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Have Rich Folks Ruined Jackson Hole?

Have Rich Folks Ruined Jackson Hole?

If you’re planning a trip to Wyoming, you can’t miss Jackson Hole. The beautiful landscapes will take your breath away, and you’ll feel like you’re in a real-life movie scene.

But those million-dollar views are capturing the attention of some of the wealthiest people in America, and they’re ruining the area for many RVers.

Is Jackson Hole still worth visiting in your RV?

Let’s take a look!

Where Is Jackson Hole? 

In a remote northwestern section of Wyoming, you’ll find Jackson Hole. This valley encompasses Jackson, Teton Village, Moran Junction, and several other surrounding areas.

It lies between the Gros Ventre mountain range and the Teton mountain range. Jackson Hole is an easy drive from both Yellowstone National Park’s south entrance and Teton National Park.

Why Do So Many Wealthy People Flock to Jackson Hole? 

Wyoming is a very tax-friendly state. There are many tax benefits for residents, including no personal or corporate income tax and no estate or inheritance taxes. Having these tax benefits make Wyoming an attractive place to live, especially for wealthier people. 

As more celebrities buy property in Jackson Hole, it becomes more appealing as well. Who doesn’t want to be neighbors with Kanye West, Harrison Ford, Sandra Bullock, or Brad Pitt?

Celebrities love that the government owns 97% of the land in Jackson Hole. This makes it incredibly difficult to acquire property and provides a bit of assurance that you won’t get just anyone as your neighbors.

Scenic view of mountain ranges in Jackson Hole.
With 97% of land being government owned, property is difficult and expensive to buy, making it enticing for the elite and wealthy.

How the Wealthy Have Ruined Jackson Hole for RVers 

The massive influx of wealth into Jackson Hole has made Teton County one of the wealthiest counties in the country. This has caused land and housing values to skyrocket. Practically everything in the area is expensive now. Gas prices, restaurants, and any form of entertainment come at a premium when you’re visiting Jackson Hole.

RVers who want to stay in an RV park while visiting Jackson Hole might get a shock when they see the prices. A typical RV park in Jackson Hole will cost $80 to $134. You would think that you could expect a premium site with these premium prices, but think again.

RV sites in Jackson Hole often sit close together, and the roads aren’t ideal for navigating a big rig. With some sites having full hookups, you’re likely to find yourself staring at your neighbor’s sewer hose. While campgrounds in the area often have great views, they may lack amenities.

Pro Tip: Don’t get stuck paying the premium prices of Jackson Hole RV parks. Instead, consider one of these 7 Best Free Camping Spots in Wyoming.

Sunset with pink and orange sky over scenic view of Jackson Hole.
The price of land and housing has sky rocketed in Jackson Hole, making cost of living, even in an RV, expensive.

Try These Free and Affordable Activities in Jackson Hole

While it can be pricey to visit Jackson Hole, you can find several affordable things in the area. Let’s take a look! 

Enjoy Festivals and Live Music

Jackson Hole comes alive in the warmer months with music, art, and other festivals throughout the valley. You’ll find the Grand Teton Music Festival, Music Mondays in The Center Park, and even the annual Frank’s Fall Film Festival.

There’s just about always something going on in the valley that will keep you entertained.

Wander Through Shops and Galleries

It doesn’t cost anything to window shop or peruse a shop or gallery. There’s plenty of shops and galleries along the city streets of Jackson.

You’ll likely get a warm greeting from an eager store owner hoping to make a sale, but keep a tight hold on your wallet.

Snow Tubing 

While Jackson Hole is a skiing and snowboarding paradise during the winter months, you don’t have to have skis or a snowboard to enjoy some fresh snow.

There are several great places where you can hop on a tube and race down the mountain. King Tubes even has a magic carpet to help you avoid climbing up the mountain after each run. What more could you ask for? Be sure to dress warm and bring your need for speed.

Visit Nearby National Parks

There are two tremendous and very popular national parks located within a short drive of Jackson Hole — Yellowstone National Park and Grand Tetons National Park. If you have an America the Beautiful National Parks Pass, you’ll have free access to these parks. If you don’t have a national parks pass, expect to pay $35 per park for seven days of admission.

You could easily spend multiple days exploring each park. Both parks provide tremendous views without having to leave the comfort of your vehicle. However, if you’re looking to hit the trails, you can find plenty of hikes for all skill levels at each park.

Pro Tip: Take an easy drive from Jackson Hole to Yellowstone National Park. Here is How to Spend a Day in Yellowstone National Park

Take a Picture with the Antler Arches

You can’t pass through Jackson Hole, Wyo., without noticing the antler arches guarding the town’s square, George Washington Memorial Park. These arches date back to 1953 when the local Rotary Club erected the first arch.

The club saw the popularity of the arches and the attention they brought to the community and decided to put an arch on each corner of the Town Square. While this is a free activity, you may have to fight for parking depending on the time of year. 

National Elk Refuge Sleigh Ride 

Every winter, the National Elk Refuge welcomes thousands of elk that migrate to the refuge. When conditions are right, guests can purchase tickets for a unique experience.

Guests are pulled in a horse-drawn sleigh through the refuge for a 45-minute to one-hour up-close encounter with the wild elk. Be sure to charge up your camera battery and free up space on your SD card; you’ll want to take plenty of pictures during this incredible experience.


Don’t Give Up on Jackson Hole Yet!

While Jackson Hole can be an expensive trip, there’s plenty of ways to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and enchanting mountains without spending a fortune.

You may not be neighbors with a movie star, but you can still enjoy the million-dollar views that Jackson Hole offers. Have you taken a trip to Jackson Hole yet?

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