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Has Anyone Bungee Jumped the Grand Canyon?

Bungee jumping the Grand Canyon may sound scary. Some people, including a famous actor, have done it and can confirm it’s terrifying. But is it worth it? 

Keep reading to learn more about bungee jumping the Grand Canyon, and we’ll reveal who one of the most famous jumpers is. 

Let’s jump in! 

History of the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a canyon carved out by the Colorado River. It’s an average of 4,000 feet deep and is 277 miles long. The canyon’s deepest point is 6,000 feet, and its widest point is 18 miles. It lies within the Grand Canyon National Park, a 1,218,375-acre World Heritage Site.  

The Grand Canyon records three out of four eras of geological time. It’s one of the most studied geological landscapes in the world. Many fossils have been found in and around the canyon, and various rock types exist. It also has caves with significant geological, paleontological, archeological, and biological data. In addition, the canyon has vast ecosystems.

Grand Canyon National Park is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the United States. 

Where Is the Grand Canyon? 

The Grand Canyon is on the Colorado Plateau in northwestern Arizona. It has three entrances, two at its South Rim and one at the North Rim. The south entrance is the most popular and easiest to get to if you’re coming from Phoenix or Flagstaff. It’s approximately one hour north of Williams, Ariz. 

You can visit the South Rim and North Rim at the Grand Canyon. However, the North Rim is closed from early fall to late spring. You can visit the South Rim year-round, but be sure to check weather reports in case of any snow closures during the winter months and late fall. 

Girl standing at scenic view over Grand Canyon
From hiking to bungee jumping, there is lots of adventurous activities to do in the Grand Canyon.

What Activities Can You Do at the Grand Canyon? 

There are various activities for all ages at Grand Canyon National Park. The most popular is walking the rim trails to take in the beauty of this magnificent display of nature. There are many other hiking trails throughout the national park. You can also do backcountry hiking and go down below the rim. 

You can also go on guided tours, take audio tours, and attend park ranger demonstrations and programs. There are also restaurants and gift shops in the national park and campgrounds for RVs and tents.

Other activities at the Grand Canyon include mule trips and river trips. There are also helicopter rides you can book just outside of the national park. You can also go bungee jumping.

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Who Has Bungee Jumped the Grand Canyon? 

Can you imagine bungee jumping the vastness of the Grand Canyon? Actor Will Smith did it.  He bungee jumped the Grand Canyon with cameras, family, and friends watching.

A helicopter took Smith out 550 feet over the canyon, and he bungee jumped out of the aircraft with 200 feet of cord. This is one of the most dangerous ways to bungee jump because you’re not hooked to a solid foundation. He lived to tell about it and had fun watching the jump on video afterward.

Sitting at the top of the Grand Canyon
Are you brave enough to bungee jump into the Grand Canyon?

Why Did Will Smith Bungee Jump? 

It was Will Smith’s 50th birthday when he did the bungee jump. He told ENews, “I’ve had a whole lifetime of feeling squashed and squelched and controlled by fear. There’s nothing worse than walking around scared.” Daring to bungee jump, the Grand Canyon was a way of overcoming fear for Will.

Can Anyone Bungee Jump the Grand Canyon? 

There are opportunities available to bungee jump the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon Skywalk has given permission to bungee off it, but you have to make a reservation and receive special permission from Navajo Nation. 

You can also bungee jump near the North Rim on Navajo Bridge, which is over Marble Canyon. 

GC Flight Helicopter Tours also offers bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon. It’s a special tour so you will need to call and ask about the details. 

How Much Does It Cost to Bungee Jump at the Grand Canyon? 

It costs $300 to $350 per jumper at the Navajo Bridge over Marble Canyon. The Grand Canyon Skywalk jump prices aren’t on, as you would need to contact them for reservations, permission, and cost. And the helicopter prices are not published either, but the tours range from $464 to $674. 

Bungee jumping isn’t cheap. Remember, you need to factor in things like liability insurance. 

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Is Bungee Jumping Safe? 

Bungee jumping is a risky adventure. Organizers should go above and beyond to make it safe for the jumpers. We highly recommend researching and vetting who you go bungee jumping with. Safety should be their top priority. In addition, we recommend making sure you’re in top physical health before taking the leap. Between the shock of the jump and the jolting on your body, take precautions so you’re not injured. 

Bungee jumping from a bridge or concrete surface is safer than helicopter jumping. A helicopter could malfunction, and you don’t want something to go wrong when you’re dangling from it. Overall, bungee jumping is a personal choice. You’ll need to determine the risk involved and if you want to take the plunge. 

If you do go bungee jumping over the Grand Canyon, we would love to hear about it. Send us some photos, or tag us in a video!

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