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We Just Renewed Our Escapees RV Club Membership…Here’s Why

Are you wondering if the Escapees RV Club will be an excellent addition to your RV travels? We sure think it is. In fact, yesterday we just renewed our membership for another year.

Today we’re sharing 7 reasons why this RV club is a huge asset when we’re traveling across the USA.

Escapees RV Club

The Escapees RV Club Community

If you’re a full-time or extended-trip RVer, you know that community can be hard to find. During our first five months on the road, we were so busy sightseeing that we barely met other travelers.

This all changed when we joined the Escapees RV Club – especially after our first meetup!

Today the community is larger than ever, with thousands of members. The basic membership rate is $49.95; we see it as a great value.

Meet Ups & Rallies

The Escapees host many meet-ups across the USA. Their flagship rally, The Escapade, is an enormous gathering with community-building events and live entertainment.

Escapees “Hangouts” are more casual meetups that happen at cool spots throughout America.

Escapees RV Club Hangouts
Escapees RV Club Hangouts

Regional Chapters

There are 57 regional chapters of the Escapees RV Club. These chapters make it easy to build RV community relationships close to your home base. Escapees expands on the regional events by saying:

The RV outings range from planned visits to area attractions and sporting events, to holiday get-togethers. They are like family reunions with good food shared with good friends. Whether you attend a luncheon or an outing, you’ll have the opportunity to have your questions answered, share RV tips, and make new friends who RV and live in your area. Nonmember visitors are welcome guests. – Escapees RV Club Website

BOFs (Birds of a Feather)

Birds of a Feather groups connect Escapees members through common interests. Here are a few examples of BOFs: Amateur Radio, Boomers, Friends of Bill W., Metal Detecting,  Wood Carvers, and many more!

RV Education

Are you an RV newbie?

We’ve all been there and know it can be terrifying to operate a huge motorhome. The Escapees RV Club is there to help with multiple resources both in person and online. Of all the RV Memberships we recommend, none provide education like Escapees.

RVers Boot Camp

The RVers Boot Camp is an in-person, multi-day course led by fellow RVers with years of experience. The curriculum is split into three sections: operation, maintenance, and safety.

Some of our favorite individual classes are “Staying Connected on the Road (RV Internet)”, “Batteries,” and “RV Tire Safety”.

The Boot Camp costs members around $250 for one person or $400 for a couple. Non-members can attend, but they will pay a premium price of around $300 and $450.

Escapees RV Club Boot Camp
Escapees RV Club Boot Camp

RVers Online University

The online university is helpful for anyone who can’t attend a boot camp. With enrollment, students get access to online courses and direct connection to instructors.

There are 24 individual corses . The topics hit on all the boot camp curriculum and add subjects like, “Creating a Business”, “Gas vs Diesel”, “Choosing an RV” and “Domicile”.

Escapees Magazine

For a more casual RV education experience, the club publishes an 88-page, bi-monthly magazine (digital & physical). The Escapees RV Club describes it like this:

You will find technical tips, RV maintenance information, safety education, advice from full-time RVers, unique boondocking, and off-the-beaten-path locations, products reviews, and much more. -Escapees RV Club Website

Escapees RV Club BOFs.png

Mail Service

The Escapees RV Club Mail Service is a cornerstone feature of the club. If you RV for extended periods of time, getting mail forwarded to you can be a huge challenge.

Here’s how it works:

The service provides a physical address where you can receive packages and letters. You can call daily to see if mail arrived. They can also scan letters and forward those images to you as it’s delivered.

Once you want your physical mail, request a forward and it will be sent out next day with a tracking number.

Roadside Assistance

Roadside assistance is a necessity when RVing. However, many of the most popular providers have notoriously bad online reviews.

We like the Escapees Roadside Assistance because they have a high level of commitment to providing club members with excellent service.

The Escapees Roadside program includes a towing service, mobile mechanic service, lockout service, battery jumps, hotel discounts, and more.

Escapees RV Club Roadside Assistance
Escapees RV Club Roadside Assistance

RV Parking Discounts & Options

The Escapees RV Club offers four unique ways to save on RV Parking. We’ve used all of the options and have to admit, this is one of our favorite club perks.

Escapees Rainbow Parks

From Arizona to Florida, the seven Rainbow Parks give you a variety of discount RV parking options. You can stay short term, long term, leases or deeded lots.

In fact, as we write this, we’re parked at a beautiful Rainbow Park location. The vibe here is wonderful and the community is kind.

SKP Co-ops Parks

The SKP Co-op Parks are much like Rainbow Parks, except they are run by club members rather than the club itself. You must be an Escapees member to stay at these parks. You may also buy lots. Here’s how Escapees describe the co-ops:

We helped form 11 co-op parks, RV parks available exclusively to Escapees members but managed and maintained by individual members of the co-ops. Escapees members may purchase an SKP Co-Op membership, when available, which entitles the use of a specified lot until sold back to the cooperative. – Escapees RV Club Website

Nation Wide Discounts

The Escapees have a network of RV parks nationwide that offer club members a discount on parking. From 15 to 50% off, choose from 100s of parks across the US to save on nightly rates.

RV Advocacy

RV advocacy may sound frivolous, but it’s an essential function of the Escapees RV Club. To give you an idea of the importance of advocacy, here’s a list of projects the Escapees have assisted with:

  • RVers Right to Vote
  • Protecting Overnight Parking
  • Battling Un-Fair RV Specific Taxes
  • Industry Coalitions Established to Safeguard RVers

As you can see, these are important issues – specifically if you’re a full time RVer. The Escapees RV Club provides monthly updates on the progress of their current advocacy missions.

Partner Discounts

Last, but not least, club membership grants valuable partner discounts. Here’s a complete list of the current partners:

  • ASPCA Pet Insurance
  • Boondockers Welcome
  • Costco
  • Dish
  • Fulltime Families
  • Goodyear
  • Harvest Hosts
  • Passport America
  • Premier Tires
  • RV Mobile Internet
  • RV Trader
  • Wholesale Warranties
  • Battle Born Batteries
  • Wifi Ranger

Escapees RV Club – Conclusion

We might be biased (we’ve been members for 7 years), but we really like the Escapees RV Club. It has helped us build beautiful relationships and enjoy excellent club RV parks.

For $49.95, we think it’s a very useful membership at a great price.

Check out the membership yourself right here!

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  1. Carol friedrich says:

    I’m not sure if we are members and and if we are would like to receive you news letter

  2. Bill Gaston says:

    The Escapee web site says the membership is $49.95 not the the $39.95 you mentioned above.

  3. Larry says:

    Says it’s a working age club. Booooo, I guess they don’t care for decreped retirees. Bye,bye.