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Can I Park My RV at an Airport?

Most of us find ourselves getting creative with RV parking at some point. But there’s one solution you might not have tried yet.

Airports are an unlikely but convenient option for an overnight stay. Most have great locations and secure lots with tons of spaces.

However, this option can get pricey fast. And that’s not the only drawback to consider. Ready to learn more about how to park your RV at the airport?

Let’s go!

What is Airport Parking?

Airport parking is exactly what it sounds like. Employees, travelers, and visitors all need a place to park when traveling by air.

Like workers in other industries, employees here typically use a dedicated employee lot. But for visitors and travelers, terminal and off-site shuttle services are the two most common options.

Most airports offer several different options. You can valet or go it alone, and there are options for disabled folks and veterans.

Let’s say you find yourself in a metro area, unsure where to camp for the night. Why not park your RV in a terminal lot? Though it may sound strange, there are some benefits to consider.

The Benefits of Parking an RV at an Airport

Every airport differs, but most have lots that accommodate RVs and campers. These travel hubs are designed with long-term stops in mind. In some ways, leaving your rig in these lots is one of the safest available options.

Security on Site

Airports are among the most closely-watched public spaces. Heck, airline security is so strict that comedians have been joking about it for decades. This is a huge plus when it comes to RV parking.

By design, they are some of the most highly-secured places on the planet. Security teams watch parking lots closely and monitor folks who enter and exit. With this level of protection, you can feel safe camping overnight.

Plenty of Parking Spots

When was the last time you had to fight for an airport parking space? Probably never, because these lots are designed to accommodate thousands of people every week.

Most of these lots contain spaces for RV parking. And thanks to the abundance of slots, you’ll never have to reserve one in advance. Just find your perfect spot and settle in for the night.

Exploring a Big City

Finding RV parking in large cities is tough. That’s where airports come in handy. Most of these travel hubs are in ultra-convenient spots minutes from the heart of their home cities.

Sure, you won’t find showers or laundry facilities at the airport. But a central location in a metro area is tough to beat.

Aerial View of Buildings in Manhattan at Night / NYC

Parking an RV at an Airport Isn’t Always Easy

There are a lot of positives when it comes to airport RV parking. However, consider the potential downsides before camping in one of these lots.

Terminal parking fees can add up. We’re talking $60 or more every day. If you plan to camp longer than one night, it probably isn’t your best option.

While most air travel hubs have oversized spots, some don’t. And most garages don’t have enough clearance for tall vehicles. You may discover that camping here is a bigger headache than it’s worth.

And despite their high safety standards, airports aren’t magically immune to burglars. A poorly monitored long-term lot is a magnet for thieves.

Alternatives to Parking Your RV at an Airport

Depending on your needs, the cons may outweigh the pros. If you’re iffy about camping in one of these lots, it’s time to explore other options.

Here are a few great alternatives to airport RV parking.


Casinos make fantastic camping spots even if you don’t gamble. Many allow you to camp overnight for free or for a small fee. However, if you do pay, you won’t be paying airport prices.

Most resort parking lots have dedicated security teams, so you can feel comfortable sleeping overnight. Many of these lots even have RV hookups. When all’s said and done, their lots are much more accommodating than these lots.


Walmart is a tried and true option for free overnight parking. Most locations welcome or even encourage it. Some even have dedicated spots for big rigs.

Check with the store manager before setting up camp for the night. If yours doesn’t have dedicated RV parking, park as far from the store entrance as possible. And be sure to shop there to show your appreciation for the accommodations.

Cracker Barrel

Cracker Barrel is another fantastic place to park and camp for the night. Much like Walmart, this restaurant chain encourages RVers to stop and stay awhile. Just check with the restaurant manager before hitting the hay.

Many Cracker Barrel locations have dedicated oversized vehicle spots. Check the Allstays website to find a location near you that can accommodate your rig.

Rest Stops 

In a pinch, a rest stop off the highway is a good bet for RV parking. As their name says, these designated areas are for folks who need a break from driving. They’re also generally well-lit and relatively safe.

Not all rest stops allow overnight parking. But if you really need to get some shut-eye, you can sleep at a rest stop for a few hours. 

BLM and National Forest

Finally, you can always count on parking your RV on BLM land and in national forests. These areas have built-in campsites and dispersed camping areas. Some of these are free, while others may charge anywhere from $10 to $30 per night.

BLM lands and national forests tend to be in remote areas. Depending on your location, these might not be the most convenient option. But where space and comfort are concerned, you can’t beat natural scenery.

Is Parking My RV at an Airport Worth It?

Airports can be a great camping option. If you’re exploring a big city or taking some time to plan the next leg of your trip, these highly-monitored lots are a safe spot to land.

However, if you plan to camp, the fees add up. And don’t forget the noise from all those planes taking off and landing.

Like any unconventional solution, airport RV parking has benefits and drawbacks. Do the research first to decide whether it’s right for you.

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