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7 RV Park Rules That Will Catch You Off Guard

RVers are very familiar with RV park rules. From check-in time to picking up dog poop, every RV campground creates their individual code of conduct.

However, many times common RV park rules can catch campers off guard.

Today we’re sharing 7 RV park rules that may surprise you even though many parks have them in place.

Let’s dive in!

Electric Fee in Addition to RV Park Rate

Depending on how long you stay at an RV park, you may be required to pay for electricity on top of your daily rate.

Short term RV campers don’t (usually) have to worry about this. It’s the monthly reservations that can have this added fee.

Monthly RV parks rates are typically deeply discounted compared to nightly rates. Quite often that monthly rate doesn’t include electric usage. These added fees can cost between $50-200 extra a month.

When booking your RV park reservation, ask about the parks electric billing policy.

When parks do charge for electricity, it’t usually a fair price, in-line with local rates.

Need to know: What is a long-term RV Park?

Dog Breeds Not Allowed

Even if an RV park allows dogs, it may not allow your dog (and we’re not talking about your husband). Breed restrictions are common among RV parks.

The potential breeds restrictions are usually on large breeds associated with aggressive behavior. This can include boxers and pit bull…even mutts that are partial mixes.

Keep in mind, some parks limit dogs based on weight, too!

We’ve even heard of sparks requesting the DNA test of a dog.

Don’t get too mad at the RV parks for this rule. It can often be in place because of the parks insurance policy.

Boxers may not be allowed at the RV park.

No External RV Leaks

Haven’t fixed that leaked water heater valve yet? This could get you kicked out of an RV park.

Sure, no one wants to camp near an RV leaking sewage water. However, it’s not uncommon for an RV manager to ask you to leave due to any external water leakage.

Make sure your motorhome or travel trailer is in full working order before you hit the road.

Is Your RV 10 Years Old?

The 10 year rule is a hot topic among RVers. Essentially it means certain RV parks only allow newer units to stay at their property.

If your RV is older than 10 years, you will likely be denied a reservation at these RV parks.

There are certain ways around it.

None the less, this rule affects many campers. You should always verify if this rule is in place before making your reservation.

No ATVs (and Sometimes No Motorcycles)

Bringing a toy with you? Make sure it’s allowed before you book your RV campsite.

Many RV parks don’t allow you to keep an ATV or motorcycle on site. Here’s how you get around it – buy a toy hauler 5th wheel.

Traveling with a toy hauler is like having your own personal garage. No one needs to know what toys you’re carrying around.

RV parks, however, usually allow golf carts as a mode of transportation around the grounds.

Driving golf cart on street

No Excessive Decor at the RV Park

We’re not kidding, many RV parks have policies against excessive decor. Don’t believe us? Check out this RV resort’s page of rules.

Here’s a few items on their rule list:


  • Tents or Tarps
  • Pools, Hot Tubs
  • Perimeter fencing/pet fences or pet pens
  • Clotheslines
  • Indoor Furniture
  • Open Trailers
  • Affixing to Trees
  • No ATV’s/ Mini Bikes/ Go Carts or Side by Sides
  • Drones/ remote controlled toys

Don’t travel with those pink flamingos, either!

Did You Know: Here’s the real meaning of a pink flamingo.

No Glass Containers Allowed Outside Your RV

After a long travel day there’s nothing better than sitting outside and drinking a cold one. Just make sure it’s not in a glass container.

Many RV parks don’t allow glass container outside of RVs.

This means no beer bottle, no wine glass and no drinking straight from the whisky bottle! Trust us, after certain travel days, straight from the whiskey bottle is the best choice 😂

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  1. Roadtirement says:

    We do not travel with pets and our RV is nowhere near 10 years old. We are more interested in when we will be able to travel next. We are both of age, and I have pesky “underlying health issues” so we need to be real careful.