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7 Reasons to Retire in an RV

After decades of clocking in and out, collecting a paycheck, and having to schedule vacations months in advance, retirement can be bliss. Lately, many retirees have been looking to spend their retirement traveling.

Some are embracing the freedom and choosing to retire in an RV.

Today, we’ll share seven reasons we think retiring in an RV is a fantastic idea and one you should consider.

Let’s get started!

Is Retiring in an RV a Good Idea?

While every day isn’t puppy dogs and rainbows, retiring in an RV can be a fantastic way to enjoy retirement. Moving from a house to an RV naturally forces you to go through your possessions and downsize. It can be freeing to eliminate the things you’ve collected over the years and no longer need or want.

Retiring in an RV also provides a tremendous amount of freedom when traveling. Whether you want to embrace full-time traveling or travel seasonally with the weather, an RV makes it so you can take your home and possessions with you wherever you choose to park.

The RV community often supports each other, too. Joining large RV clubs and other groups is a great way to meet fellow retirees or others embracing the RV lifestyle. Retiring can be lonely, as you’re no longer going into the office for chats around the water cooler.

However, the RV community can fill that void and provide a fulfilling way to live out your retirement. 

Man sitting in chair in front of motor vehicle
Relax into retirement in an RV.

7 Reasons to Retire in an RV

There are several reasons we think you should consider retiring in an RV. Let’s take a look at whether it’s the right decision for you!

#1. You Can Live With a Lower Income

Living in an RV allows you to live with a lower income. This is especially true if you won’t have a monthly payment for your RV or the truck to pull it. Many RVers are stationary for months or seasons to minimize their costs.

Staying in a monthly or seasonal RV site can provide tremendous cost savings compared to many parks’ nightly fees. Many RV resorts offer pools, fitness centers, and other amenities that residents can enjoy without paying for several other memberships.

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#2. Visiting Family Is Easy Peasy

If you couldn’t find the time before retirement to visit with friends or family around the country, now you can! With nothing but time, and the ability to go where you want, when you want, it can be incredibly easy to plan a visit.

You can plan your adventures to national parks and popular destinations and visit family or friends around the country as well. It might even be possible to park your RV in their driveway or at a nearby campground.

You get to enjoy seeing your loved ones but still sleep in your own bed at night.

Man sitting in camper van
Hit the highway all from the comfort of your home.

#3. It’s a Great Excuse to Downsize

You can acquire a lot of stuff over several decades of living. When you retire in an RV, it forces you to evaluate the things you’ve collected. Some of the stuff has monetary value, others can have sentimental value, but you’ll likely find you can do away with a lot of things.

Some RVers will get a storage unit to keep their possessions safe while they travel. This is a great way to downsize as it forces you to evaluate if you value items enough to pay to store them. Downsizing can help reduce the clutter in your life and create a much more relaxing living space.

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#4. You Can Work on the Bucket List

Many people make a mental “bucket list” of things they want to see or do in their life. However, very few take their list seriously. If you retire in an RV, you can take your list seriously and make a dream a reality.

The hardest part of completing a bucket list is that sometimes it involves crisscrossing the country. Retiring in an RV can make it easy to accomplish some of the items on your list. You can plan your travels to hit must-see attractions or experiences.

#5. There’s a Community Wherever You Go

While many retirees may not miss work, they often miss the community. When you retire in an RV, there’s a massive community of other retirees living the same lifestyle.

There are large RV clubs that organize social events to connect RVers. There are also many large online communities to help RVers interact with each other. You’ll be amazed at how the RV community can be incredibly accepting and welcoming to others.

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The best years are ahead of you in retirement!

#6. Traveling Is as Easy as Driving

While traveling may have been difficult before retirement, it can be effortless once you retire in an RV. Whether you’re strategically planning your route or going where the wind blows, you’ll love the newfound freedom and ease of traveling.

You can choose to stick to areas you’re familiar with or be a bit more adventurous and explore the unknown.

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#7. You’ll Keep Learning New Things

RVing provides you with a practically unlimited amount of possibilities for learning new things. The lifestyle requires you to grow your navigating, planning, and various other skills to have a great RVing experience.

Once you get comfortable with the basics of RVing, you can always try to jump into the world of off-grid living and boondocking. This is a whole new world of RVing and can challenge you to keep learning.

Retire in an RV

You don’t have to feel like your best years are behind you when you retire in an RV. The lifestyle can provide a constantly changing landscape right outside your window, allow for exciting adventures, and help you feel like part of a vast community.

Would you consider retiring in an RV in the future? Drop a comment below!

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