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5 Summer RV Rallies for an Older Crowd

Summer rallies can be great places for older RVers to connect and discover new tips from like-minded people. Folks often leave with fond memories and blossoming friendships.

But if you’re worried that the crowds at these gatherings may not suit you, you’re not alone. Fortunately, joining an RV club of like-minded individuals can help you find your people and maximize your benefits.

Today, we’re exploring the RV clubs with the best summer rallies to help you decide which organization may be right for you.

Let’s dive in!

Summer RV Rallies for Boomers and Beyond

In the 1950s, when baby boomers were kids, the average life expectancy was between 66 and 72. But things have changed since then. Not only are people living longer, but they’re also more active. Say goodbye to TV dinners and hello to evening walks. The optimistic boomer generation loves to keep busy.

Not only are boomers traveling in RVs for leisure, but many are also working well into retirement age. So meeting like-minded people and making connections can be helpful. In fact, some may argue that it’s essential to a long and happy life.

With so many clubs to join, it can take time to know where to start. The same goes for rallies and events. But we think these five are your best options.

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RV rally
No matter your age, there is an RV rally for you.

#1 FMCA’s 107th International Convention & RV Expo

The Family Motor Coach Association is one of the longest-standing and most popular RV clubs around. Roadside assistance, discount tires, and great motorhome insurance rates are some of the many perks. Members love that you can stay two nights free each month at their Ohio campground.

Older travelers also like FMCA for its large community and abundance of lifestyle resources. They host dozens of rallies each month, depending on location and interests.

FMCA celebrates 60 years of service this summer with its 107th international convention. Thousands will gather in late August for this expo filled with educational seminars, exhibits, and community camping. Four days with full access and camping costs around $250 per couple. And daily passes are available.

Best of all, if you’re unsure if FMCA is right for you, just give them a call. They’ll answer any questions and can register you for their summer rally. It’s a perfect opportunity to check out the association.

#2 51st FCRV International Retiree Rally 

If you’re looking for summer rallies exclusively for older folks, you might want to join Family Campers & RVers. This non-profit, volunteer-run club has services specifically for retirees. The low annual membership fees decrease with the number of years you purchase.

Every year around March, FCRV hosts a retiree rally. Locations vary but are planned with warm weather in mind. Activities include bean bag baseball, a dog parade, and a variety show. If participation isn’t your thing, you can always kick back and enjoy the scheduled live music. 

The FCRV annual International Retiree Rally ranges from $100 to $200 per person for the week. Be sure to check their website for details. 

#3 Escapees RV Club Birds-of-a-Feather

Escapees RV Club is a favorite amongst full-time RVers. Their mail forwarding service enables members to receive mail no matter where they are. Mail settings are available online or through their phone app, which also contains useful maps and other information.

Escapees RV Club events range from national rallies to specialized events centered on common interests. Their Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) groups are based on everything from boondockers to genealogy nerds. And the Boomer BOF is the largest of all.

According to the Escapees RV Blog, the Boomer BOF is one of the funniest groups, let alone the most comical summer rally. Gatherings happen year-round from coast to coast. One minute you could be gathered around the campfire, and the next, stuffing balloons into another member’s pantyhose. Once a hippie, always a hippie.

#4 SMART’s National Muster

Special Military Active Recreational Travelers works to unite active duty military and veterans who love to travel. US and Canadian military and their families who value outdoor recreation, camaraderie, and support for veterans are encouraged to join. Experienced members lead caravans of RVs across the states for adventure and fellowship.

SMART rallies are called Musters. And although they’re not specifically for the older crowd, they tend to make seniors feel exceptionally welcome. Activities include potluck dinners and golf. Non-members can come to any Muster to see if membership is the next step.

The 2023 SMART National Muster takes place in late September. Membership dues range from free to $65.00.

#5 Good Sam Provincial Rallies

Good Sam is the world’s largest RV club. Member benefits include medical and travel services, health insurance, and roadside assistance. And a basic annual membership is practically free if you consider all the shopping discounts. There’s even a job board for finding work on the road.

In addition to national events and RV tours, Good Sam members can host state and regional rallies. These tend to be unique and a little cozier than larger gatherings. So some find it easier to get to know other attendees.

The annual Tennessee Good Sam Rally, called Alive and Well, usually takes place in early May. They also host state-wide campouts in spring, late summer, and fall. Although you’ll find plenty of activities like concerts or golf, the main focus is fellowship. These gatherings strive to foster a sense of community, much like American neighborhoods used to be. 

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Summer Rallies Bring Older and Younger Folks Together

Whether due to financial freedom or financial stress, boomers continue to choose the RV life. Some love the excitement and independence, while others are happy to live with less if it means being mortgage-free. Attending these summer rallies, older crowds find community, fun, and mutual aid.

Rallies are just one of many benefits of joining one of these highly-rated RV clubs. Adventure is encouraged at any age. And so is community. Carpe diem!

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