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RV Gear Price Check: Camping World vs Amazon vs Walmart

RV gear prices fluctuate between vendors as much as the cost of an RV does across dealers. 

Now that you have your RV, you’ll need various items. How do you know if you’re getting a reasonable price?

We’re looking at some of the most common items people add to their RV and how to get them at the best price point.

Let’s jump in!

What Makes RV Gear Great?

Having specialized gear for your RV means never forgetting something at home. It’s typically more lightweight and more compact.

The quality of RV gear is also made to withstand some heavy use since it’ll get knocked around. It’ll even make camping in the great outdoors feel a little more like home.

Couple making coffee together inside of RV
Make your RV camping trip a success by being prepared with all the gear you need.

#1 Cell Booster

The weBoost Drive X RV Cell Booster 2nd Edition is 5G ready and works with all cellular carriers. Edition 1 is only 4G capable, so check the “fine print.” The boosters come with parts to mount on your ladder and work whether you’re stationary or on the road to provide clearer calls and faster connection speeds.

Both Amazon and Walmart customers give it 4 out of 5 stars, while Camping World hasn’t had any reviews.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $447.99

Camping World: On sale for $449.99, usually $499.99

Walmart: $449.99

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#2 Nesting Cookware and Mixing Bowls

The Magma Nesting 10-piece Cookware set is a favorite among RVers for its versatility and ability to fit into ½ cubic foot. It’s also available in a stainless or black finish. 

The Joseph Joseph Nesting 9-piece set includes mixing bowls, a colander and sieve, measuring cups, and a tablespoon. To get an equivalent from Camping World, the mixing bowls, measuring cups, colander and sieve would all need to be purchased separately.

Customers rate the cookware between 4.7 and 5 stars, and the mixing bowl set has a broader range between 4 and 4.8 stars.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: Magma Nesting Cookware in stainless – $289.99

Joseph Joseph Nesting 9-piece set – $36.43

Camping World: Magma Cookware in black enamel, on sale – $344.99, usually $379.99 

Elite Gourmet 12-piece mixing bowl set – $45.99

Collapsible Measuring Cup Set – $11.99

Walmart: Magma in black enamel – $259.99, stainless – $249.99

Joseph Joseph Nesting 9-piece set – $50.45

#3 No-Kink Water Hose

The Camco 35′ Premium Drinking Water Hose is 20% thicker than standard hoses and UV-stabilized for longer life. It’s blue to easily differentiate that it’s drinking water safe, unlike a standard garden hose. It also boasts machined fittings and strain-relief ends for added durability. 

Camping World carries a comparable Teknor Apex Never-Kink hose in white and blue, boasting a guarantee never to kink or tangle. It has a patented reinforcement design called NTS Reflex Mesh that forces loops to self-straighten.

The Camco hose is rated between 4 and 4.7 stars on Amazon and Walmart’s sites. The Teknor hose has no reviews.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $32.57

Camping World: On sale – $19.97, usually – $28.49

Walmart: $40.21 4 of 5 stars

#4 Outdoor Chair

Available at Amazon and Walmart, the Core Equipment Oversized Padded Round Moon Chair comes with a built-in cupholder, padded headrest, and carry bag. It has a weight limit of 300 pounds, comes with a 1-year limited warranty, and you can choose between wine or gray. 

Available in six colors with a 225-pound weight limit, the MacSports Club Chair is a comparable offering from Camping World.

Customers place the Core Moon Chair between 4.5 and 4.7 stars, while the MacSports Club Chair is at about 4.3 stars.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: Wine – $89.99, Gray – $79.99

Camping World: $59.97 for Good Sam members; $76.99 for nonmembers

Walmart: $89.99

#5 Outdoor RV Mat

The CGear Comfort RV Comfort Mat comes in three sizes and two colors. We’re checking out the large or 8’ x 20’ mat. It has patented technology to keep it sand-free with a weave that makes it porous enough not to kill grass like other mats or rugs. 

The CGear mat boasts heavy-duty D-rings on the corners to assist with securing the mat on a windy day. It dries quickly and resists mold and stains.

Walmart doesn’t carry the CGear mat but has the comparable Camco 8’ x 20’ Reversible RV Outdoor Mat in Blue Botanical.

Reviewers give the CGear mat 4.7 stars, while the Camco mat at Walmart is only 4.3 stars.

RV GEAR Price Comparison

Amazon: $209.99

Camping World: $209.99, on sale from $219.99

Walmart: $76.90

#6 Portable Water Jug

Carried by Amazon and Walmart, the Igloo 6-Gallon Water Storage Container is great to have on those boondocking trips or parking lot overnight stays. Designed for rugged use, easy carrying, and easy pouring, this container will be an asset on your next trip. 

The water spout fits inside conveniently on travel days or when not being used. The pull-up vent provides smooth water flow when it’s needed. 

Camping World carries the Reliance 5-gallon Water-Pak Container. This container is stackable, and the spout acts as an on/off spigot. It also has a second handle that swivels to make pouring a breeze. Keep in mind this container is one gallon smaller than the Igloo.

Amazon customers put the Igloo container at 4.7 stars with nearly 3500 reviews, while Walmart’s 100 customers give it only 4.1. The Reliance container has no reviews.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $22.50

Camping World: $19.99

Walmart: $16.96

#7 Sewer Hose

The 20’ Camco RhinoFlex Sewer Hose Kit includes two reinforced 10’ hoses, a clear elbow, a 4-in-1 adapter, and caps for each hose. There are few sewer connections this kit won’t fit. Removing the adapter allows the hose to work in a 4-inch bumper for storage. 

The hose themselves are made of 23 milliliters of durable polyolefin reinforced with steel wire. The hoses will compress to 39 inches for storage, and the caps will prevent drips after the hose is rinsed out.

Amazon and Camping World reviewers place this at 4.7 stars, while Walmart’s reviews show 4.3 stars.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $45.13

Camping World: On sale – $54.92, usually $62.99

Walmart: $45.13

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#8 Surge Protector

A surge protector is a must when traveling from one campground to another. The Progressive Industries SSP-50XL 50-Amp Smart Surge Protector is a great option available with all three retailers. It’s designed for outdoor use, boasts an all-weather shield assembly, and is thermally protected.

It comes with a rugged pull handle for disconnects, a locking bracket, and bright LED indicators if an alert is necessary. It’s one of the few surge protectors that offer a lifetime warranty (excluding the all-weather shield assembly.)

Depending on the store, customers rate this surge protector between 4.5 and 4.8 stars.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $141.85

Camping World: on sale – $139.53, usually $199.99

Walmart: $139.47

#9 Tire Monitoring System

The TireMinder Smart TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) with six Flow-Through Transmitters makes knowing you’re tires are at a safe inflation an easier task. They’re great for all types of RV tires. 

The system provides feedback to you via a Bluetooth connection on your Android or IOS product every six seconds. The transmitters constantly check for high/low pressure, leaks, temperature, and even a blowout.

Only Amazon has reviews for this TPMS, putting it at a solid 4.3 stars.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $340.80

Camping World: $466.99

Walmart: $530.35

#10 Water Pressure Regulator

A water pressure regulator that can be adjusted to fit your needs is the best option to protect the water lines in your RV. The Valterra RV Water Regulator is lead-free and made of brass, making it rust-resistant. Utilizing the pressure gauge makes it easy to guide the incoming water to a level suitable for your set-up.

Reviewers place this regulator between 4.5 and 4.6 stars.

RV Gear Price Comparison

Amazon: $58.96

Camping World: $65.99

Walmart: $70.08

Great RV Gear Options and Free Shipping Too!

Wherever you go to get excellent RV gear pricing, you’re sure to find plenty of options out there. When shopping around, keep in mind shipping fees too. 

Amazon offers free shipping to Prime members. Good Sam members may receive an additional discount on some items and free shipping on any purchase over $69. Non-members receive free shipping over $99. And Walmart offers free shipping on most items but not all. All three vendors provide free returns for 30 days.

What are your RV gear must-haves? Let us know in the comments below!

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