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Automobile Mechanic Reveals What Will Break First

The durability and lifespan of components in an automobile depend on various factors, including the quality of the component, maintenance, driving conditions, and overall usage.

However, certain parts of an automobile tend to wear out or break before others due to regular use or exposure to harsh conditions.

In collaboration with an auto mechanic, we’re looking into what may likely break first on your new or used vehicle.


Tires, the shoes of your vehicle, always seem to crave a little too much attention! They frequently throw tantrums, demanding a change because of rough roads or just from feeling a little worn out. Oh, and they do love to catch nails, just like a magnet!

Always keep an eye on your tires.

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Brake Pads:

Ah, the melodramatic brake pads! They put up with a lot of friction just to help you stop, wearing themselves out in the process. It’s like they’re the martyrs of your automobile, sacrificing themselves for your safety.

However, once the pad wears out, you’ll begin to more seriously damage your vehicle if you don’t get it repaired.

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Batteries, the life essence of your vehicle, have the endurance of a mayfly! 3 to 5 years of putting up with your driving habits and they’re ready for retirement.

And don’t even get them started on the weather—too hot or too cold, and they throw in the towel early!

Most mechanics recommend going with high-end batteries for added longevity and power.

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Wiper Blades:

The wiper blades, tasked with keeping your view clear, can’t seem to stand the sun! They’ll turn brittle and torn faster than you can say “rainstorm”. They may clear the rain away, but they can’t seem to clear themselves of wear and tear.

The Best Wipers (IMHO): Rain-X Laditude

Light Bulbs:

Light bulbs, the little lighthouses for your car, seem to burn out just when you need them the most. It’s almost as if they are in a constant state of rebellion, deciding to dim or vanish altogether in the dark of the night!

This is the plight of older vehicles. New trucks and cars with LED lights tend to have less problems and a longer lifespan.


The filters in your car act like they’re the royal guards, protecting the engine and cabin from impurities. But let a little dirt in, and they’re quick to wave the white flag and demand a replacement.

Oh, the drama of being a filter!


Serpentine and timing belts are like the overworked secretaries of your engine. A little wear and tear, and they are ready to snap! Especially the timing belt—break that one, and your engine throws a fit worthy of a royal court!

Some belts you can likely DIY, others require a mechanic.


Fluids, the elixirs of your car, don’t necessarily break, but oh, do they love to degrade! They demand regular rejuvenation sessions (also known as fluid changes) to keep the car from throwing a hissy fit and breaking down on you.

Fortunately, new vehicles can ride much longer on an oil change than older vehicles. But, you should never drive too far if that oil light comes on.

Suspension Components:

Shocks and struts, the cushion for your rides, sure know how to wear out a welcome! Especially if you keep driving on less-than-perfect roads, it’s like they just give up on smoothing out your ride!

Front axle with suspension and absorber.

Exhaust Components:

Exhaust components, the lungs of your car, have a flair for the dramatic in the salty winter climates.

They’ll rust and corrode faster than you can say “muffler”, demanding repairs or replacements with all the drama of a seasoned actor!

On top of all that, your catalytic converter might get stolen. It’s a new trend among thieves.

Bushings and Bearings:

Bushings and bearings, the silent supporters, love to start making noise and create a fuss when they feel a little worn out. The moment they start feeling neglected, they respond with noises and vibrations, demanding immediate attention and pampering!

Always remember, a little TLC goes a long way in keeping these dramatic parts of your vehicle in check, avoiding the grand spectacle of a breakdown!

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