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This $8,100 RV Camper is also a Tricycle & Boat (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

This $8,100 RV Camper is also a Tricycle & Boat (Yes, You Read That Correctly)

RV designers are pushing the envelope in 2020. From modular to amphibious, there’s no shortage of camper trailer options.

However, one company has packed more innovation into a single RV than any other.

The Zeltini Amphibious E-Tricycle Camper can travel by land or water and is powered by green energy…your legs (and electrical assistance)!

Here Are The Details on Zeltini’s Amphibious E-Tricycle Camper 

It’s important to note that the Zeltini camper is still being conceptualized and perfected. It isn’t in full-blown production yet.

Founder and designer, Aigars Lauzis, created this unique camper to solve his long-distance biking problem.

And he has a LOT of cycling experience! Lauzis spent four years biking from London to Tokyo. 

During that time, he ran into a few significant challenges. His bike couldn’t cross the water, and he didn’t enjoy sleeping in a tent.

That’s how the Zeltini Amphibious E-Tricycle Camper was born.

Despite it’s small size, the RV camper is packed full of features & amenities.

  • two electric motor hubs
  • solar panel
  • umbrella
  • pet seat
  • LED lights
  • electric boat engine

The enclosed camping space can sleep to people (in a cozy kind of way).

The targeted price for the Zeltini Amphibious E-Tricycle Camper is between $8,100 – $10,400 USD. That doesn’t include the cost of shipping.

Here’s what Zeltini has to say:

“Our main focus is on building amphibian mobile homes and vehicles for human resilience and fun. Our designs widely range in scale and typology as we operate across the fields of product design, landscape architecture and urban design. We aim to make products that create unique experience / emotion and positively contribute to this planet and humanity. Mostly fun and joy is what we’re after but we don’t forget functionality and purpose of things.”

If You Want a Small RV, But Not This Small…

If you’re shopping for a small RV, that’s available today, and has a little more room, we’ve got you covered.

Small RV camper trailers allow you the most freedom and easy mobility.

Here’s a list of resources for you:

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