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Is Mortons on the Move a Legit RV Website?

Many RVers turn to Mortons on the Move for tips, tricks, and practical information. In fact, they’ve developed a massive library of content over the last several years.

Online platforms make creating a website easy for anyone with a computer and an internet connection. As a result, you can’t trust everything you read on the Internet.

Today we’ll look into their site’s reliability and explore other options to help your travels.

Let’s move!

Portrait of couple standing with arms outstretched on cliff at sunset that could be Mortons on the Move
Get to know Mortons on the Move

Who is Mortons on the Move?

Tom and Caitlin Morton are the content creators and masterminds behind Mortons on the Move. The couple sold their home and left Michigan behind in 2015 to embrace traveling. They’ve since RVed in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and Mexico.

What started as a fun way to share their experiences with friends and family on YouTube has grown significantly. Their channel has over 117,000 subscribers, and thousands follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They’ve worked on large video projects, taught RV classes, and authored a travel guide.

The couple has created an exciting and bold life for their family. While initially planning to explore for a year or two, they’ve tossed that plan out the window.

Even after seven years on the road, there are no indications of them slowing down any time soon.

They were previously entrepreneurs and knew they could do it again. Combining their entrepreneurial skills, desire to roam, and incredible technical knowledge led to the creation of their brand. They’ve inspired, educated, and entertained countless individuals to take steps toward their dreams. But can you trust them?

Why Mortons on the Move Is a Legit RV Website

While RVing has become trendy recently, the Mortons aren’t new to the scene. They’ve been traveling since 2015 and have plenty of experience. In addition, Tom and Caitlin don’t stick to the surface when they cover a topic. They dive deep into the details and provide technical insights that are entertaining and easy to understand.

The couple doesn’t just talk a big game; their experience and knowledge back it up. They have expertise unlike most others, having worked on numerous solar installs and other projects with industry experts. It’s obvious they know their stuff when it comes to renovations, repairs, and mechanical projects.

Mortons on the Move has become a valid resource for anyone looking to embrace full-time and recreational RVing.

Their blog provides honest and trustworthy views into various aspects of the lifestyle. They can help you with anything from growing your skills and making informed purchases to finding new destinations.

The level of detail included in their content separates them from the rest. When they make a statement, they have the facts to back it up. Their attention shows how deeply they care for their loyal viewer and anyone consuming their media.

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Are Mortons on the Move on TV?

Tom and Caitlin quickly discovered their talents behind and in front of a camera when they launched their Mortons on the Move YouTube channel in 2015. After a few years of creating quality videos, the couple attracted significant attention. They partnered with Lance Truck Campers and other sponsors to make the Go North video series.

The Go North series documents all 15,000 miles of their trip through Canada and into Alaska. Over 20 episodes, they experienced crossing the border, navigating the Alaska Highway, and visiting the Arctic Ocean. The series significantly raised their profile and helped establish them further in the community.

Shortly after wrapping up production on Go North, the couple began filming for a new series, The RVers. By participating in the show, Tom and Caitlin worked alongside Peter Knize and John Sullivan of The RVgeeks.

The series inspires and educates new and experienced adventurers. With the recent boom in the industry, it’s no surprise that it’s entering its fifth season.

The RVers airs on Discovery and PBS in the US. It’s also widely available on streaming platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and Vudu. In addition, Canadians can find it on the Wild Pursuit Network and Bell TV’s CHEK.

Other Legit RV Websites

While Mortons on the Move is an excellent and legit website, it’s not the only one. We know many more places you can turn to for reliable information. Here are a few of our favorites.

Family Motor Coach Association

Since 1963 Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) has served the community. They organize social events and offer various benefits to members. It can help you get the most out of RVing and connect with others while saving money. 

Their blog features recipes, tips, and stories from fellow users. It provides a way to stay connected and up-to-date. If there’s something new in the community, they’ll cover it. 


AllStays has a massive library of campgrounds and other spots frequently used by RVers. It houses more than 37,000 campgrounds across the United States and Canada. Users can filter results to find the perfect place to camp or stay overnight. It’s a powerful tool that can make life easier during your adventures.

This resource isn’t only a website but also an app. Both are free to use but do have premium options. Premium memberships are subscriptions and typically have incentives for extended memberships. It may not dive deep into RV topics the same way as Mortons on the Move, but it’s a valuable tool. If you need help planning future trips or finding a free spot to park overnight, it’s money well spent.

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Go RVing

Go RVing is a partnership between the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) and the RV Dealers Association (RVDA). You can find inspirational stories and other quality information on the platform. If you’re planning a trip, maintaining your rig, or cooking in your rig, it’s a treasure chest of information.

The platform’s goal is to help consumers navigate the path toward ownership. Thankfully, GO RVing doesn’t stop once you buy a camper. They continue to serve you and ensure smooth adventures. From product reviews to maintenance tips, you can be a better owner by frequenting this website.

The Internet Simplifies RV Living

While many have a complex relationship with the Internet, it can be a great tool. It makes accessing valuable resources from Mortons on the Move and other websites easy. Bookmarking these sites can help you to find them faster. Some offer newsletters that can deliver content you can trust directly to your email inbox. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

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