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The Best ASICS Outdoor Gear for Summer 2023

With summer here, you’re probably looking to refresh your wardrobe with some new ASICS gear in 2023. 

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to buy subpar gear or stuff you won’t like. There’s no shortage of cheap, poorly made, uncomfortable products that fall apart quickly.

Before you start shopping, check out our picks for the best items from this trusted brand. You’ll be ready for summer in no time.

Let’s get into it!

How To Choose the Best ASICS Summer Gear in 2023

We should cover some basic considerations for the best summer apparel before diving into the best ASICS gear for 2023.

Cotton socks and shirts can trap moisture causing all kinds of problems. If you want to stick with natural fibers, reach for wool instead. We suggest grabbing clothes made of synthetic, moisture-wicking material. This’ll help you stay cool and dry, preventing any uncomfortable issues with blisters and chafing. 

Lightweight, long sleeve shirts can help protect you from harmful UV rays. You’ll probably also want to toss on a hat and maybe a gaiter to keep the sun out of your face. Consider choosing light-colored garments to help you stay cool. 

Accessorize your hiking outfit with a well-fitting backpack to carry all your snacks and hydration. You can lose a lot of energy through your sweat, so you’ll want to bring plenty of goodies to replenish yourself.

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Woman hiking on rocks
Enjoy the great outdoors in style in some ASICS gear.

Best 2023 ASICS Gear for Women

We gathered the best ASICS gear for women to wear outside in 2023. Whether you plan to stroll around the neighborhood or do some rigorous hiking, these items will keep you cool in the summer sun.

ASICS Fujitrail Long Sleeve Top

This lightweight long-sleeve shirt will help prevent any nasty sunburns. The thin top has a relaxed fit and dries quickly, making it the perfect choice to wear for outdoor activities. ASICS describes the shirt’s recycled polyester fabric as breathable and chafe-resistant, and it even has reflective details to improve visibility. The Fujitrail shirt comes in dark purple or tan.

ASICS Accelerate Bra

Many women have probably experienced the frustration of trying to find the perfect bra. You needn’t look further than the ASICS Accelerate.

The medium-support bra has adjustable straps so you can find your perfect fit. The comfortable fabric wicks moisture and has clean bonded seams meaning you can say goodbye to chafing. It comes in seven fashionable colors, so you can pick your favorite.

ASICS Fujitrail 2-N-1 Short

Here’s one of our favorite pieces of ASICS gear for 2023. And it may shock some of our female readers because it has pockets! Not just one, but four, and one of them even has a zipper.

Besides the pockets, we love these fashionable shorts because of their lightweight and stretchy fabric. Though initially designed with trail running in mind, we think they’re a perfect choice no matter what you plan to do outside.

ASICS Gel-Trabuco 10 Shoes

Good shoes can be tough to find, but the ASICS Gel-Trabuco 10 has a 4.6 out of 5-star rating on Amazon. Reviewers love the gel padding and have found these sneakers comfortable on long hikes.

You can get them in hot pink, black, and other colors. The shoe also has a technical tread pattern to help with traction on the trail and a closed mesh upper portion to help keep debris out.

ASICS 10L Backpack

ASICS designed this lightweight backpack with runners in mind, but we think hikers will love it too. The pack has adjustable straps with water bottle storage for easy access and zipper pockets to hold your belongings. It may look small, but you’d be surprised how much this ten-liter backpack can carry.

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Hiking on trail
ASICS has great gear for both men and women.

Best 2023 ASICS Gear for Men

ASICS doesn’t just offer great products for women, so now that we’ve reviewed the best items for the ladies, we’ll hit some of our favorite ASICS gear from 2023 for men. 

ASICS Actibreeze Cooling Top

If you want a shirt that’ll keep you cool, you need the Actibreeze cooling top. It’s made with recycled material, and its cooling properties will keep you comfortable in the summer heat. You can buy this top in grey, blue, or black online in long or short sleeves. We recommend long sleeves for added UV ray protection.

ASICS Fujitrail Short

The men’s version of the Fujitrail shorts also features four pockets, one of them zippered. They come in four different colors, so you have plenty of options to pick your favorite. 

These double-layer shorts feature an inner skin-tight sprinter short to prevent chafing and help with moisture control. Slits along the outer mesh shorts mean you’ll be able to move freely no matter what outdoor activity you like to do.

ASICS Gel-Trabuco 10 Shoes

You can look your best out on the trails by choosing your favorite color of the Gel-Trabuco 10 shoes. Whether you prefer neon sneakers or something a little more subtle, you’ll probably love one of the six colors ASICS offers.

These shoes have other perks besides just looking cool. They have a rock protection plate to help you find stable footing and prevent rolled ankles on rugged terrain. The sole’s soft gel will keep you comfortable on the trail for miles.

ASICS Gear Bag 2.0

The last thing you’ll need to be ready for adventure is a good pack to carry your supplies. The lightweight ASICS Gear Bag 2.0 has a drawstring closure. It also features a water bottle holder and zippered pockets for your valuables. This lightweight backpack will be the perfect bag for any summer escapade you have in mind.

ASICS 2023 Gear Won’t Disappoint!

No matter who you are or what you like to do outside, this brand has the perfect supplies for you. While they’re well-known for their comfortable athletic shoes, they offer much more than footwear. Even if you don’t select the items we’ve suggested, the company has no shortage of lightweight, moisture-wicking clothes for you to choose from.

We hope to see you on the trails in your ASICS gear in the summer of 2023!

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