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5 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbor with Garden Accessories

Spring is here, and it’s the perfect time to annoy your neighbors with your garden accessories.

There’s no better way to express yourself than with big, noisy, bright objects everyone can see. It only takes a few carefully chosen pieces to become the talk of the block.

From clanging chimes to garnish lawn ornaments, there are plenty of ways to get the folks next door to notice your property. Keep reading to learn some hot tips for getting on your neighbor’s nerves!

Let’s check it out!

What Are Garden Accessories?

Garden accessories can liven up your outdoor space. Some, like bird feeders, are functional. Others, like statues and sculptures, are purely decorative and fun. Whatever you choose, you can add personality to your garden or backyard.

For many people, decorating an outdoor space is just as exciting as decorating a house. The options are endless! Choose a theme or let your personal style shine through your decor choices. Create a fairytale forest with twinkle lights, or collect antique pieces for a vintage vibe. Whatever garden accessories you choose, your backyard and its visitors will appreciate the effort even if it annoys the neighbors.

How Do I Keep My Garden Looking Good?

Garden accessories are an easy solution for backyard decor. But while decorations are great, you may need more functional pieces to keep your outdoor space looking good.

If you own a lot of lawn equipment, you should also consider investing in an outdoor storage solution. An attractive shed or freestanding closet will decrease the amount of clutter.

New furniture is a must if you plan to use your outdoor space for entertaining. Invest in comfortable seating options, shade structures, and tables for food and drink.

Get creative with potting options. You can upcycle discarded objects to use as planters. Creative containers keep your plants looking fresh and neat. But make sure to edge and mow the lawn frequently to let your garden sparkle.

How Do I Protect My Garden Accessories? 

Once you’ve gathered the perfect garden accessories, it’s time to enjoy your backyard, no matter how annoying your neighbors find it. But how do you keep your carefully chosen pieces safe from the elements?

Metal pieces may rust without proper protection. A layer of clear coat, like polyurethane or acrylic, protects metal from moisture and sunlight. Consider using Scotchgard or another fabric protector on cloth items like patio furniture. It’ll help your chair cushions and shade structures last longer.

Many garden accessories are stone, resin, or ceramic. These materials may also suffer damage over time. Keep resin and plastic objects out of the sun to avoid discoloration. And don’t forget to place stone and ceramic objects in a dry place during winter, or they may crack and break.

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Garden wind chimes
Garden accessories can liven up your yard and make your space special.

5 Best Garden Accessories

You’ve landscaped, updated your outdoor furniture, and spruced up the space. Now your garden is ready and it’s time to annoy your neighbors with some next-level decor choices. Here are five genius ideas for making your yard as quirky as possible.

#1. Windchimes

Some people love the soothing sound of a windchime. But others can’t stand the noisy metal contraptions. Whether you’re into them or not, they’re a bold garden accessory choice with a high risk of being annoying.

You can choose from dozens of chime styles that come in all shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your aesthetic.

Choose chimes with long tubes and a big striker if you want to maximize noise. Better yet, buy multiple sets to hang at once. Your neighbors will love their noisy, around-the-clock music.

#2. Gnomes

Garden gnomes are a classic outdoor accessory choice. You can probably find dozens of these precious garden protectors in your neighborhood already. Maybe it’s time you joined in the fun, too.

Gone are the days when gnomes were just cute little guys in pointy hats and green tunics. Today there’s an option for every occasion, real or imagined. You can find them shirtless, political characters, and even little dwarves holding your favorite beer brand.

Head online and buy a few of the weirdest lawn statues you can find. Your neighbors will adore these rude, crude little additions to your family. And if they don’t, that’s their problem!

#3. Unique Bird Feeders

Feeders attract all kinds of flying buddies to your yard. Some of them, like hummingbirds, even act as pollinators. And the more pollinators you have, the better.

Set your backyard apart from the rest with a colorful, vibrant collection of these garden accessories sure to annoy nearby grumps. The options are endless, so get creative. Buy the loudest, shiniest, most offbeat feeders money can buy. The folks next door will adore the enormous flocks of birds overtaking your neighborhood.

Tree face art
What you might find charming or funny, may actually be annoying to your neighbors.

#4. Tree Face Art

Did you know tree face art is a thing? You can buy hanging eyes, noses, mouths, and even entire faces to adorn your backyard trees.

We’ve found dozens of options for sale online. You can buy faces with beards, mustaches, and long eyelashes. They even make holiday-themed tree faces to help you celebrate the changing seasons.

Your neighbors won’t be able to resist these offbeat, downright creepy garden accessories. Buy a few different sets to hang from various trees in your yard. After all, there’s nothing more exciting than catching a 20-foot tree peeping at you from over the fence.

#5. Motion Activated Lights

Motion-activated lights aren’t just convenient for navigating the darkness in your backyard. They also help keep animals like raccoons, rabbits, and skunks from chewing up your plants. These handy lamps are an inexpensive pest control option. But it’s one of the most annoying garden accessories for people who enjoy the dark.

The best part is that they’re totally unpredictable. Sometimes they work how they’re supposed to, but other times they seem to turn on every five minutes. But if you line the perimeter of your house with these bright beacons, tread carefully. The people next door will certainly have a thoughts about the harsh white beams streaming through their windows.

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Is Investing in Garden Accessories Worth It?

Outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed. In fact, there’s no point in having a backyard if you don’t use it. Garden accessories are a simple way to make your green space shine, even if they annoy others.

While we don’t recommend deliberately getting on your neighbor’s bad side, you won’t regret making your outdoor space your own. Just make sure you really put your own unique spin on it. After all, you want the rest of the block to be a little jealous.

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