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How to Spruce Up Your RV Countertops

How to Spruce Up Your RV Countertops

Upgrading your RV countertops can make a statement and turn a drab, cookie-cutter kitchen into a space you’re proud of.

Many RVers are remodeling their rigs because they want a more residential or unique feel.

Today we’ll focus on helping you spruce up your RV countertops to make your RV’s kitchen stand out.

Let’s get started!

Why Would You Want to Upgrade Your RV Countertops? 

RV countertops put up with a lot of wear and tear. Due to all they endure, they can get scratched and dingy, leaving the whole kitchen feeling aged. Sprucing up the kitchen can make the whole RV feel new.

Upgrading the counters can change the RV’s whole vibe regardless of whether the previous counters felt aged or not. 

Woman sitting cross leg on counter top.
Freshen up your RV kitchen with new or cosmetically updated countertops.

Factors to Consider When Upgrading RV Countertops 

Like any other RV project, there are a few things you’ll need to consider when making changes to the RV itself, counters included. Let’s take a look at what you’ll want to keep in mind as you upgrade your counters.


Weight is a big deal when it comes to RVs. It’s important to stay within the weight capacity of your rig. Having an overweight RV can be dangerous to tow and result in damage. When choosing the best way to update your counters, first, be sure your changes won’t put you over your max weight. If you’re close to your weight capacity, choose a lightweight option. 


If you use your RV full-time versus a few weekends a year, you’ll need a more durable option. Counter upgrades that can stand up to constant use will cost you more upfront but save you from paying for an early replacement. If you’re a weekend warrior or use your RV sparingly, you can get away with using a more basic option that might come with a lower cost. 

Man installing brand new countertop.
Cosmetic upgrades versus complete installation upgrades both have pros and cons. Consider what option is best for you.


There are RV countertop upgrade options for every budget. Decide ahead of time what your budget is and stick with it. There will always be something a bit better at a higher cost. Find a balance of quality and cost that you’re happy with and that makes sense for your situation. Keep in mind that many factors go into costs, such as location, current trends, and quality. 

Ease of Installation

How much time and effort are you willing to put into your upgrade? If you’re hoping for a quick project with minimal effort, choose the method that reflects that. Be realistic about your skills and the time you have available. Those who don’t mind a highly involved process may have more options. 


What look are you going for, and what will look great in your setup? An RV countertop that looks good in one RV might seem out of place in another. Spend some time looking at other RVs that have a look you’re hoping to accomplish.

Pro Tip: Stop things from sliding off your counters and falling off of your shelves with these RV Hacks: How to Prevent Falling Objects in Your Camper.

Woman sitting on countertop eating lunch.
Depending on your personal style, there are many easy and affordable RV countertop upgrade options.

Options for Updating RV Countertops 

Once you’ve decided it’s time to upgrade your RV countertops, you’ll have many options. It can be overwhelming trying to filter through it all. Here are some of the most popular ways to achieve this upgrade. 


You can replace the entire countertop in your RV. This is an excellent option if you feel your counters are beyond repair or want an entirely new look. You can quickly change the entire look of your kitchen by removing the originals completely. 

Update Existing 

Updating your existing counters is a great option if you’re hoping to update the look without ripping the countertops out. This may take a bit more work but is generally more budget-friendly.

Two children happy in RV kitchen
Upgrading, instead of replacing, your existing counters can save you money.

Ways to Spruce Up Your RV Countertops 

So what are your options when it comes to updating your RV countertops? Here are a few standard upgrades that might fit the bill. 

New Lightweight RV Countertops 

Those replacing their countertops completely have a variety of options available. Here are a few lightweight options to consider.

RV-Grade Natural or Engineered Stone 

Engineered stone gives you a lot of the same benefits as traditional stone at a lower cost. These counters stand up well to heat and repeated use in addition to being environmentally friendly. Those who prefer a timeless look will love this upgrade. 

Butcher Block or Veneer Wood 

Butcher block is a popular choice in both sticks-and-bricks homes as well as RVs. Its natural look fits into many design styles and is very durable. There are seemingly endless options when it comes to wood grain and coloring. 

Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel counters aren’t only lightweight but also easy to keep clean. The non-porous material wipes off easily. Stainless steel looks great in modern-style kitchens. 


Corian countertops are a solid surface option that ensures longevity. Water can’t seep in anywhere, which prevents damage. This lightweight seamless counter might cost a bit more than other options but is sure to last for the life of your RV. 

Restore Laminate or Formica Countertops 

If your laminate or Formica countertops are a bit scratched and dated but in overall good condition, they might just need restoring. There are options such as gel gloss that allow you to hide surface scratches and restore shine. This is an effortless way to freshen up your counters with minimal effort. 

Peel-and-Stick Resurfacing 

Peel-and-stick products are well-loved in the RV world. These products are flexible and tend to hold up well to the conditions RVs deal with. Peel-and-stick counter options allow you to easily swap if your style changes or you simply need a new look.

When done right, you won’t even be able to tell that you went with this ultra-lightweight resurfacing option. Another bonus: there are endless design options available. 

Lay Ceramic Tile  

While few people use tile in RVs, it’s still an option. If you have your heart set on a ceramic tile counter, you can achieve it with a few modifications. When laying your tile, use grout that can flex with the movement of travel.

Choose something that can handle the ever-changing temperature swings that happen in your RV. Getting the right grout can make a big difference in your results. 

Paint Existing Countertops 

Did you know you can paint your existing RV countertops? This is an excellent option for those who have countertops in good shape but want to change things up a bit. Some kits come with everything you need to get a more professional result.

While this option is a bit more labor-intensive, it’s well worth the work for the final look. 

Faux Concrete 

Concrete counters are very “in” right now but are way too heavy for an RV. Faux concrete counters can give you the same look without adding all of that extra weight. This is a rather labor-intensive option, but with a bit of patience, it provides excellent results.

This look is achieved by adding thin layers of cement to the existing counters instead of installing a solid concrete counter. 

Concrete counter installation
Faux concrete counters modernize your kitchen without the weight of regular concrete.

Should You DIY or Hire-It-Out? 

If you’re someone who’s already experienced in renovation projects or willing to learn, updating your RV countertops is likely something you can do yourself. DIY RV projects can be fun and rewarding for those with the time and interest. 

Those who get frustrated easily by renovations or who don’t have very much time on their hands should consider hiring out the work. While there are benefits to hiring someone who has worked with RVs before, anyone who has experience replacing countertops should be able to get the job done. 

Keep in Mind: You don’t need to be a professional contractor to upgrade your RV. Try out some of these RV Remodel Ideas for the Average Handyman.

Is Redoing Your RV Countertops Worth It? 

Redoing your RV countertops can make a world of difference in the look of your RV and increase your rig’s value. Those looking to give their RV a bit of a facelift will love how their kitchen looks with updated countertops.

If your counters leave you feeling uninspired, it’s worth it to invest in making the change. Have you considered resurfacing or putting in an all-new counter in your RV? If you’ve already made the upgrade are you happy with the change?

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