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Redneck Paradise: It’s Called Hippie Hole, Alabama

If you’re looking for an Instagram-worthy swimming hole, some exotic location will likely come to the top of your mind. Alabama probably wouldn’t even make your top 10 list.

However, it’s home to a unique swimming hole that we think is worth visiting.

Today, we’re looking at why we think you should plan to spend a day splashing and adventuring at Hippie Hole, Alabama. Let’s get started!

What Is Hippie Hole?

Hippie Hole, Alabama, is officially titled “Martha Falls,” but locals nickname it “Hippie Hole.” It’s a popular swimming hole where you can sunbathe, cliff jump, hike, and cool off on a hot summer’s day.

This is a popular location due to the free parking, free admission, and endless opportunities for fun and adventuring.

This is a tremendously popular location amongst locals; the area can get rather busy on weekends and holidays during the summer months. However, with a little bit of planning, you can enjoy an entire day of adventuring here.

Where Is Hippie Hole, Alabama?

You’ll find Hippie Hole, Alabama, in North Alabama on the Alabama-Georgia border. It’s approximately an hour and a half east of Huntsville, and an hour south of Chattanooga, Tenn. 

This unique swimming hole is a part of the Little River Canyon National Preserve and a short drive from Desoto State Park.

This area offers many nature-centric activities and is a great option to consider if you’re passing through the area.

Friends jumping into swimming hole.
Take a refreshing dip in Alabama’s Hippie Hole.

How Do You Get to Hippie Hole?

Getting to Hippie Hole in Alabama requires a 1-mile out and back hike from the trailhead. The trail is relatively easy and suitable for all ages, but the last 150 feet can be challenging. It’s very steep and requires hikers to traverse rock stairs. The rocks and stairs can be slippery, and you should proceed with caution to avoid ruining your day before you even get to experience the canyon.

Parking for the trail is at Little River Falls. If you’re choosing to visit on the weekends during the summer months, there’s a good chance the parking lot will fill up. Rangers will direct you out of the parking lot, and you’ll need to find alternative parking. You cannot park on the side of the highway; you can be ticketed or towed if you do. 

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Can You Swim in Hippie Hole, Alabama?

Hippie Hole is a trendy Alabama swimming hole. So, of course, you can swim there. Be sure to bring solid shoes for the hike, a towel to dry off, a cooler filled with drinks (leave the adult beverages at home as alcohol is not allowed), and food for the day.

You’ll want to spend the entire day here swimming and adventuring with your friends and family. 

How High Is Little River Falls, Alabama?

Little River Falls, near Hippie Hole, Alabama, is a 45-foot waterfall. While the park is beautiful any time of year, the winter and spring offer the most intense waterfall views. However, the waterfall is still gushing during summer and fall but less fierce.

While it may be tempting to try to get a view from the edge of the falls, don’t try it. Barriers prevent visitors from accessing the area, and it’s against the law to cross them. The rocks can be very slippery. Rangers have had to rescue law-breaking guests, and deaths have occurred at the falls. 

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Where Can I Fish in Little River Canyon? 

Fishing in the Little River Canyon is another fun outdoor activity. Anglers will be happy to hear that they can fish anywhere in Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Fly fishing is popular amongst anglers, and one of the most common fish caught in the preserve is the Redeye Bass. You’ll recognize this fish by its intense red eyes and a small tooth patch on its tongue. These fish can reach up to 17 inches long and are exciting to catch.

Is Hippie Hole, Alabama Worth a Visit?

Hippie Hole, Alabama, is most definitely worth a visit. It’s a great option if you’re already in the area during the summer months. Families looking to spend time in nature will love it because it’s a short hike, and children will love splashing around in the swimming hole. It’s a great reward at the end of a relatively easy hiking trail. However, keep in mind that you’ll have to climb back out of the canyon at the end of the day. 

Even if you’re not visiting in the summer months, the falls provide a great view in the cooler months. You can snap some pictures and enjoy a short hike even if you don’t plan to spend the day swimming.

Do you plan to splash around in Hippie Hole in Alabama? Drop a comment below!

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  1. Christina Sanderson says:

    Hey there, hi there, ho there!!! Stahp!!!! Yes! This is a magical place; however, those who are already aware of it’s existence still fail to show respect.
    The canyon is on the verge to shut down. Too many tourists with no regards.
    The park is run by volunteers. Please, I beg. Leave no trace if you do choose to visit.

  2. Brittany says:

    Mobile, AL has hippie creek lol

  3. Denise Floyd says:

    Back when I was a teenager, the “Hippie Hole” was the “Pot Hole” and I was there with all my friends but, I guess it is more family friendly now! Back then children wasn’t allowed there. I have some fantastic memories of that place 😆

  4. Derek Stiefel says:

    It’s crowded and be aware it can be dangerous. Not a place for small children and be aware that if you get hurt it’s a long way back up the pig trail.