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This Tiny Motorhome Will Fit in Most National Park Campgrounds

Staying at national park campgrounds is the perfect way to explore the park at your own pace. However, you may have heard that many campgrounds within these parks only accommodate tiny motorhomes. 

It’s true. But we’ve found a tiny motorhome with luxury features that will fit in most national park campgrounds. 

Curious which motorhome it is?

Keep reading to find out and see if it’s the right fit for you!

National Parks Can’t Accommodate Many RV Sizes

Most national park campgrounds were developed years ago before RVs increased in size. Therefore many can’t accommodate the large RVs manufactured today.

Besides the campsites themselves being small, the roads and turns within the campgrounds can be challenging to maneuver in a big rig. 

National Park Campground RV Site Sizes

Nearly every national park campground that allows RVs can accommodate at least a 20’ unit. At the same time, many have campsites large enough for 30’-long RVs. 

Check length restrictions on the national park’s website before making reservations. You may find a rare campground that has large sites ahead of time.

For example, Everglade National Park has sites that can accommodate 45’ rigs. Usually, the website will tell you for sure. 

It’s important to note that the RV site sizes typically mean both your RV and vehicle have to fall within that limit. So if you’re towing a trailer or fifth wheel, factor in your tow vehicle’s length. 

If you want to explore national parks, be aware of how big your RV is.

The Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813 Can Fit in Most National Park Campgrounds

Without further ado, here’s the motorhome you can actually take to nearly any national park campground: The Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813. 

It’s a mid-size class A motorhome that’s 28’ 11” from the front bumper to the rear bumper. The gas motorhome is easy to maneuver and get into campsites. Plus, the Sport model has luxury features you would expect in a traditional Newmar Bay Star.

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Specs of the Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813

The Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813 is a self-contained RV with a generator onboard and large holding tanks. The tanks are sized as follows: 75-gallon fresh water, 60-gallon grey, and 40-gallon black.

Some national park campgrounds don’t have hookups, so having these amenities will improve your stay.

The Bay Star Sport 2813 is on a Ford® F-Series chassis with a 7.3-liter V8 engine. It’s fitted with a cargo liner, thick floor decking, and bead foam. In addition, it has a backup camera and rear ladder to get to the roof. And it can tow up to 5,000 lbs. 

Explore in style in a Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813.

Interior Layout and Features

The floor plan on the Bay Star Sport 2813 has a slide-out in the bedroom and the living area to provide extra floor space in this small class A. The rear bedroom has the option of a king or queen-size folding bed with storage underneath. A full bathroom off the bedroom has a large shower and a window over the sink. 

The living area consists of a sofa that can convert into a bed. It also has a dinette booth sleeper with a TV that lifts out of the buffet. Plus, the captain’s chairs turn around to provide more seating for entertaining in the living room. 

To complete the living area, there’s a large pantry in the kitchen with hardwood doors and concealed hinges. Appliances include a Suburban gas cooktop, microwave, and Norcold® refrigerator. 

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How Much Does the Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813 Cost? 

The MSRP (manufacturer’s suggested retail price) on this 2022 Newmar motorhome is $168,670. However, with the supply chains still experiencing delays and shortages, the MSRP is subject to changes. Therefore, we recommend shopping around for Newmar dealers offering sales.

The Newmar Bay Star Sport entered the market in 2006, so there are older models around. If the 2022 model is on backorder or the price goes up, you could look around for a used one.

The features and floorplans won’t be the same, but with prices starting at $80K for a 5-year-old model, it might be a good option.  

A Newmar Bay Star Sport 2813 is a quality rig to invest in for fun road trips and adventures.

Is the Bay Star Sport 2813 a Good RV? 

Any Newmar RV is high quality, and we believe the Bay Star Sport 2813 is a good rig. With the Newmar name behind it, you can trust its quality, and it’ll be small enough to get you into the places you want to go.

It provides comfortable amenities and is fully self-contained for long or short road trips to national parks and beyond.

Can You Pull a Car Behind the Bay Star Sport 2813?

You can tow a vehicle behind the Bay Star Sport 2813 as long as it’s less than 5,000 lb–the max towing capacity of this RV.

So a small car or SUV will work well and serve as your daily driver while exploring national parks. A full-size truck, however, will likely be too heavy for this pint-sized motorhome. 

Enjoy National Park Campgrounds with a Small Motorhome

Are you ready to stay at national park campgrounds? A small motorhome like Newmar’s Bay Star Sport 2813 can put your mind at ease on a road trip. It lets you maneuver in tight campgrounds easily, and the gas mileage is far better than a larger RV. 

With features like a full kitchen, bathroom, TV, and an auto-leveling system, the Bay Star Sport 2813 is an RVers dream for exploring national parks. 

If you’re a Bay Star Sport 2813 owner, we’d love to hear about your adventures with it. So drop us a line in the comments below. 

Safe and happy travels!

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  1. Crew of R Tardis says:

    As a previous owner of a Lesharo with a turbo diesel and now tow a 13′ Scamp I found your description of a 28′-11″ Newmar as a “Tiny Motorhome” Hilarious! I am fairly certain the two pullouts have more square footage than our 13′ Scamp! I guess your description can be attributed to inflation. Happy Travels!

  2. Mary Botawski says:

    Send me a brochure

  3. Flicka5 says:

    Nice living room but who can afford four dollars for gas every 9/10 miles down the road?