. Be prepared to pay anywhere from $28.00 to $42.50. 

Benefits of Using Love’s Truck Stop RV Hook-Ups

Okay, maybe spending almost $50 for camping at a truck stop might seem overpriced so let’s look at the benefits of staying at a Love’s.

Love’s truck stops are conveniently located right off highways, so you don’t have to worry about deviating from your route. While you’re there, you can fuel up, dump your tanks, fill your freshwater tanks, and restock on supplies. Love’s also has bulk propane available if you’re running low on propane. 

If you don’t like showering in your RV, you can use the private showers at Love’s. They even have laundry facilities in case you need to wash clothes. And if you don’t want to cook, Love’s has snacks and restaurants.

Love’s Travel Stops & Country Stores are open 24-7 and are always well-lit. 

As RVing continues to rise in popularity, RVers are having a more challenging time finding places to park. “Love’s RV Hookup” locations can help RVers find alternative camping locations. If they begin offering KOA Journeys, the impact will be even more significant. 

Other Overnight RV Parking Options

Traditional Camping

Although it’s only for one night, some RVers choose to stay at RV parks and campgrounds. They like being able to hook up and not have to sacrifice comfort. If you decide to go this route, we suggest arriving earlier in the evening to enjoy the pool, clubhouse, and other onsite amenities.

Big Box Stores

Some stores, such as Walmart and Cabela’s, allow RVers to stay the night in their parking lots. Not all of them allow overnight parking, so check and speak to management before turning in. 

Cracker Barrell is another option. Select one of their RV parking spots and then grab a hearty breakfast the following morning before hitting the road. 

Casinos aren’t big box stores, but some allow RVers to stay the night. Many of them have RV-friendly spots.  Check before you show up and check if they charge; not all of them offer free sites. 

Rest Stops and Truck Stops

Although rest areas and truck stops limit how long you stay, they’re convenient and free places to stay overnight. Most of them also have restrooms, areas to walk your pets, and picnic areas. If you’re lucky, you might even find one with a dump station and a place to fill up your freshwater tank. 

Dry Camping

Lastly, RVers can overnight on public lands or use Harvest Hosts or Boondockers welcome. If you aren’t familiar with Harvest Hosts or Boondockers Welcome, they offer RVers reservable dry camping spots throughout the USA and Canada. Unlike dispersed camping, big box stores, rest stops, and truck stops, Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome require a membership and reservations. 

How Will Truck Stop Full Hook-ups Affect You?

That’s the real question, right? With these new “Love’s RV Hookups,” you may see more easy overnight camping options on the road. But will Love’s continue to allow free overnight parking for RVers if they offer full hook-up campsites? Will they keep the free parking strictly for truck drivers?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. 

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  1. John says:

    If Love’s limits it’s overnight parking to trucks only, there are other truck stops that would like you to buy their fuel, and food.

  2. Henri Corbin says:

    When I stop, I dont see myself installons,Electric,désert and water just for one night
    espacially at this Price.I préfer Walmart the ones that still accept RV ers

  3. Cyndii Spahl says:

    I’m happy to see KOA is partnering with Love’s. It will certainly help to alleviate the “space available” shortage for overnight stops. My question is this: as KOA Rewards members, will that membership be honored by Love’s? Thank you for your response.

  4. Amy says:

    For the price I would probably prefer a Harvest Host spot, we can camp off grid for one night between stops and enjoy some really unique experiences.
    If it were $10 or $15 with full hook ups I might consider it just for the “amenities” since we have used a Love’s several times to dump our tanks after several nights of dry camping.
    I do however appreciate that they are trying to fill a need for the RV community when we are being shut out of other areas.