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Ladies Swear By the Bathrooms in this Gas Station

For all the ladies out there, let’s talk about bathrooms on road trips. There’s nothing worse than driving across a state and needing to use a restroom, only to find a unisex gas station bathroom with a clogged toilet, no toilet paper, and a soapless dispenser.

So what’s a girl to do? Drive on and head to a better one, that’s what! We’ll tell you about Love’s, our favorite gas station for women, and why they take the cake.

Let’s get started!

Which Gas Station Bathroom Do Ladies Swear By? 

What’s the gas station with the heart logo that many women know and love? It’s Love’s! When you see Love’s heart logo, you can trust you’ll find a safe gas station with clean women’s bathrooms inside. They value cleanliness so much that it’s part of their motto: “Clean Places, Friendly Faces.”

Where Are Love’s Gas Stations?

Love’s is a chain of gas stations with more than 590 locations across the country. Tom Love is the founder, and Love’s has provided “Clean Places, Friendly Faces” since the 1960s. 

They offer many amenities to make your stop enjoyable, safe, and clean. With RV dump stations, bulk propane, CAT scales, and laundry, they can be your one-stop shop when you need to refuel, recharge, and freshen up.

They offer truck stop locations, and some have Speedco truck repair services. At others, they have convenience store locations or country stores. Some Love’s gas stations offer RV hook-ups for overnight stays, and they have 19 stops with hotels next door for easy rest. Additionally, they have the most dog park locations along the highway.

RV parked for gas in front of Love's truck stop
Gas station bathrooms aren’t always clean, but Love’s is female approved.

Are the Womens’ Bathrooms at Love’s Female Approved?

Love’s has some of the cleanest bathrooms of any truck stop. They have high standards, and it shows. You won’t worry about soiled floors, stalls with empty toilet paper, or clogged toilets. Love’s employees clean the bathrooms often and ensure they are places you want to use.

Plus, women should feel comfortable going into Love’s to use a restroom, no matter the time. They provide safe, well-lit environments, and the company highly focuses on its customers. You can rest assured the employees will be courteous to you and help if you have any concerns.

Did You Know: Love’s doesn’t just offer great bathrooms and showers! Learn more about how they are Adding Full Hook-Up RV Parking.

Can Anybody Take a Shower at Love’s?

Not only do they have clean bathrooms, but they have clean showers, too. Anyone can use them, as they’re not only for professional truck drivers. You can visit any cashier to purchase a shower voucher. Then, log on to your Love’s Connect app on your smart device to see the shower wait.

When it’s your turn, use your code to get into the secure single shower stall. Love’s has 515 travel stations with private showers. If you’d prefer to go straight to the shower and bypass the fuel desk attendant, log onto the Connect app to pay for the shower and check in.

Womens bathroom sign on entrance
Love’s offers safe and clean bathrooms for road trippers.

How Much Does It Cost to Shower at Love’s?

A shower in one of Love’s private stalls costs $12. That comes with a hot, lengthy shower in a freshly-cleaned bathroom. You’ll also get towels and a washcloth, and soap and shampoo in the stall. Some shower stalls have curtains, and they all come with a sink, toilet, and a tiled shower area.

If you hate paying that much for a shower, remember how much life and energy that $12 shower will give you. It’s probably much more than a $4 sugary drink!

How Do I Get a Free Shower at Love’s?

If you’re completely opposed to paying $12 for a shower, sign up for My Love Rewards. You’ll earn a free shower after buying at least 50 gallons of gas. Depending on your rewards level, the shower expires after one week or ten days. If you gas up frequently and earn a diamond or platinum level, you can earn free showers daily.

Pro Tip: Stay sweet smelling by using our tips on how to take Truck Stop Showers for Non-Truckers.

Exterior of Love's truck stop
Love’s has not just clean bathrooms, but also great showers.

What Are Women Saying About Love’s Bathrooms? 

Exactly how clean are these bathrooms? Take it from reviewer Lindsbo94, who visited a Love’s Travel Stop in Waterloo, IA. “The bathrooms were so clean, I’ve never been in such a clean gas station bathroom. And they had exfoliating hand scrub in the women’s bathroom! Very impressed.”

Professional driver Shannon Pyles appreciates the cleanliness of Love’s. She said, “The bathrooms at Love’s are always clean, and they are always very busy.”

Lamar06 says the Love’s gas station in Cape Coral, FL is a “great clean bathroom for women.” Dragon00218 said this location is “clean with easy access,” and Jsmythe15 agrees the “bathrooms are immaculate.”

1StoicTrucker thinks, “Loves (has) the friendliest staff and cleanest bathrooms of any (chain) truck stop” they’ve visited.

In talking about a Love’s Travel Stop in Wiliams, CA, MartinezB5 commented that she loves the decor in the bathroom, while WindyTumbleweed added, “Clean Bathrooms and Safe space.”

Are Love’s Bathrooms Worth It?

If you’re driving along the interstate and need a reliably clean and safe place to stop, look for the Love’s heart logo. Although it can be urgent when you have to go, we recommend waiting for a Love’s if you can.

Aside from clean bathrooms and a safe and trusty place to stop, the employees are gracious when you stop by. As Love’s says on their website, “if you see our heart, you know you and your family will find safe, clean, and well-maintained places to stop on your journey.”

What do you love about Love’s gas stations? Tell us in the comments!

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