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5 Best RV Covers for 2021

5 Best RV Covers for 2021

Good RV covers can prolong the life of your RV. Sun, dirt, rain, snow, bird droppings, and other elements can certainly wreak havoc on an RV over time.

So, we’ve found the five best RV covers to help sustain the outside of your RV.

Let’s dig in!

Do You Need An RV Cover?

If your RV will sit outdoors for periods of time without use, it’s probably a good idea to get an RV cover. Protecting your RV from outdoor elements can save you money in the long run from having to repaint, re-laminate, and repair. RV covers can also lengthen the lifespan of your tires by keeping them from direct sunlight.

Pro Tip: One of the best ways to extend your RVs lifespan is to keep it protected from outdoor elements. We broke down why we think you need an RV cover: Do You Need an RV Camper Cover? 

RV covers
Protect your investment with an RV cover.

How Long Does An RV Cover Last?

RV covers can last years. But their life will depend on the elements they’re exposed to and for how long. Storing them properly when they’re not in use will also help them last longer.

The 5 Best Covers To Protect Your RV

Are you ready to protect your RV when it’s not in use? Check out these five RV covers that we think stand out.

#1 – King Bird Extra Thick Camper Cover

About The King Bird Camper Cover: The cover comes in six sizes that can fit an RV from 18 to 33 feet long. King Bird makes their waterproof cover from polyurethane, so it also provides UV protection. They include a two-year warranty with each purchase.

Stand Out Features: The King Bird Camper Cover is wind resistant and anti-tear with extra thick four-ply top fabric and non-woven three-ply sides. It also has six air vents to reduce wind stress and moisture. Included with the cover are four-wheel covers and a storage bag.

Best For: Travel Trailers

RV covers use in off season to protect against rain, leaves and snow
Don’t let fallen leaves, rain or snow damage your vehicle!

#2 – Classic Accessories Overdrive Teardrop Cover

About The Classic Accessories Teardrop Cover: The cover fits teardrop travel trailers up to 17’ 7” long. It was specifically manufactured for the Forest River R-Pod. Made out of three-ply polyurethane fabric, it has air vents to reduce wind stress and moisture. A three-year warranty is included.

Stand Out Features: The Classic Accessories Teardrop Cover features zippers to allow access to the trailer door. It also has adjustable tension panels and elastic hem corners to make it snug to the trailer.

Best For: Forest River R-Pod Travel Trailers or other Teardrop Campers

#3 – OOFIT Travel Trailer Cover

About The OOFIT Travel Trailer Cover: The cover was designed for travel trailers from 24’ to 27’ long. It has a four-ply non-woven fabric roof and single-ply sides. In addition, OOFIT designed its cover to be UV protective and waterproof.

Stand Out Features: The OOFIT Travel Trailer Cover has multiple zippers on the front, back, and side so you can access your RV when it’s covered. It also has undercarriage straps with quick-release buckles for strong winds.

Best For: Travel Trailers

RV covers
RV covers ensure your RV will be on the road for a long time.

#4 – SavvyCraft Class C Cover

About SavvyCraft Class C Cover: The cover will fit a 27’ to 29’ long Class C motorhome. Made of polyurethane, it has 4-ply fabric that is UV and all-weather protected. It comes with a one-year limited warranty.

Stand Out Features: The SavvyCraft Class C Cover has zippered panels to give you access to the doors and the engine. It also comes with a ladder cap.

Best For: Class C Motorhome

#5. Quictent Travel Trailer Cover

About The Quictent Travel Trailer Cover: The cover comes in six sizes and will fit a travel trailer from 18’ to 33’ long. This cover is made of non-woven five-ply roof material and four-ply sides. It’s tear-resistant, breathable, UV protected, and waterproof. Quictent also includes a two-year limited warranty with these RV covers.

Stand Out Features: The Quictent Travel Trailer Cover comes with a tongue jack cover, four-tire covers, a storage bag, two windproof straps, and two adhesive repair patches. It also has a rollable zipper door. 

Best For: Travel Trailers or Class B Motorhomes

Keep in Mind: An RV cover is different than RV tire covers, but we think both are important. Here’s why: Do RV Tire Covers Really Work?


We understand that shielding your RV against the sun and wind is important. Guarding your investment will prevent against the much higher cost of potential repairs. So take a look at the ones we’ve gathered for you and choose the best one for your rig’s protection.

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