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7 Tips on Finding the Nearest RV Supply Store

You hope to never need to make a quick trip to an RV supply store because it can take time away from the camping experience. But we’re human. We forget things. We break things. And RVs aren’t the most durable vehicles. 

Things are bound to crack and need replacing. So here are seven tips on finding the nearest RV supply store when in the middle of a weekend camping trip or a cross-country road trip. Let’s dive in.

What Is an RV Supply Store? 

An RV supply store has all kinds of products for RVers. It may not be solely dedicated to RV accessories, but it at least has a section with the essentials like an awning wash, sewer hoses, and water filters. 

For example, Walmart doesn’t only carry RV supplies. You’ll find several aisles of RV products. Other places like RV dealerships will only stock RV supplies.

What Types of Products Will You Find in an RV Supply Store? 

Depending on the type of store, you may find specialty items like a surge protector, propane gauge, and RV underbelly material. Big box stores will have more general products like camping chairs, RV toilet paper, and slide lubricants. 

For the most part, if you need an item for your RV, you don’t have to order it from a specialty RV supplier. You can visit several local stores to pick up what you need.

RV being repaired
Head to an RV supply store to get all you need for your home on wheels.

7 Tips on Finding the Nearest RV Supply Store

If you’ve gone out for a weekend camping trip and realized your sewer hose has a crack in it, no worries. You can usually find a replacement at a nearby hardware store or Walmart. If you’re in a location that allows packages, Amazon could get it to you in a couple of days. So here are seven tips to find one close to you.

1. Google Maps

Google Maps is the first place to look for an RV supply store. Search for a location near you and widen your search to include as far as you’re willing to travel. Depending on where you are, you might have to drive up to an hour. 

So when you make that camping reservation, keep this in mind should you need to run out to a store for another set of wheel chocks or leveling blocks.

2. RV Dealerships 

Some RV dealerships will also have an RV supply store on-site. However, not all will. So call ahead and double-check before venturing out. 

When you search for RV supply stores on Google Maps, you might want to also search for nearby RV dealerships. Then you can start calling to ask whether they have a supply store and what products they carry.

3. Walmart

If you travel to Quartzite, Ariz., you might find that Walmart’s RV section is like its own RV supply store. Popular RVing destinations will generally have a Walmart with a large selection of supplies. 

But even other locations across the country will have at least a couple of aisles with RV products ranging from RV toilet paper to cleaning supplies. A quick search on the Walmart website will let you know what products are available at specific stores.

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Worker in RV supply store
From Walmart to Lowe’s there are many places to buy all the RV parts you need.

4. Amazon

Whatever RV product you need, Amazon will probably have it. From skylight covers to rolls of reflective insulation and RV door locks to collapsible dish racks, Amazon carries practically anything RV related. 

With a Prime membership, you can often get supplies shipped quickly as well. So if you’re in the same location for a week or so, you can get what you need in just a couple of days.

5. Hardware Stores

Hardware stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Ace Hardware will also carry some RV supplies. You can find battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors, electric hot plates, RV antifreeze, dogbone adapters, and more. 

Like Walmart, you can quickly search online to see what your nearest store has in stock.

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6. NAPA Auto Parts

Like hardware stores, NAPA Auto Parts will also have a section for RV supplies. You can also find specific parts for the RV and not just accessories to make camping more comfortable and convenient. 

You’ll find items like RV replacement lenses, trailer connectors, and shock absorbers here because it’s an auto parts store.

7. Tractor Supply

Finally, you can fill up propane at a local Tractor Supply store or go inside and pick up RV accessories. You’ll find roof sealant, generator power cords, holding tank treatments, and more. 

Do a quick search on the website to find out what’s in stock, grab your propane tanks, and get everything done in one location.

Is Finding an RV Supply Store Easy?

When traveling, it can feel stressful when something breaks. But with the numerous locations where you can find RV supplies, you don’t need to worry. 

Need to pick up a dehumidifier? Run out to a Walmart. Forgot your sidewinder sewer hose support? Head out to a Tractor Supply. 

And if all else fails, pull up Amazon and load up your cart. You can have it delivered to your campground or to a nearby Amazon locker.

Have you ever needed to find an RV supply store in a pinch?

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