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What Is An RV Grave Yard?

What is an RV Grave Yard? Well, basically it’s an RV junkyard, or a big ole mess of RVs and trailers that have been in accidents or otherwise are not road-worthy anymore. 

Like a car junkyard, some of these units are going to be crushed for scrap, but others may have useful pieces and parts that can be dismantled and purchased to use as replacements on other RVs and trailers.

Today we’re sharing the pros & cons of RV salvage yards. And we’ll let you know how to find one near you!

Let’s dive in.

What can you find at an RV Salvage Yard?

RVs have interchangeable parts and pieces. If your RV is needing a part, often you can find a perfectly suitable replacement at a salvage yard. And it’s much cheaper than ordering new ones. 

For example, ac units are typically the same size, so if yours had an accident, often there are trailers at the salvage yard that have been rear-ended, and the ac unit is still perfectly functional. 

Another example is appliances. Even hard to find pieces such as cabinet handles that match yours, windows, door latches, steps, shower doors, and more. 

Folks with vintage trailers can find rare items that can’t be found in stores anymore, including light fixtures and emblems! 

Pros of Shopping at an RV Salvage Yard

There are many advantages of shopping used. First, it is budget-friendly. 

Typically parts from salvage are fractions of the price of new. Plus, you don’t have to wait for a part to arrive. Often, during busy seasons or due to overseas manufacturing, delays can be weeks or even months to get a new piece!

Another benefit is supporting a local business. 

Most salvage yards are owned by locals, some of which are even part of an RV industry. Creating a relationship with these owners can help you know when good units arrive at the junkyard. 

It is also eco-friendly to re-use parts that may otherwise go to a landfill. 

Plus, it’s just fun to poke around in junkyards. You can see how things were made in the past. 

Cons of Shopping at RV Salvage Yards

Sometimes it is hard to find the exact parts you are looking for, especially if it is for newer models that are less likely to be junked. 

If your unit or part is not as universal to fit, it may be more of a challenge. 

Another drawback to salvage yards is that you have to find them. They aren’t usually in the well-trafficked areas, and are generally in a more industrial part of town or even a rural area (road trip!). 

Another challenge is that you typically have to remove the parts yourself, especially if it is a “U-Pull” type yard. Bring tools and maybe even a buddy to help. 

You’re likely to get dirty, and watch for bees and mice.

Where to Find RV Salvage Yards

Obviously, Google is your friend here. Search “RV salvage yards near me,” “RV junkyard near me,” or “used RV parts near me.” You can also call and ask auto salvage yards if they know of an RV salvage if they don’t have RV parts. 

You can also make use of this handy list from Rich The RV Guy.

There are also online RV salvage sites such as, Colaw RV Salvage, Arizona RV Salvage, and sometimes used parts on Amazon and eBay.

Give RV Salvage Yards a Try!

RV Salvage Yards can be a fun way to find parts and save some money if you are trying to replace parts of your camping trailer, RV, or motorhome. 

Don’t discount used parts as an option to get your rig back on the road, and search out junkyards and other alternatives to get the parts you need cheaper. You can spend the saved money on gadgets and fun trips!

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