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Meet The Sexiest Camper on the Road (Hint, It’s not an Airstream)

There’s no doubt about it – curvy and sleek campers are pretty sexy! Thinking in those terms, the Bowlus Road Chief might just be the perfect 10.

These shiny silver travel trailers are head turners along the lines of the classic Airstreams. In the eyes of many campers, they are even more breathtaking and irresistible.

Let’s dive in!

Bowlus Endless Highways Performance Edition

The Sexiest Camper on The Road: The Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief story begins in 1934, when an aircraft designer created the world’s first aluminum travel trailer. Due to the Great Depression, Bowlus went out of business after only making 80 units. Father and daughter John and Geneva Long began reviving this brand a few years ago with great success.

 The original Road Chief was the work of the late Hawley Bowlus, a renowned aviation engineer who was well versed in aerodynamic principles. Significantly, he also took inspiration from the futuristic lines and rounded edges of an architectural style known as Art Moderne.

You may look at a Bowlus Road Chief, with its elongated teardrop shape, and see a strong visual connection with the classic Airstream.

That’s because one of Bowlus’ employees, Wally Byam, later became the founder of Airstream. He obviously took note of many of those winning features.

While many RV trailers are squared off like a bread box, the Bowlus Road Chief has streamlined, graceful curves. The front of the trailer stands tall and has a door set in the middle, under an arch.

The rear tapers off gradually and resembles the bow of an overturned boat.

Why You’ll Love This Camper Trailer

Today’s Bowlus Road Chief has been updated with many modern conveniences. While it has more than a passing nod to the past, it is designed with today’s forward-thinking campers in mind.

Besides being visually stunning, the Bowlus Road Chief is much lighter than other travel trailers of a similar size, with a dry weight of 3,200 lbs.

They have less wind resistance and a low center of gravity. For these reasons, you don’t need a beast of a tow vehicle to move these beauties.  At 26 feet long, they are also light enough to be towed by some crossover SUVs as well as EVs.

They are made from riveted aluminum and other solid, marine-quality materials. They have a lithium-battery power system designed for a week or more off the grid as well as optional solar panels. The entire system can be managed remotely.

Other thoughtful features include a built-in cellular booster and private WiFi network and signature heated floors.

Also, there’s an outdoor kitchen set up with propane as well as a 110-volt outlet for small appliances.

Bowlus Endless Highways

Bowlus Road Chief Floor Plans

There are two models available, and each one can be built to order with highly customizable components. In fact, the company says there are 56 million variations. Here are some details on the two different models:

Endless Highways

Bowlus’ specially designed door system offers privacy for those on board. The bedroom, bathroom and also the main cabin can all become their own separate spaces.

Four can dine in the spacious cabin, and four can sleep comfortably. The two sofas fold down into twin beds and the master bedroom can be configured as a king-sized bed or two twins.

The camper has a cassette-style toilet. Across the hall is a separate shower with teak trim and flooring.

The kitchen, in the front, has a spacious galley with a two-burner cooktop and stainless steel sink and countertops.

Endless Highways Performance Edition

Step inside and you’ll notice two large skylights overhead with beautiful wooden covers. These let in sunlight during the day and allow for stargazing at night.

 Other upgrades with the coveted Performance Edition involve the lithium power system. With a capacity that’s doubled to 600 Ah/7680Wh, it’s designed for up to two weeks of off-grid battery use.

The impressive system rapidly charges in three to four hours.

The AC unit can go up to two overnights before having to be recharged. The entire power management system is connected via Bluetooth and the internet so that all critical data is easily accessible on your smartphone.

Price of The Bowlus Road Chief

The Bowlus Road Chief Endless Highways model starts at $190,000. The base price for the Endless Highways Performance Edition is $225,000.


If the polished chrome look of a Bowlus Road Chief catches your eye, you’re not alone. The commanding looks of this updated classic, along with its incredible features, team up to make it undeniably sexy. It’s appeal isn’t just skin deep – the Bowlus Road is highly desirable for many reasons.

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  1. Corinne M says:

    Is it just me or is this the least sexy rv on the road? 😂😜

  2. Ed Reid says:

    I think it is ugly and the inside looks outdated. Not my cup of tea.

  3. Paul Marci says:


  4. richard says:

    Just curious, why is the flat part in front? Would it not be more wind resistance reversed ? Ither then that , i like it.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is not worth 200k it’s unbelievable what some consumers are so blind to.

  6. Joe Peplinski - Airstream Club Historian says:

    There is misinformation repeated in this story. Wally Byam was NEVER a Bowlus employee as this article states. Wally founded Airstream in 1931 and ran that company continuously until 1941 when he closed it’s doors for WWII. I have evidence to prove Wally was running Airstream before, during, and after Bowlus was in business selling aluminum trailers from November 1934 to September 1936. Please remove the claim that Wally Byam was an Bowlus employee.

  7. Kathy Holmes says:

    We really love the ideas of this Bowlus Road Chief.

  8. Jon Briggs says:

    It might be cute on the inside, but it’s very unattractive on the outside. Not everything needs to be outlandish looking to be recognized as new and sexy.

  9. CliffG says:

    Yes tempting, but you neglect to mention the showstopper: limited fresh water capacity.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hell no

  11. Anonymous says:

    I see that you are trying to compete with airstream and really all pull behind RV trailers. In my view basically customers are buying another house there’s no way that the material in that RV is worth 200,000+ so thank you but no thank you.

  12. Bob the camper says:

    I never understood why airstreams were so expensive and why would you spend so much extra for a shiny trailer that doesn’t really have anything more than a average camping trailer.
    And now $225,000 for a Bowlus trailer. Can’t see them being in business for much longer.

  13. sm says:

    Ummm NO THANKS ugly n WAY TOOO EXPENSIVE THATS LIKE ANOTHER HOUSE then just buy a cabin or another house or time share can switch where u go

  14. Sherman W. says:

    Very nice but don’t think I could bring myself to spent that kind of money on a bumper pull RV.

  15. Jeremy Strother Brann says:

    Here’s where Bowlus misses: usability. Their marketing photos all show awesome charcuterie and coffee trays, but where does all that go for storage? Nowhere. Their kitchen is extremely compact. One door, and you have to walk through the kitchen to use it. For $200k, people reasonably expect more usability .

  16. Bviers says:

    It’s very nice, it’s just not 200,000 nice…

  17. Heck No says:

    Absolutely No. Looks cramped, lacks storage, poor ventilation, needs bigger windows, probably gets hot easily. And how much water & tank storage? Price is 4 times what it should be. There are a easily a dozen popular 5th Wheels, Bunk House models, Toy haulers…all half the price & some with 2 bedrooms and lots of space. Who would pay $200K when there are so many better options almost anywhere you look.

  18. Bill Westfield says:

    Coolest thing out there are 20-footer fifth wheels. You won’t even feel it behind you as you’re rolling. Truck campers are another neat setup. The Bowlus is an expensive piece of art. I’d be afraid of dinging it up and for $200K I can buy a small fifth wheel and a lot of toys along with it.