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How to Overnight at Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, Mississippi

The Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, Mississippi, looks like the perfect spot to park for the night. However, in many instances, looks can be deceiving.

You can’t just pull into any empty, large lot and spend the night. If you do, you could end up with a knock on your door from law enforcement.

So can you stay overnight at the Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, Mississippi?

Let’s find out!

The Pyramid in Memphis is one of the largest Bass Pro Shops.
The Memphis Pyramid is one of the largest Bass Pro Shops

About Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, Mississippi

Whether or not you’ve stepped through a Bass Pro Shops door before, the Pearl location doesn’t disappoint. Outdoor enthusiasts feel like a kid in a candy store here. It’s certainly got something for everyone.

Once you enter, the well-known outdoor-themed chandeliers greet you. You’ll see fish and various other taxidermy throughout. They also have native plants, trees, and other underbrush from the region. While your eyes may be busy looking around, look down at the animal tracks stamped into the concrete floor.

If you’ve never visited one of these locations, it’s hard to know what to expect. Picture the largest outdoor store you ever imagined combined with a Cracker Barrel-like gift shop. Various outdoor-themed merchandise is available to get all your gifts for the year.

You don’t want to miss the massive aquarium. Like the decor, this business prides itself on continuing the native species theme. You can sit for hours and watch the native fish float across the tank.

If you’re lucky, you may catch a casting demonstration where professionals take the time to educate customers.

With more than 2,300 reviews on Google and a 4.5-star rating, customers love this store. Many reviewers state that their employees go above and beyond to care for them. One customer even compared it to a day spa and amusement park for her husband.

Where Is the Largest Bass Pro Shops Located?

Pinpointing the largest Bass Pro Shops may sound like an easy task, but it’s anything but simple. That’s because there’s quite a debate going on amongst outdoor enthusiasts about which one takes the cake.

For years, the Springfield, Missouri, location was “The Granddaddy of All Outdoor Stores.” It’s just shy of 500,000 feet and welcomes approximately four million visitors annually.

However, that was until 2015 when the Bass Pro Shops and Big Cypress Lodge opened in Memphis, Tennessee.

The new location is inside the iconic Pyramid structure visible from westbound I-40 leaving Memphis. It’s just over 535,000 square feet and features a 103-room lodge. They’ve themed the facility so well that you’ll think you’re walking through the wilderness.

Many continue to believe the Springfield location is the largest because of the attached museum and aquarium. They claim the site keeps its title if you include the Johnny Morris Wonders of Wildlife National Museum and Aquarium.

So which one is it? If we had to give the title to one of these, we’d give the crown to the Memphis location.

Accessing the aquarium and museum in Missouri requires admission, which separates it from the main store. However, we recommend visiting both establishments. If you do, guard your cash and watch the clock, you can certainly spend too much time and money there.

Does Bass Pro in Pearl, Mississippi, Allow Overnight Parking?

Like many others, the Pearl, Mississippi store currently allows overnight parking. Unfortunately, this can change with or without notice. We strongly recommend that you call ahead and confirm availability.

In addition to calling ahead, you’ll want to support the establishment. With thousands of products on their shelves, you should have no trouble finding something to purchase.

It’s a small way to show appreciation and help ensure spots remain available for future guests.

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The Rules for Overnight Parking at Bass Pro in Pearl, Mississippi

When staying overnight, you need to follow a few rules. We already mentioned calling ahead and supporting the establishment by purchasing something. However, you should follow a handful of other practices during your stay.

For starters, you need to remember that you’re not camping. Don’t turn their parking lot into a campsite. Avoid getting items out, running your generator, or cluttering the area with your stuff. You want to avoid attracting attention to yourself or bothering other travelers.

Another essential rule to follow is to practice Leave No Trace practices. That means picking up trash, even if it’s not yours, and not leaving anything behind.

One of the primary reasons we see businesses no longer allowing overnight visitors is trash. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

For these kinds of stops, arriving late and leaving early is best. This can help ensure you don’t interfere with deliveries, customers, or everyday operations. It’s also important to be aware of where you’re parking. Make sure you ask for instructions when you ask for permission.

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Boondocking overnighter camper like you might see at the Pearl, Mississippi, Bass Pro Shops.
Use proper lotdocking etiquette when staying overnight on any store’s property

Best Places to Grab a Bite Near Bass Pro Shops in Pearl, Mississippi

You’ll eventually get hungry after hours of walking around looking at gear. Here are a few nearby spots to get something delicious to eat.

Harvey’s Fish Hut Too

Want to get a taste of the local cuisine? Harvey’s Fish Hut Too offers some of the best catfish and chicken sandwiches you’ll ever taste. Every day is like a family fish fry here. Who needs veggies when you can have deep-fried goodies?

Find them on social media if you want to get your mouth watering. You won’t have to scroll long to see why you should try them.

Alicyn’s Bar and Grill

A few miles down I-20 is Alicyn’s Bar and Grill. This bar and grill is a fantastic spot for just about any occasion. It’s great if you’re on a date, spending time with friends, or grabbing a quick bite to eat for lunch. 

They have some of the coldest beer, tasty wings, and massive burgers. However, even though they’re a sports bar, they still remember healthy eaters and vegan diets. Alicyn’s also has some crunchy salad options for those watching what they eat.

Frisco Deli

The Frisco Deli is a family-owned restaurant just over a mile from Bass Pro Shops. This shop opened in 1993 and is a favorite mom-and-pop store with locals.

They’re most known for their catfish and chicken tenders. However, their top-secret honey mustard recipe that uses locally sourced honey is out of this world. Complete your meal with one of their slices of cake or pie. 

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An Ideal Spot to Rest

If you’re passing through Pearl, Mississippi, park overnight at Bass Pro Shops. There’s plenty of room for several rigs, and it’s known as one of the friendliest stops you’ll ever encounter.

Just make sure you call ahead and get permission before arriving or getting too comfortable. We’re sure they’ll show you what Southern hospitality is all about.

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