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8 RV Memberships You Need Today

We have quite a few RV memberships that we use to make RV life easier, more affordable and more fun! We have many more than 8 but these are some of our favorite and most useful memberships. Memberships are also great gift ideas for that special nomad in your life. They take up no room and are super thoughtful and useful!

National Park Annual Pass

The pass covers entrance, standard amenity fees and day use fees for a driver and all passengers in a personal vehicle. This pass is good for National Forests, Recreation Areas, Reclamation Areas, BLM, and Fish & Wildlife Service as well. In addition, camping rates at Army Corps of Engineer sites are half price! 

This pass paid for itself in just a couple uses and we have enjoyed countless National Parks and recreation areas because of it!

Cost – $80 Annual Pass or $20 Annual Senior Pass

Get Your Pass Today!

Xscapers RV Memberships

The Xscapers is a branch of Escapees RV club, that introduced us to a community of like minded individuals that soon became our dearest friends. They offer many other benefits and services such as, a mail forwarding service, roadside assistance, information about domicile and health care options, advocacy work for full time RVers and tons of educational resources. We love attending their convergences all over the country to meet with new and old friends!

Cost – $40/year

Join the Xscapers family!


Passport America

This is a 50% discount camping club with discounted rates at over 1,800 campgrounds! This membership saved us a whole lot of money when we were just hitting the road. It really helped us keep costs down before we became experienced boondockers.

Some parks offer these rates seasonally or for a limited number of days, so double check with the participating campground to make sure you can take advantage of the discount on the dates you have planned and how many days its good for..

Cost – $44/year

Harvest Hosts

Harvest Hosts is a great overnight option. Instead of sleeping at a Wal-Mart or Cracker Barrel you can stay at a winery, farm or museum! We’ve slept next to a lavender field, picked our own nectarines and toured wineries. Its such a wonderful experience and were happy to support a local business for very pleasant experience and overnight stop.

Rigs must be self- contained to participate and its common practice to spend at least $20 in support of the business for their kindness and accommodations.

Cost – $49/year

Learn more about Harvest Hosts!


Boondockers Welcome

This a great network of individuals who open pup their driveways, yards or property to allow you to camp for a while. This has come in handy for us around big cities where we couldn’t find availability at campgrounds or it was just too expensive. All of our hosts have been extremely kind and accommodating, with great recommendations of what to do and see in the area. It’s kind of like Air BnB for RVers!

Some sites had size limitations, but listings should give adequate details on what they can accommodate.

Cost – $30/year

Sign up here!

Good Sam Roadside Assistance

We’ve had a few mechanical mishaps over the years and we’re so glad that we’ve had roadside assistance. They arrived quickly and towed our vehicle to the nearest shop for repair and will also tow your trailer to the nearest campground. Thankfully we’ve never had the trailer in tow when we’ve had a breakdown.

Of all of our RV memberships, this one gives us the most peace of mind.

You can also get a 10% discount at eligible campgrounds.

Cost – $80/year

Find a Good Sam Roadside Assistance Plan Here!

Amazon Prime (RV Membership)

Getting Packages on the road can be a struggle. You have to know where your going to be and have things shipped to your campground or shipped general delivery to the nearest post office and then wait around until it arrives. Amazon Primes 2 day shipping is an absolute must for us. It’s well worth the membership fee.

Cost – $12.99/month or $119/year

Try a 30-day free trail!


We love listening to audiobooks while we drive, exercise, grocery shop, before bed or any time of the day really. Its such a great way to enjoy great literary works while we’re working on other tasks. You can also get monthly credits with your membership and use those to buy books!

While this may not fall into the typical “RV Memberships” category – it’s been a great addition to life on the road.

Cost – $14.95/month

Sign up with our link and get two free audiobooks!

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  1. hellofreedomusBrett+Cheri [Hello Freedom] says:

    Hey D&V: Met you both at Q this year. Great blog and info. I’d like to add in Thousand Trails as a “must-have” Membership. After an initial investment of around $3500, we now pay $545 per year + $199 for the “Trails Collection” add-on. We will stay there for 227 days this year, around 2/3 of the year. Having this membership has lowered our per-night average to $10 per night. Great Thousand Trails info at

  2. Robin Green says:

    Just a heads up on the National Parks Pass not all Corps parks honor it for the half price benefit. We have tried in three different parks and the only one they honor is the lifetime pass not the annual.

  3. drivinandvibin says:

    Thanks for sharing, thats good to know!

  4. drivinandvibin says:

    We’ve heard great things! We’ve never personally used it, so we felt we couldn’t speak to it as well as someone else who might be able to explain.

  5. Ed Hibbs says:

    One of the best RV memberships is FMCA, Family Motor Coach Association. But don’t let the name fool you, they also allow trailers and fifth-wheels now. Roadside Assist with FMCA for motorhomes is a lot less than Good Sam as GS substantially jacked up the rates for motorhomes. Travel Assist is included in the FMCA membership (no additional cost) in case you have a health problem where they will get your RV home if you are incapable, as well as help you and your spouse get home. Membership also includes a monthly magazine and of course there are campground discounts. There are chapters all over the USA with various interests that you can join. There are plenty of other reasons to join so check them out. It’s a great membership.