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15 Best Teardrop Campers in 2022

Teardrop campers are an extremely popular way to travel in 2022. They’re an easy, fast, and efficient way to travel without leaving a huge footprint. 

But which ones warrant a second look?

We’re bringing you the best teardrop campers in 2022!

Let’s jump in!

What is a Teardrop Camper?

A teardrop camper is a small, lightweight, and towable RV. They’re named for their distinct shape; round on one end and tapered on the other. These campers are much easier to maneuver and park than traditional RVs. 

Manufacturers began developing them in the 1930s, but they became more popular in the 1940s after WWII. The war was over, the economy boomed, and people wanted to enjoy life and travel. The US was also developing the highway system, making it easier to travel longer distances. 

Today there’s a vast range of types and configurations to consider before purchasing. You can buy a teardrop camper that’s a simple bedroom or much larger ones with bathrooms, kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and dining rooms. 

While shopping for a teardrop camper, you should consider how you travel, who you travel with, and what you need to be comfortable with. 

Teardrops are primarily for individuals, couples, or small families. They’re fantastic for traveling to state and national parks as the campgrounds are smaller and harder to maneuver larger vehicles. 

In addition, teardrops make an excellent base for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Smaller and lighter vehicles can also usually tow these types of campers.

Mom and son reading inside teardrop camper
While teardrop campers are small, they allow for big adventures.

How Much Do Teardrop Campers Cost?

In 2022, teardrop campers vary in price from $15,000 topping off to around $60,000. The cost will depend on the brand, type, features, and whether you want custom builds in your camper. The more features you desire will likely increase the price. You’ll also want to consider whether your vehicle can tow the weight of the trailer you choose.

What Kind of Vehicles Can Tow Teardrop Campers?

When you buy a teardrop camper, you should know your vehicle’s towing capacity and the camper’s GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating.) The GVWR is the maximum weight when the trailer is full of cargo. This will tell you if your vehicle can safely tow the camper. 

For example, if your camper has a GVWR of 2500 pounds, your vehicle must have a towing capacity of at least 2500 pounds. It’s also wise to consider a car or truck with slightly more towing capacity than needed. Most popular SUVs can safely tow 2000-3000 pounds, but they might need a tow package installed.

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Teardrop camper parked in trees
Customize your teardrop camper to fit all of your needs.

15 Best Teardrop Campers for 2022

Little Guy Max

Dry Weight: 3010 lbs

Length: 21’

Price: Starts at $39,000

The Little Guy Max is truly “max,” loaded with features and tons of room. With an interior height of 6’7”, this teardrop includes a kitchen, a full wet bath, and a queen-sized bedroom. It’s wired for entertainment with the interior, exterior, and bedroom systems. This camper is also safety and comfort conscious. 

It comes with propane and carbon monoxide detectors, a 13,500 BTU air conditioner, a 16,000 BTU furnace, and a fully automated comfort control center. It’s on the higher end of the price range, but if you want a comfortable home to travel with that’s lightweight and easy to maneuver, this might be the camper for you.

Polydrop Trailer

Dry Weight: 760 lbs

Length: 12’4”

Price: starts at $13,995

The Polydrop Trailer looks a little more space-age than your traditional teardrop camper. The doors open up instead of out (think of the Delorean in Back to the Future), and it has flat straight edges and angles. A team of experts in architecture and engineering designed it to maximize space and comfort.

Its solar power is strong enough to charge an air conditioner, heater, and induction stove, plus it’s extremely well insulated. Almost any vehicle can tow the Polydrop, including EVs. The interior is reminiscent of a space capsule but roomier, with many windows for lighting. 

Solar power allows you to camp without worrying about electrical hookups. It’s a modern camper that’s easy to set up and environmentally friendly.

nuCamp Tab 320s

Dry Weight: 1946 lbs

Length: 15’3”

Price: $35,000

The Tab 320s is nuCamp’s most popular teardrop camper. It features a kitchen galley inside the trailer, a wet bath with a cassette toilet, and a U-shaped dinette area that converts into a split bed sleeping area. It has central air, a hydronic heating system, and a solar roof package. 

You can also purchase the boondock package for off-the-grid camping. It includes off-road tires, a pitched axle, better clearance, and several other options for driving and camping over more rugged terrain. You can also choose your graphics, cabinetry, and trim colors to personalize your camper.

Vistabule Teardrop

Dry Weight: 1330 lbs

Length: 14’

Price: $23,995

Vistabule Teardrop Campers are custom-built in St. Paul, MN, and come with many customizable options. The standard model has large windows, a pass-through, a galley kitchen with storage that opens to the back, and headboard storage. Lighting choices, extra storage, and a solar power system are some of the available add-ons. 

Hutte Hut Teardrop Trailer

Dry Weight: 900 lbs

Length: 14’

Price: $63,900 base price

If you’re looking for a vintage aesthetic made from premium materials and all-wood assembly, this Hutte Hut teardrop is for you. It boasts a compact footprint and aims to use eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes. However, with only a one-room trailer and no galley or other options, it’s a very basic floorplan for a high-end price.


Jayco Jay Feather Micro 12SRK

Dry Weight: 1585 lbs

Length: 13’4”

Price: $16,838

The Jayco Jay Feather Micro 12SRK sleeps two comfortably, with a futon sofa, a wardrobe, and a shelf for storage. There’s also an outdoor galley camp kitchen with extra exterior storage. A small bathroom with a plastic foot flush toilet, a skylight, and a vent is an added feature. It’s a great package if you want comfort plus value.

Oregon Trail’R FronTear

Dry Weight: 1100 lbs

Length: 8’

Price: $14,000 base price

The Oregon Trail’R FronTear is one of the smaller teardrops out there with a slightly heavier dry weight. Each trailer is custom-built with quality components that can weigh more than cheaper materials. 

The base model is a one-bedroom camper with beautiful wood-accented shelving and an outdoor kitchen galley made from the same wood. The lead time for building is six to seven months.

iCamp Elite

Dry Weight: 2366 lbs

Length: 14’

Price: $19,000

The iCamp Elite has an optional audio/visual system with an Apple iPod connection. It’s made of lightweight fiberglass materials and reinforced with aluminum tubing frames. It claims to have low drag and increased fuel efficiency.

The trailer has a modular bathroom with a shower and toilet, and the dining room converts into a large sleeping space. You can choose your own vintage-inspired colors/graphics in orange or blue.

The Timberleaf Pika 

Dry Weight: 1025 lbs

Length: 8’

Price: $14,500

The Timberleaf Pika is a compact little trailer named after the rabbit relative, the nimble mountain Pika. It’s designed to travel on rough, mountainous terrain and offers just one bedroom with an outdoor vintage-inspired galley kitchen. However, it’s available with three suspension packages; Classic, All-road, or Off-road.

The Meaner Bean

Dry Weight: 2000 lbs

Length: 14’6”

Price: $25,590

The Meaner Bean features axle-less suspension for a smoother ride and consistent clearance. Besides a queen-sized bed, the standard model offers a 100-Amp deep-cycle AGM battery, solar hook-ups, and creative storage. Other options are available, such as fold-up bunks for small children or pets.

Earth Traveler

Dry Weight: 250 lbs (base)

Length: 10’5”

Price: $24,995

Ultra-lightweight materials, such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, and Corecell, make up the Earth Traveler. These items also make the camper extremely strong. It has two pop-up, weatherproof tents, a cargo capacity of 850 pounds, and lots of storage compartments.

Although it’s a small space inside, with the pop-out roof tents and two deployable side walls with custom cots, you’ll have tons of room!

Colorado Teardrop

Dry Weight: 1150 lbs

Length: 12’

Price: $20,700

The Colorado Teardrops make their trailers in Boulder, CO. The queen-sized mattress is standard, but they have many options and customs available. Because these teardrops are custom-built, you can choose whatever options work for your needs. 

The Colorados are also fully insulated for four-season camping and are off-road capable. They even have a teardrop for electric vehicles!

Forest River R-Pod RP-201

Dry Weight: 2379 lbs

Length: 25’

Price: $30,000

The Forest River R-Pod RP-201 is one of the larger and heavier teardrops on the market. It offers a separate bedroom with a queen-sized mattress and a wall-mounted entertainment center. This allows room for the galley to be in the sitting area, along with a sofa and pantry. 

There’s even a full-sized bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet. This is the teardrop for a small family or someone who wants all the creature comforts for the trip.

Vintage Overland

Dry Weight: 600 lbs

Length: 12’

Price: $18,000 base price

Vintage Overland is a teardrop camper company inspired by Danish design and offers three types of trailers. All of their campers have hardwood interiors, solar panels, memory foam mattresses, and anodized aluminum outer skin to prevent corrosion. Their materials are all sourced in the USA, and almost any vehicle can tow these lightweight teardrops.


Dry Weight: 1750 lbs

Length: 12’8”

Price: $22,750

Not only is the Escapod a beautiful, streamlined, and space-age-looking teardrop. It also has a low carbon footprint. Its gorgeous look comes from a single-piece composite fiberglass shell, and they use recycled milk cartons for its PET core.

The interior has a queen-sized memory foam mattress and 42.5” of headroom. There’s also an outwards-opening galley kitchen with a full-sized sink and plenty of storage space.

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Which of the 2022 Teardrop Campers is Best for You?

Teardrop campers are some of the most versatile, lightweight, and maneuverable trailers. You can choose from many styles, features, and custom options that fit your unique lifestyle. There are vintage looks, high-tech specs, and space-age pods available. 

Which one of these awesome teardrops will you be checking out? Let us know in the comments!

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