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Can You Get RV Supplies at The Home Depot?

The Home Depot sells just about everything you need for your house, so it seems natural for them to sell RV supplies.

As the biggest home improvement chain in the country, the store makes a convenient pit stop for nomads. But if you’re in a bind, knowing they’ll have what you need is vital.

Today we’ll explore what this big box store offers to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

Let’s dive in!

About The Home Depot

The Home Depot was founded in 1978 with a vision of opening larger stores than any competitor. Within a year, they opened the first two shops in Atlanta in former grocery stores.

They quickly expanded, and by 1984 they operated 19 locations. While the rapid growth caused financial difficulties, it became the largest and most successful DIY chain by the end of the 80s. The Home Depot expanded its offerings to include installations and other services by the early 90s. Now they have over 2,000 locations and are the sixth largest US-based employer globally. 

The company specializes in all things home improvement. They’re a contractor’s haven, from raw building materials and tools to appliances and floorings. A walk down the aisles will show you everything you need for any room in the house. There’s even a garden center where you can get landscaping accessories, garden plants, and paver stones. 

And some of The Home Depot’s supplies are exactly what you need when you’re on the road in your RV.

Camper Van in Home Depot parking lot
From power cords to surge protectors, The Home Depot has all you need for your RV.

Does The Home Depot Sell RV Supplies?

RVs have many unique parts and accessories you can’t just get anywhere. And when traveling in your camper, you can’t exactly have Amazon deliver it to you. Luckily, The Home Depot has just about all the RV elements you need. 

You can find power cords, surge protectors, and other small accessories without much hassle. They also carry portable waste tanks if you want to plan a longer stay somewhere without hookups. 

If your holding tank or water heater is out, you can get replacement units at The Home Depot without canceling any plans. They also have AC units and other appliances that can turn your cozy trailer into a home.

They carry several standard RV-specific brands, including Camco, Dometic, and Atwood. And since you’re never far from one, you can get what you need quicker than a Prime delivery. However, they may not have as large a selection as other stores. 

Pro Tip: Use these 7 Tips on Finding the Nearest RV Supply Store to make getting your RV gear quick and easy.

Does The Home Depot Accept Returns of RV Supplies?

The Home Depot makes it easy for travelers to return any trailer supplies. You can return your items to any location and simply show your receipt or shipping confirmation email. You’ll also need the credit card you used and a picture ID.

If that’s inconvenient, you can also schedule an online return. You just need to print a shipping label and drop it off at the nearest UPS access point. Most items have a 90-day return policy, but you should know the exceptions. 

Furniture and rugs only have 30 days for returns. Electronics, generators, and anything gas-powered have the same one-month restriction. While the official store policy only allows you to return unopened items, don’t let that stop you. You can usually get store credit for lightly used items you weren’t happy with. But make sure you keep the original packaging. 

And if you lost your receipt, they can usually look it up for you. However, if you get too return happy, they may flag your name and put a 90-day pause on accepting returns. 

Home Depot parking lot exterior
The Home Depot is one of many stores you can buy RV supplies from.

Where Else Can I Buy RV Supplies?

The Home Depot isn’t the only place to stock up on supplies. You can check out these stores if you want a comparison shop or need to find the nearest location to re-up.

Camping World

Whether shopping in person or online, you can find lots of RV supplies and other camping needs that The Home Depot won’t have at Camping World. As one of the largest recreational vehicle dealers, they often have a wider selection of parts. 

They have 200 locations around the country, generally right off major highways. However, this company has a bad reputation with a large slice of the road warrior community. You can also usually find better prices elsewhere. 


Amazon sells almost everything covers most RVers’ needs to keep their rig running. They also have fast shipping, reasonable prices, and a generous return policy. 

However, you won’t find all the specialty items you need. While they actually do offer a few physical locations, you’re unlikely to find what you need there. And since getting a delivery to your rig isn’t always an option, it may not be the best choice. But you may want to experiment with using their pick-up lockers. 


This online retailer is one of the best RV resources out there. They offer excellent customer service, and their knowledgeable team can help you get the right part for your rig. You can also connect with local installers across the country. 

From small parts for repairs to specialized appliances and quality-of-life upgrades, they’re sure to have what you need. 


RVupgrades either has the part you need or can help you get it. This online retailer has offered fast shipping and great deals on camper accessories since 2002. It’s become one of the most reliable resources for nomads who want to keep their rig in good shape.

They also offer great clearance deals daily, so keep an eye out and get your wishlist fulfilled. 

Pro Tip: We compared the prices of buying RV gear at Camping World vs Amazon vs Walmart to help you decide where to shop.

Father and son shopping together in Lowe's
Upgrade your RV by shopping for your supplies at The Home Depot.

Does The Home Depot Allow Overnight RV Parking?

Like many big box stores, this company has a large parking lot with plenty of space for oversized vehicles. They’re also generally welcoming to RVers who want to stay overnight. Even better, you can stock up on any supplies you need for your rig while staying at The Home Depot. 

However, it’s worth noting that every store is different. Many cities also have ordinances against sleeping in a vehicle. Make sure you check with the manager and follow good overnight parking etiquette. Park away from the entrance, and don’t set up camp while you’re there. 

Is Buying RV Supplies at The Home Depot Worth It?

The Home Depot is an excellent place to stop when you’re on the road and need more supplies for your RV. It may not have the most comprehensive selection or the lowest prices, but you can usually get what you need at a fair deal.

Before you make the trip, you can use their app to look at their products online. It’ll let you know what they have in stock and what you can order for an in-store pick-up.

And if you need a break on your travels, it can be a great place to stay the night.

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