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5 Best Fishing Spots on the Texas Coast

With nearly 400 miles of coastline, it probably won’t surprise you that Texas has some great fishing! Many people in the Lone Star State enjoy heading out on the water in search of flounder, redfish, and speckled trout. 

But finding the right spot can be tricky with so many places to choose from.

We’ve got you covered with five locations for the best experience next time you do some Texas coast fishing.

Let’s dive in!

Why the Texas Coast Is Great for Fishing

When you think about doing some coastal fishing, locations like Florida and California might immediately come to mind. Texas coast fishing often gets overlooked but definitely warrants a visit. Anglers can reel in a catch year-round, and the waters offer great variety.

Fish swarm to the Gulf of Mexico for the warm water throughout the year. Like anywhere else, each season brings different species. Speckled trout and cobia seem popular in the spring, whereas king mackerel see a healthy population boom through the summer into the fall. You can reel in redfish year-round, though their population peaks in the fall and winter months.

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Man fishing in Texas
Cast a line while exploring Texas.

#1 Port Aransas

Located on a narrow strip of land known as Mustang Island, Port Aransas delivers the best fishing Texas has to offer. The island also provides activities for the whole family. The non-anglers can enjoy surfing, biking, or a day at the beach while you drop a line. And, something will surely bite whether you cast your bait from the shore or a boat. 

Port Aransas, home to a diverse and plentiful seafood population, has year-round fishing. During the winter, the schools move between Mustang Island and the mainland, offering inshore opportunities for sea trout, flounder, and redfish. The best catches can be found offshore in the Gulf during the rest of the year. Anglers often catch a mixed bag, including black drum, tarpon, and sometimes even sharks. 

This location can get extremely crowded during peak season. The island gets very busy during spring break and throughout the summer. Book your accommodations well in advance if you plan to travel during these times or visit during the shoulder seasons to enjoy superb fishing with fewer crowds. 

#2 Galveston

One of the biggest cities on the Texas coast, Galveston, still feels like a small fishing town thanks to the long stretches of sandy beaches. This city offers fantastic fishing and several other attractions, including Moody Gardens and Pleasure Pier. 

We love Texas coast fishing in Galveston because of the ease of doing so. Walk along the seawall, head out on a rock jetty, and cast your line. Other options include utilizing one of the city’s fishing piers or casting a line from the beach on the northern part of the island. Anglers commonly catch sheepshead or croaker when fishing from shore. 

You may opt to take a boat to go after some bigger game. In Galveston, you can hire a guide to help you find almost any kind of sea critter. If you have an interest in sport fishing for mackerel in the winter or red snapper in the summer, a charter may be best for you. Charters can also be booked for tuna fishing during the summer months.

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#3 Port O’Connor

Less than 100 miles north of Port Aransas lies Port O’Connor. In addition to the Gulf, the town has easy access to Espiritu Santo Bay and Matagorda Bay, both practically overflowing with seafood. Several contests occur in July, including the well-known Cula Roja Fishing Tournament.

Beginner fisherpeople enjoy this town because they’ll surely make a catch. You can cast a line from the Port O’Connor jetty to reel in some fluke, black drum, and sheepshead. Guides often take beginners wading in Matagorda Bay to look for striped bass and ladyfish.

More experienced anglers love sport fishing for more challenging creatures. Some of the most exciting species you can catch in Port O’Connor include marlin, kingfish, and amberjack. 

There’s always something to catch in Port O’Connor. Visit any time of year and check in with a local guide for more information about the season’s catch. If you want to visit a Texas coast town that puts fishing above all else, Port O’Connor should be on your shortlist. 

#4 Rockport

Fish flock to the bays of Rockport. Just inland from Mustang Island, the bays surrounding Rockport offer protected water for several species. The water stays warmer and calmer than the rest of the Gulf on the other side of the barrier islands. Opportunities vary depending on the time of year you visit. 

Rockport has mild winters, with temperatures rarely falling below 50 degrees. Layer up and head to the fishing pier to catch black drum and flounder. This area sees a great variety during the summertime, and anglers often reel in redfish and trout from the dock. 

During the fall, large boats push off from Rockport for deep-sea fishing. Anglers hook mahi-mahi in August, then marlin and tuna in September. They also frequently catch king mackerel and speckled trout. Be sure to book a charter well in advance. 

#5 South Padre Island

Located on the southernmost tip of Texas, South Padre Island attracts tourists with its beautiful beaches and idyllic weather. This popular spring break destination has no shortage of things to do. Tourists often visit Sea Turtle Inc. or walk the Laguna Madre Nature Trail. The phenomenal Texas coast fishing here remains one of the island’s best-kept secrets. 

South Padre Island has no restrictions on surf fishing, but be mindful of where you cast your line. Because the weather remains consistent, anglers can reel in a catch year-round. Most commonly, they catch redfish and speckled trout. 

Alternatively, you can charter a boat to do some deep-sea fishing. Due to its location, it takes less time to travel from South Padre Island to deep water than it does from other towns. During the summer, popular catches include ling and dorado. In the winter months, folks fish for snapper and grouper. 


Options to make a catch year-round from the shore or a boat make Texas coast fishing truly unique. The Gulf of Mexico and its surrounding bays can be beginner friendly or a true challenge for a more experienced angler.

If you visit Port O’Connor, it can even be competitive! Whatever prior experience you have casting a line, Texas can offer you the fishing trip of your dreams.

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