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Another RV YouTuber Done? Buys Land in Arizona

Do you keep up with many popular RV YouTubers? If you said yes, you probably know that Heath and Alyssa bought a campground property in Montrose, Colorado, and John and Mercedes from the RV Odd Couple bought Thunder Canyon campground in Alabama.

Others purchase acreage instead of campgrounds. Does this signal the end of the nomadic movement? Let’s examine what Eric, the Nomadic Fanatic, did in September 2022!

Who Is the Nomadic Fanatic? 

Eric and his cats travel around the country and share life’s adventures while living in a 24-foot 2001 Ford Tioga RV, “Freeda.” They visit national parks, theme parks, museums, and more as they seek excitement on the road.

The most popular video on his YouTube channel is when he visited Alcatraz Island. It has had over 765,000 views since 2015.

What Is the Nomadic Fanatic Known for?

Eric began this journey over eight years ago. He posted his first YouTube video on December 7, 2013. During the early years, he published many RV life how-tos, like doing laundry and emptying the holding tanks. Since then, his channel has grown to over 233,000 subscribers.

RV life isn’t always glamorous, with spectacular sunsets and stunning vistas. Viewers appreciate how Eric, the Nomadic Fanatic, shares about overcoming challenges and dealing with actual life events. He has a quirky personality and connects well to his audience through the camera.

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RV parked next to cacti in Arizona desert
Now more than ever before, YouTuber RVers are trading in life on the road for a more consistent lifestyle.

Why Did the Nomadic Fanatic Buy Land?

The Nomadic Fanatic bought one acre of land in Arizona approximately ten minutes outside Show Low. The property is off Highway 61 in the east-central part of the state. There is a semblance of a driveway, but it needs more rock, and there is a culvert to help drainage. Luckily, there is a hookup for tv/phone/internet on the property.

The land has authorization for a 1,000-gallon septic tank. Although he’ll need to bring in power and water, both are available by the street, only 0.2 miles from the acre.

After looking at eight pieces of land, this is the one Eric made an offer for and purchased. Interestingly, he is down the road from where several friends purchased a property in Arizona. This purchase doesn’t mean the Nomadic Fanatic isn’t traveling. He isn’t even spending the winter there. He’s heading south and continuing his travels, but he explains, “Nothing wrong with investing in my future. I’m just so excited.”

Does Arizona Have Cheap Land?

The one-acre property the Nomadic Fanatic bought cost significantly less than his current rental arrangement. He claims he would have paid for five or six months of rent for his shop with the money he used to purchase his new property.

That was money he was already wasting. Therefore, he feels that investing his money in land is a better decision. He’s also ready to make that decision now since Arizona prices fit his budget. He says that he chose Arizona because “Arizona’s gonna fit me better long term” than any other location.

Why Are YouTubers Investing in Homesteads? 

YouTubers like Eric are purchasing properties because they’re investing in the future. They’ve traveled the country and have found the places that call to them personally.

With the rise in RVers recently, campgrounds are overcrowded, and even dispersed camping sites can be busy. Some public lands have been closing recently to RVers, so by investing in property, traveling nomads have a place where they can retreat. They won’t ever be without a place to park.

Is the Nomadic Movement Over?

The nomadic movement is not over. As Eric shares, he won’t stop traveling. He doesn’t even know when he’ll return to his property. However, when he does return, it will be to a permanent location he owns. There is security in knowing he’ll never be without a place to park and won’t have to spend extra money renting a location to stay.

As some popular YouTubers have purchased campgrounds to establish more safe places where travelers can stay a few days, other YouTubers are looking to invest in more simple properties they can call home. However, like Eric, they aren’t giving up on traveling. So keep watching the Nomadic Fanatic and following his adventures on the road!

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Where Else Can You Find the Nomadic Fanatic?

Join the 233,000 subscribers who regularly watch Eric’s explorations on the Nomadic Fanatic’s YouTube channel. He posts videos frequently, often more than once a week, ranging from how he figured out a brake issue to urban camping and Major League baseball games.

If you’d like to follow him on Instagram, his handle is He has over 23,500 followers on that social media platform.

Have you considered purchasing land like the Nomadic Fanatic and other full-time travelers? If so, where would you love to call home in America? Tell us in the comments!

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