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The 5 Most Expensive SUVs for Fueling Up

It’s no secret that SUVs are expensive to fuel up. After all, these beasts hold nearly twice as many people as a sedan.

But some SUVs use way more gas than others. So which ones are the biggest offenders?

Today, we’re digging into the stats to see which vehicles cost the most at the pump. 

Let’s get into it!

The Appeal of SUVs

SUVs, or Sport Utility Vehicles, are more popular than ever before. Luxury features often come standard and disguise their workhorse abilities. 

Whatever you need to haul with you, an SUV is more capable than any sedan. The most obvious advantage is their size. Not only do they hold more passengers, but those passengers also have a lot more legroom. Then there’s the storage space.

But the most important feature is safety. These vehicles offer a higher vantage point for drivers, making it easier to see what’s ahead. Plus, there’s simply more metal to protect occupants during a collision. 

Finally, these bigger vehicles can handle rugged terrain better than most vehicles. Higher clearance and four-wheel-drive options mean they can go off-road to get you where you want to be. 

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What Are the Disadvantages of SUVs?

The realities of owning an SUV may be more troublesome than you thought. Firstly, they have a higher sticker price than other vehicles. ‘Their size, weight, and cost mean the insurance premiums are usually higher. Plus, they’re more expensive to maintain. 

And while they’re generally safer for their occupants, they’re much more likely to injure others in a collision. 

Their large size means they typically have larger blind spots, and this has caused drivers to back into other vehicles and even people. Just because you have a better view of the road ahead doesn’t necessarily mean you’re more aware of your surroundings.

Finally, these vehicles are notorious for poor fuel efficiency. Low gas mileage isn’t just bad for the environment. It’s also bad for pocketbooks. 

Below are the five most expensive SUVs to fuel up at the pump.

SUV at gas station
SUVs can run you a pretty penny at the gas pump.

#1 Ford Expedition

The Ford Expedition is one of the biggest vehicles on the road. It comes in standard and Max lengths, so you’ll never feel inadequate because of your size. 

The Expedition can tow 9,300 pounds and haul 1,750 pounds of payload. There’s no denying its power. But all that strength comes at a price.

Ford claims the EcoBoost technology, which utilizes a relatively modest V-6 engine, increases the Expedition’s efficiency. However, the Expedition only offers 17 miles per gallon in the city and 20 miles per gallon on the highway. 

If that’s the increased efficiency, we’d hate to see how poorly it performs with a V-8.

#2 Chevrolet Suburban

The Suburban is Chevy’s version of the Ford Expedition. This massive ride seats eight passengers and offers over 20 cubic feet of cargo space. 

On top of that, Suburbans can tow! The rear-wheel drive option with the Maximum Trailering package can haul 8,300 pounds.

A 355 horsepower V-8 engine is standard, but there’s also a 277 horsepower inline-six turbodiesel option. The standard engine offers 15 mpg in the city and 20 on the highway. 

In contrast, the diesel engine is more fuel efficient, with up to 27 mpg on the the highway. Unfortunately, diesel is almost always more expensive than regular gas. So there’s probably no getting around expensive fuel for this SUV.

#3 Toyota Sequoia

Another behemoth is the Toyota Sequoia. But contrary to many other SUVs, this vehicle seems to be heading in the right direction.

The newest Sequoia model features the iForce MAX hybrid powertrain. An electric motor and a twinSequoia’s4-liter V-6 engine kick out 437 horsepower and 583 pound-feet of torque. 

Sequoia’s rear-wheel-drive model offers a combined 22 mpg, while the four-wheel drive version delivers 20. While these rates are pretty standard, Toyota’s hybrid engine gives us hope Nissan’s SUVs will require less expensive fuel. 

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#4 Nissan Armada

The Armada is Nissan’s most massive ride. Its 400 horsepower V-8 engine can tow up to 8,500 pounds. It has three rows of seats and plenty of cargo space. There are several trims to choose from, so you can get as many bells and whistles as you want. 

But this SUV ranks as one of the most expensive fuel guzzlers on the list. The rear-wheel-drive version only offers 14 mpg city and 19 on the highway. And the four-wheel-drive option is even worse. 

The most basic Armada has a lower sticker price than our other contenders. But you get what you pay for. And with this SUV, you’ll shell out every time you hit the pump (which will be frequent!)

#5 Cadillac Escalade

The iconic Escalade is a beloved member of the SUV family. It offers a slew of premium features, not to mention the coveted Cadillac crest. 

But all that prestige will cost you. It’s easily the priciest vehicle on our list. The base model will run you nearly $30,000 more than any others. 

And the hits just keep coming. 

The Escalade is also among the least fuel-efficient SUVs in the lineup. Rear-wheel-drive models only offer 15 mpg city and 20 on the highway. If you opt for the performance-oriented V model, SUVs chug through a gallon of fuel every 11 miles. 

Don’t Be Surprised With Your SUV’s Expensive Fuel

We all know that SUVs are notorious gas guzzlers. But some of these vehicles are worse than others. Fortunately, some manufacturers are working to increase fuel economy by utilizing plug-in hybrid engines. Others are working on going fully electric while maintaining the same power and convenience.

But for now, SUV drivers should get used. to expensive fuel. The size and convenience these vehicles offer come at a price.

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