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7 Secrets to Shopping on Amazon

If you have an internet connection, you’re probably familiar with shopping on Amazon.

This online giant has mastered the art of e-commerce. They sell just about anything you can think of and get most items to your door in two days. 

But if you wonder whether you’re getting the best deal, you’re not alone. 

We’ve put together seven little-known secrets to help you get the best prices on items you’ll love. So, keep reading to learn all the best shopping tips on Amazon.

Let’s jump in!

What Is Amazon Shopping?

In 1994, Jeff Bezos started Amazon in his Bellevue, Washington garage as a simple platform to sell books. Shortly after going public in 1997, they expanded to selling other forms of media like videos and music. 

The company began to surge in the online shopping market. It quickly expanded to include all types of products like furniture, toys, tools, cosmetics, and more. Everyone knows you can buy just about anything on through this retail giant. 

The company purchased Whole Foods in 2017 and has integrated the two businesses. Now, you can order high-quality produce and groceries through Amazon Fresh. You can also have your other purchases sent to any Whole Foods location where you can pick them up yourself. 

Today, they are the most valuable retailer in the world. The company has cornered the e-commerce market and is worth hundreds of billions of dollars. 

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Shopping on Amazon
Shopping on Amazon is convenient and can also help you score some major deals.

7 Awesome Secrets for Shopping on Amazon

Most of us have probably shopped on Amazon before. And if you’re anything like us, you’re always looking for a bargain. That’s why we’ve uncovered the top secrets to getting the best deals online!

#1 Amazon Shopping Customer Service May Be Your Friend 

Amazon’s customer service goes above and beyond to care for its shoppers. Sure, they handle returns when an item arrives broken or isn’t quite what you expected. But they will also refund the difference if an item goes on sale after you make your purchase.

They might even tell you when an item is about to go on sale! All you have to do is ask. 

But it gets even better. Amazon has amended its ‘A to Z Guarantee’ to include claims for damages or injuries caused by any of its products. You can make claims of up to $1000, and they will cover it themselves at no cost to the sellers. 

#2 Find Deals 

Shopping on Amazon opens the door to tons of savings.

Prime Day is the company’s very own Black Friday. They slash prices on thousands of items. The best part is that they often tell you what products will go on sale.

By going to the “Today’s Deals” page, you can browse hundreds of new items that have been temporarily marked down. Lightening discounts may only be on sale for hours or even minutes. They also offer monthly exclusives for Prime members. 

Woot! is another site owned by Amazon that offers shoppers amazing prices on computers, hardware, appliances, and more year-round.

#3 Use a Price Tracker 

Browser extensions like allow you to track prices on items you’re considering. Just download the software, and you can see how costs have fluctuated. That can give you an idea of whether it’s a good time to buy or hold off.

It’s also a good idea to check the cost at other companies. The nature of Amazon shopping means that prices tend to fluctuate. You can see how the competition stacks up by comparing the same items at different retailers, particularly brick-and-mortar stores.

Pro Tip: The numbers don’t lie! We did an RV gear price check and compared Camping World vs Amazon vs Walmart.

#4 Leave Items in Your Amazon Shopping Cart 

One rumor that’s gone around for years is that you may be able to score a discount by leaving items in your shopping cart. Well, we’re here to confirm these rumors are true!

Unlike some other sites, Amazon won’t send you a coupon directly. Instead, they may send you a notification that the price has dropped. 

If you don’t hear from them, check the listing after a few days. You’ll likely find a discount code you can redeem by simply checking a box. 

Shopping on Amazon on phone
Master the art of online shopping by applying a few tips and tricks while scrolling through Amazon.

#5 Go Incognito Shopping on Amazon 

Part of mastering the e-commerce world is understanding the customer. And Amazon’s analytics give the company lots of information about its shoppers. 

Companies collect demographics, income, spending habits, and more by using memberships, rewards cards, and other programs shoppers sign up for. This helps them know what products to feature and how much you might be willing to spend on them.

But you can trick the system.

By choosing an incognito browser to do your shopping on Amazon, you can see the site, and the prices, without any of your personal information taken into account. 

You’ll still need to be a Prime member to get perks like free two-day shipping, but you can simply enter your login information at checkout. 

#6 Don’t Trust Amazon Shopping Reviews 

When shopping online, it’s second nature to look at reviews before making a purchase. But those reviews may not tell the whole story.

Amazon doesn’t disclose when reviews are left by people who may have the incentive to write a good one. For example, it could be an influencer who was sent a product for free. Another issue is that their affiliate sellers could be putting fake reviews on their items, and Amazon would have no way of knowing. 

ReviewMeta and Fakespot are two programs that analyze data such as language and shopping history to determine if reviews might be phony. So, give one of these programs a try if you have any doubts.

#7 Look for Coupons 

Shopping on Amazon may be the way of the future, but good old-fashioned coupons never go out of style. 

The online retailer has its own coupon page that lets you browse items eligible for discounts. To clip these, all you have to do is check a box. It’s way too easy not to use this trick!

But third-party sites like Honey offer other options, like manufacturer’s coupons, that can often be combined to get you an even better deal. Honey has a browser extension you can download that will scan a product on Amazon to show you all eligible discounts. And with their stellar customer service, they may even be willing to accept expired deals if you ask nicely. 

Amazon shopping cart
Even though you’re shopping online doesn’t mean you can’t use coupons!

Bonus: Secret Amazon Locations 

Two of the company’s best-kept secrets just might be their Warehouse and Outlet pages.

Amazon Warehouse offers stellar deals on all kinds of products. Many of these items are returns that previous customers opened. But sometimes, you’ll find steep price cuts on brand-new items with slightly damaged packaging. 

These products are usually one-offs, so when you find something you want, be sure to jump on it. To browse this page, just click the dropdown menu next to the search bar and scroll down until you find Amazon Warehouse.

Amazon Outlet offers significant discounts on overstocked items. It’s similar to the Daily Deals page, but the layout and organization may vary. You can find clothing, home goods, baby gear, and even musical instruments here. 

Click the link above to access the bargain page or search for Amazon Outlet.

Don’t Sleep on These Tricks

Amazon makes shopping more accessible than ever. You can find items you love in seconds and have them delivered to your door with the press of a button. While comparison shopping is a little harder on the internet, the company has excellent return policies. That way, you don’t have. to pay for something you didn’t want.

And with a few extra tricks up your sleeve, you’ll be sure to find all the best deals. 

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