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Can You Easily Bring Your RV to a College Football Game?

From honking horns in traffic to cooking burgers in a college football stadium lot, RV tailgating transforms gridlock into gridiron glory. Welcome to the grand fusion of home comforts and stadium thrills, where the pre-game festivities rival the on-field action. 

Strap in, or rather, set up camp: we’re diving deep into the world of RV tailgating at college football games. 

Can You Bring Your RV to a College Football Game?

Bringing an RV to a college football game is a popular tradition for many fans. It provides a place for tailgating before the game and a convenient place to stay overnight if necessary. 

However, whether you can bring an RV to a college football game depends on several factors.

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Stadium Policies and Parking Facilities

Not every stadium has the necessary space or facilities to accommodate RVs. 

Larger universities with significant tailgating traditions usually have designated areas for RVs, while smaller colleges may not.

Advance Reservations

At popular games or venues, RV spots may be limited and might require advance reservations. These can be booked up quickly, especially for major games or rivalries.

Some universities require a season pass. These passes may have waiting lists that are years-long.

Football field at the University of Texas Austin (UT) Longhorns located in Austin, Texas.


RV parking generally costs more than standard vehicle parking. The fee can vary based on the size of the RV, location of the parking spot, amenities provided, and the particular game’s demand.

Arrival Timing

For some games, especially those with a strong tailgating tradition, fans might arrive a day or more in advance to get a prime spot and start their pre-game festivities. 

Check with the specific stadium’s guidelines for recommended arrival times.

We’ve seen RVs arrive up to 5 days early to park on campus.

Rules and Regulations

Each venue will have its own set of rules for RV parking and tailgating. This can include regulations on open flames, alcohol, generator use, and more. Always check these in advance to ensure you’re in compliance.

Local Ordinances

In addition to stadium rules, there may be local ordinances regarding noise, alcohol consumption, and other behaviors. It’s essential to be aware of these to avoid any potential legal issues.

Post-game Stay

Some stadiums might allow RVs to stay overnight after the game, especially if the game ends late. 

Others might require RVs to leave shortly after the game concludes. Again, check the specific policies of the venue.

If you’re interested in bringing an RV to a specific college football game, your best bet is to contact the athletic department or stadium operations of the hosting college or university. 

They can provide detailed information about RV policies, costs, and any other pertinent information.

The 10 Best College Stadiums for Tailgating

Tiger Stadium, LSU (Baton Rouge, LA):

Known as “Death Valley”, the atmosphere is electric. With Louisiana cuisine and the aroma of jambalaya in the air, it’s a sensory delight.

Baton Rouge, USA: Tiger Stadium, Louisiana State University’s Football stadium, can hold more than 100,000 people.

    Vaught-Hemingway Stadium, Ole Miss (Oxford, MS):

    The Grove is legendary in tailgating circles. Under a canopy of oak trees, fans in their finest Southern attire make this more of a social gala than a simple pre-game party.

    Sanford Stadium, University of Georgia (Athens, GA):

    Between the Hedges in Athens, you’ll find the famous Dawg Walk, and tailgaters enjoying Southern BBQ and Bulldog spirit.

    Bryant-Denny Stadium, University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL):

    The quad transforms into a sea of crimson tents, with fans cheering “Roll Tide” as they enjoy their legendary tailgate feasts.

    Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA: The new north end zone renovations are being completed on Bryant-Denny Stadium, home of the University of Alabama’s Crimson Tide.

    Kyle Field, Texas A&M (College Station, TX):

    The 12th Man stands strong in Texas, with tailgating traditions like the Midnight Yell and BBQs big enough to feed the Corps of Cadets.

    Beaver Stadium, Penn State (State College, PA):

    The Nittany Lion fans brave the cold to create a sizzling tailgate atmosphere, complete with grilled brats and Penn State Creamery ice cream.

    Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn University (Auburn, AL):

    Eagle flights, the Tiger Walk, and tents as far as the eye can see. Auburn fans know how to throw a party.

    “Auburn, Alabama, USA: Aerial view of Jordan-Hare Stadium, the home of the Auburn Tigers collegiate football team.”

    Ohio Stadium, Ohio State (Columbus, OH):

    The Horseshoe draws fans from all over who come for the “dotting of the i” and stay for the Buckeye tailgates.

    Camp Randall Stadium, University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI):

    In Madison, it’s all about brats, cheese, and the famous Fifth Quarter, where the party continues post-game with the band and fans dancing on the field.

    Notre Dame Stadium, University of Notre Dame (South Bend, IN):

    Tailgating with a touch of history. Fans gather around Touchdown Jesus and partake in traditions like the player walk to the stadium.

    Notre Dame, IN, USA – 09.30.2017 – University of Notre Dame Football Stadium

    Happy College Football Season

    So, next time you’re debating whether to hit the open road with your RV or catch the big game, why not do both? 

    Remember, in the world of RV tailgating, the journey is just the warm-up; the real party begins when you park. Until then, may your grills stay hot, your drinks stay cold, and your team’s flags fly high above your mobile tailgate palace. 

    Drive, park, party, repeat. Happy tailgating!

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