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5 Best RVs With Bunk Beds

Solo and couples traveling in RVs seldom have a problem with bedding situations. But those who camp with family members and friends may find it difficult to get a comfortable night’s sleep.

That’s especially if they’re stuck in the “bed” created from a dinette or a sleeping bag in the middle of the floor.

That’s where recreational vehicles that have built-in bunk beds come in handy. Manufacturers build up instead of out using the space needed for a twin-sized bed. They put another twin above the first bed, protecting that all-important floor space. Let’s look a little closer at RVs with bunk beds:

What Is an RV With Bunk Beds Called? 

RVs with bunk beds can be found in all types of recreational vehicles, from big Class A motorcoaches to travel trailers and Class C motorhomes. Some manufacturers have even camouflaged a bunk bed by making it a fold-down platform that can be used as storage when folded up. But no matter the type or style, these RVs are usually referred to as “bunkhouses.” 

It harkens back to a time when ranches had separate lodging for their cowhands. These structures were more like dormitories with bunks to house several employees, and they were called bunkhouse.

That said, today’s RV bunkhouses provide bed space for more than just cowboys. Some travel trailers and 5th wheels have whole rooms dedicated to bunk beds, often sleeping up to three or four people in that area.

What Size Are Bunk Beds In RV? 

Most RV bunk beds fall into three different size groups. Some measure 25 in by 75 in, with a longer version measuring 25 in by 80 in. A third standard size is wider at 35 in by 75 in.

It’s getting easier to find replacement mattresses for these slightly unusual sizes. Many companies now cater to the RV market, while others will custom cut mattresses to these lengths.

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What Are the Benefits of an RV With Bunk Beds?

The biggest draw to purchasing an RV with bunk beds is the increased sleeping space. Families find it difficult to eke out comfortable bedding for anyone over 4 ft tall on dinettes that break down into a sleeping area.

Most RVs don’t have extra dedicated beds because they take up valuable floor space. Manufacturers try to leverage bed space from other pieces of furniture that have dual uses, like the dinette or a jackknife sofa. But neither make very restful beds.

So bunk beds are the perfect solution. It’s using floor space that’s the size of one single bed and stacking another on top of it.

Winnebago RVs lined up in parking lot.
Many well known RV brands offer models with bunk bed options.

5 Best RVs With Bunk Beds

Bringing family or friends along on a camping trip just doubles the pleasure of your trip. So doubling the bed space with bunk beds is a great complement to any excursion, giving everyone a cozy, sizable resting place.

Here are five RVs that incorporate bunk beds into their floor plans. They range from a small travel trailer for one or two people to large diesel motorhomes fit for a king or queen and their loyal subjects!

1. Winnebago Forza 38W

About: With two full baths and sleeping space for eight, the Winnebago Forza 38W can meet every need of today’s traveler. It’s 40 ft long with three slides and a huge freshwater tank of 100 gallons, and this diesel pusher can take you anywhere you desire and do it in style. The interior is plush with dual-pane, tinted windows, leather furniture, luxury vinyl plank flooring, and hardwood cabinetry. This model of the Forza costs $352,000. 

Features: With bunk beds, a queen master bed, a sofa sleeper, and a fold-down dinette, along with two full baths on board, this RV makes bringing the whole family along a comfortable experience. And basement storage is plentiful for all the toys that come with family camping trips.

There are many exterior paint jobs and interior color schemes from which to choose that put this luxurious RV on the radar.

Sleep Capacity: Sleeping quarters for up to eight.

2. Jayco Redhawk 31F

About: The Redhawk 31F can easily sleep a family of eight (or even a baseball team) with its bunk beds, queen master bed, over the cab bed, sofa sleeper, and dinette. It is 32 ft long with one long slide. But it does give up a little kitchen space in making room for the sofa.

This Class C RV is a hardy traveler, making up for that in the bedroom with plenty of storage space. Its starting price is $139,000.

Features: This RV with bunk beds is a dream to drive with stability technology, including a balanced driveshaft and premium shocks. And this Class C has a one-piece seamless front endcap, eradicating the worries of water leaks that came with older RVs in this category.

The rig also can be controlled almost completely through Jayco’s Jaycommand Smart RV phone app.

Sleep Capacity: Comfortable sleeping for up to eight.

3. Grand Design Solitude 3740BH

About: With modern styling and color schemes, the Grand Design Solitude 3740 checks all the boxes for a family RV. Sleeping space for up to 10 means you can bring along your cousins and aunties for that long-awaited family reunion.

A half-bath in the bunk room has its own exterior entrance (mudroom), and the primary bedroom is at the other end of this 40-foot monster. There’s plenty of room in the water tanks and four slides that increase floor space. The starting price is $97,000.

Features: Who doesn’t love an outdoor kitchen? With family in tow, it’s an excellent addition for grabbing drinks and cooking massive dinners to feed the crew.

This RV with bunk beds has nice design features like a sliding barn door and counter underlighting. 

Sleep Capacity: Sleeping space for up to 10.

4. Jayco Jay Flight SLX 7 154BH

About: Fitting everything nicely into an 18-foot long travel trailer, the Jay Flight SLX7 154BH is the perfect solo or travel duo camper. It has two bunk beds in the central sleeping area and still has room for a dinette, kitchen, and an almost full bath (it’s missing a sink, but the kitchen sink is close by).

The tank capacities are rather small, but there is some outside storage. At $22,134, it’s a great little getaway RV.

Features: The bunk beds are a surprise in a camper of this size. It’s a nice option for traveling friends or for those singles who want better use of the floor space in their RV. It only weighs 3,500 lbs, so the Jay Flight can be towed by an SUV.

Sleep Capacity: Room for up to four people.

5. Tiffin Allegro RED 38KA

About: This diesel pusher measures 40 ft in length and can tow up to 10,000 lbs. In other words, you can take along just about everything from home on your next camping trip and never realize you left. Luxury is the goal in the Allegro Red 38KA, with top-of-the-line materials and finishes on the interior. There are beautiful graphics on the outside of the rig.

Ceramic tile floors and handcrafted hardwood cabinetry come standard with leather furniture and residential kitchen appliances. Storage is abundant in the basement. The ticket price for all of this elegance starts at $432,750.

Features: With air brakes and an air ride system, this Tiffin is a joy to drive. The coach is rather weighty at 37,320 lbs, but drives like you’re moving on a cloud. It’s silly, we know, but we really like the deep double sink in the rig’s stylish kitchen and the included dishwasher. 

And don’t overlook the bath-and-a-half available in this model, especially if you’re bringing the family along. The driver’s cab has the feel of a pilot’s cabin, equipped with every technology imaginable to make your trip safe, comfortable, and enjoyable.

Sleep Capacity: Sleep quarters for up to six.

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Is An RV With Bunk Beds Worth It?

For anyone traveling with more than four weary souls, bunk beds can be the gift that keeps on giving (good nights’ sleep, that is).

There is nothing better than sleeping comfortably at the end of each eventful camp day, and any RV that offers bedding contoured to the size of an adult is tops in our book. Maybe it’s time to consider a new RV with bunk beds before your next family camp trip.

Have you ever considered owning an RV with bunk beds? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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