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Is the Moomba Craz Legit?

If you’re eyeing up a visit to a lake this summer and need the right vessel for some lake fun, the Moomba Craz floats to the top. Sick looks and a reasonable price make this wake boat a top contender. 

But the lower price and lack of high-end features might take away some of your enjoyment. Getting the perfect amount of power and fancy features for the price is vital for boat owners. 

We’ll look closer at the Moomba Craz and see if it ticks all the boxes for maximum wakeboarding enjoyment. 

Let’s hit the water!

What is the Moomba Craz?

In the 1990s, when Moomba rocketed into the mid-range boating market with the Craz, people paid attention. Lake sports like wakeboarding and surfing were gaining in popularity. Having an excellent craft to create the best waves made for epic moves on the water. With generally good reviews, most folks feel it’s a powerful lake craft with a future. 

The 2023 Craz is a 22′ wakeboarding craft with high-end features for a reasonable price. It’s ideal for lake days, with seating for 16 and some tricks under the hood. Easily towable with a mid-sized SUV, this boat is a good entry point into the market for outdoorsy types. 

But it isn’t all about the price. Let’s dig into some of the more exciting features of the 2023 Moomba Craz. 

Best Features of the Craz

The right kind of power means bigger and better waves. With a 350-hp Indmar Raptor 400 engine with 440 pounds of torque, the Craz is a beast. High torque gives this craft a growling rumble at the slower speeds needed for a good time. And for getting out onto the water, a top speed of 40 mph means you’ll get to the action sooner. 

Since the Craz is a wakeboarding boat, one of the key features is the Smart Plate. Attached to the stern of the vessel, this advanced system lets you fine-tune the perfect waves. Adjustable baffles shape excellent surf every time. And Flow Surf 2.0 and 3.0 make it even better. 

Moomba’s parent company is high-end boat manufacturer Skier’s Choice, and it shows. They made no compromises in the hull or ballast systems. They use the same high-quality materials as more expensive models so you won’t be disappointed. Autowake, the automatic ballast system, adjusts to the speed and weight of the craft. 

All these features make the Moomba Craz one of the most popular models on the market. But it isn’t perfect. We’ve found some issues to discuss. 

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The Disadvantages of the Moomba Craz

Craz owners complain about lots of the same issues on online message boards. The biggest is the time it takes for the Autowake system to take on the ballast. This is critical to perfect waves, and it takes a while to fill the tanks. However, this is a typical fuss amongst all wake boats, so it may not be a dealbreaker. 

But the more significant problem some owners report is vapor lock. When the fuel in the carburetor boils and traps moisture in the fuel line, it’ll ruin your day. 

Comments also report other ventilation issues, including a funky smell in the storage area and water trapped in the ski locker. Replacing the carpet often and drilling holes in the ski locker fix these issues quickly. 

To be fair, most of the issues reported come from the pre-2010 model years. Since then, the craft’s gotten consistently positive reviews across the industry. 

How Much Does a Moomba Craz Cost?

The benefits of buying new are numerous. You’ll have the chance to customize almost everything on a new build. Depending on the features and amenities, you can expect to put at least $105,000 down for a 2023 Moomba Craz. 

Purchasing used is also an option. Moomba sells older vehicles that are also customizable. Starting at around $83,000, the older models have lots of the same exciting features. 

Because of small-scale production, the Moomba Craz holds value much better than the competition. While the older models are cheaper than the 2023 version, they’ve increased in price. A 2017 boat sold for $62,000 at the time and $73,000 just a few years later. 

It’s a worthwhile investment if your idea of a good time is cruising the lake. 

Woman driving Moomba Craz
Whether you want to go wakeboarding or just relax in the sun, a Moomba Craz is the perfect boat to cruise the lake on.

Is Moomba a Good Brand?

Skier’s Choice set up shop in Maryville, Tennessee, where they build the Moomba and its sister brand Supra. They both use the same composites and materials for hull construction. For folks considering a Craz, you’re buying the same components as the Supra offerings. In tests, the cheaper boats perform as well or better than high-end watercraft. 

The most significant difference between the brands is what goes inside the hull. Not to say that the interior is cheap; it’s just more affordable. Manufacturer Skier’s Choice hasn’t spared a thing in making a durable, comfortable ride a priority.

These boats age well so that you can purchase the brand with comfort. If you ever want to sell, you’ll be able to get top dollar. But with all the benefits, the Moomba Craz might be a forever craft. 

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Why Choose a Wake Boat?

Wakeboarding and surfing are two of the most accessible watersports for beginners. Especially for folks with young family members, the right boat makes these sports possible. However, waterskiing requires a different set of features. 

Manufactured with waves in mind, these boats are a must for the sport. Moomba made sure to include features like the Autowake, Surf Plate, and Flow Surf on the Craz. Together, these features give you a reliable ride that you can tweak to fit conditions. 

If you’re focused on wake sports having the right watercraft is a must. They’re specialized tools in the watersports industry. Without the added features, the flat waves preferred by water skiers are all we’d have. 

Is the Moomba Craz Worth It?

For the price and features alone, the Moomba Craz is worth it. Endlessly customizable, high-end components and summer months full of fun make this boat a resounding “yes.” 

Whether you’re taking the kids out or the extended family, everyone will enjoy it. And from a captain’s point of view, they’ve ensured you can quickly see who’s riding your trail. 

If you’re in the market, you can’t go wrong with a Moomba Craz.

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