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5 Best Class A RV Brands

5 Best Class A RV Brands

With spacious designs that make you forget you’re in an RV, superior towing ability, and that panoramic front windshield, a Class A RV is a dream of many people.

But a Class A motorhome is also an enormous investment.

And, as with any large purchase, it is important to do your research beforehand. Lucky for you, we’ve already done it!

Keep reading to learn about the best class A RV brands. 

What’s a Class A RV?

Class A RVs are the largest and most luxurious motorized style of RV built on a commercial bus or truck chassis with either a gas or diesel engine. They can range from 26′ to 45′ long, with most landing around 33′.

Class A RVs look like large touring buses.

Most Class A owners tow a small car or truck behind them for extra mobility once they set up camp.

Despite all the benefits of Class A RVs, there are some reasons you may want to avoid them!

According to Drivin’ & Vibin’, these are the best Class A RV brands in 2021:

Winnebago Industries Class A RV

Winnebago is a household name in the RV world. They design some of the best RVs around, and their Class A motorhomes are no exception. Winnebago has its facilities centered mostly in the Midwest, with smaller operations also on each coast (Oregon and Florida). 

They have been in business since 1958 with the vision of being a trusted leader in the outdoor industry. They have achieved that goal and you can’t go wrong with a Winnebago motorhome. 

Winnebago offers a range of Class A motorhomes, both diesel and gas options, with starting prices ranging from $122,619 to $434,968. Most of their models sleep a minimum of 4 people. They design all of their Class As with luxury in mind. They have premium amenities, open floor plans, and powerful engines designed to meet adventure head-on. 

Their current models include the Journey, Horizon, Forza for diesel engine and the Adventurer, Vista, Sunstar, and Intent for gas engines.

These models make the Winnebago the best Class A RV brand. 

Tiffin Motorhomes

Another one of the best brands for Class A RVs is Tiffin. Tiffin prides itself on being a family-owned business; one of the few in the RV industry.

The company was founded in Alabama in 1941 as a supply store offering everything needed to build and furnish a home. Since then they have transformed into creating homes on wheels. 

Their line of Class A motorhomes has offerings between just over $173,000 to the best of the best at around $650,000. Tiffin designs their Class A motorhomes with luxury and function in mind. Their PowerGlide chassis gives you stability and durability to conquer the open road. And the interior feels like your home away from home.

We also love how customizable these Class As are. You can choose everything from the exterior color to the floor plan to the décor options. Their superior workmanship truly stands out, making you feel like your RV is truly a home. 

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Current Class A models available from Tiffin include the diesel pusher Allegro Breeze, Allegro Red 340, and Allegro Red. The gas models include the Open Road Allegro, Phaeton, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr. 

With all the options and features, you will find a perfect Class A motorhome if you go with Tiffin. 

Forest River

Next up on our list of the best Class A RV brands is Forest River. Forest River is a newer company than either Winnebago or Tiffin, but they have broken into the industry with unmatched RV quality, design, and versatility.

They are now one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America. 

Forest River’s goal is to design better RVs so you can enjoy your outdoor vacation rather than worrying about breaking down along the journey. Forest River is committed to high-quality workmanship.

To ensure their RVs live up to expectation, they choose random units that undergo rigorous testing to ensure there are no defects in electrical, plumbing, LP system, function, or cosmetics. And that is on top of the inspections every RV undergoes during the building process. If you buy a Class A from Forest River, you know it will stand up to anything. 

The best Class A option from Forest River is the Georgetown line of motorhomes. There are 3 series in this line; the GT3, GT5, and GT7. If you’re looking for a gas Class A, Georgetown is the way to go. All three of the motorhomes in this line have gas engines. 

Although Tiffin offers more customizability, you still have several floor plans and décor options to choose from to fit any style preference if you go with a Forest River Georgetown motorhome. 

Newmar Motorhomes

Newmar Motorhomes also makes a motorhome that ranks as one of the best Class A RV brands out there. They pride themselves on making motor coaches you can call home.

They’ve been in business since 1968 and have produced hand-crafted coaches since then. Their craftsmanship and attention to detail can’t be outdone. 

They have also implemented a range of innovative designs, including the Comfort Drive steering system to ensure a smooth and safe ride. Another thing we think is amazing is that Newmar created the world’s first wheelchair accessible Class As. We appreciate their commitment not only to quality but to inclusion. Thanks to Newmar, anyone can enjoy the great outdoors! 

Newmar has more models of Class As available than any of the other companies we have talked about so far. Since their focus is Class As they can offer unmatched quality inside and out. They offer five luxury class As with starting prices starting at $406,000 and going to almost $1.3 million. 

You also have the choice of 4 diesel Class As including one with a front-end diesel engine and three gas options. Although these aren’t considered being in their luxury line, you’ll still notice the Newmar personal touch on each model. With a range of floor plans to choose from and prices starting as low as $133,000 for gas engines, there is a Newmar Motorhome to fit most budgets. 

Holiday Rambler

The last company to make it on the list of the very best Class A brands is Holiday Rambler. Holiday Rambler was founded in 1953. In 1961, they reshaped the RV industry by introducing aluminum frame RVs designed to be lighter and stronger.

They are a company of firsts; pushing the limits of what we expect in a motorhome. That is why you know you’ll get a great product if you buy a Holiday Rambler Class A. 

They design all of their motorhomes so you can drive them 365 days a year. No need to store your baby all winter long! They also engineer their interior and exterior designs to be top of the line. 

For example, they offer solid bead-foam insulation to provide superior temperature control, vacu-bond walls, dryseal edge coating to keep moisture out of your windows and walls, tuff-coat fiberglass walls that aren’t bonded to wood so they’re less likely to de-laminate, and much more. As you can see, they have superior workmanship all around. 

Holiday Rambler has an extensive line of Class A motorhomes with four diesel (Armada, Endeavor, Navigator, and Nautica) and three gas options (Vacationer, Invicta, and Admiral). Each model comes with a variety of floor plans and interior décor choices.  

Is Your Favorite Class A RV Brand on This List?

There are a plethora of RV companies out there, but when making such an enormous investment, you don’t want any old RV. That’s why choosing from one of these top five brands will give you the best Class A motorhome on the market.

Designed with luxury, durability, and adventure in mind, the Class As will take you where you want to go with style and safety.

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  1. Excellent list! We have always dreamed of owning a Tiffin. ❤️

  2. Tim says:

    “Buy any camper you can pull with a Chevy/GMC, Dodge or Ford” was the best advice we ever received from a long time RV dealer/ repair shop owner.

  3. Tim Murtha says:

    Good article – thank you! As a proud Tiffin Allegro Red owner, I can attest to the quality of their motorhome and fantastic customer service.
    Please note, the Phaeton, Allegro Bus, and Zephyr models are higher end diesel pushers – I dream of owning any one of them one day! The only gas model I am aware of is the Allegro Open Road.
    Thanks again for the Cl A review.

    Tim M

  4. Carol Burnham says:

    We purchased a new Tiffin Open Road. Out of a year we have only used it 3months. The quality is awful. It will be up for sale as soon as we get it back from the dealership. So disappointed.

  5. Peggy Coffey says:

    Tiffin is now owned by Thor and Winnebago bought Newmar in early 2020. We own winnebago For a, which we love.

  6. Albert says:

    Holiday Rambler when it was the original Holiday Rambler and Monaco Corporation, they were great units, but then when they crash in 2008 happened and they were out of business. The Holding company that builds Fleetwood products bought the Holiday Rambler name. Since then it’s my understanding the quality of the product isn’t nearly as good as it was prior to 2008. Some of the manufacturers that were hit by the 2008 crash, like Travel Supreme, Alpine and Country Coach were some of the best RVs ever built. Country Coach now is under a different name, but I have no idea how good or bad the quality is. Right now I don’t know that I would buy any RV, because the demand is so high that I think the quality is going to suffer.

  7. Albert says:

    I see that Thor corporation did it acquire Tifton motorhomes in December of last year. Hopefully they will have enough sense to leave them alone, because the quality of most of the products is at best subpar! It’s a shame to see these larger corporations buying up a smaller companies. That said, other companies purchased by Winnebago probably will retain or improve their quality. Biggest problem I see with Thor products, is there a customer service isn’t very good.