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5 Best Micro Camper Trailers

Micro camper trailers are quickly gaining popularity among outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s not hard to see why! 

Almost any vehicle can tow a micro camper. They are versatile and multi-functional and an excellent option for anyone who wants to upgrade from tent camping or want more amenities with their camping experience. 

Today we’re sharing the five best micro campers on the market!

What Is a Micro Camper? 

Micro campers are small and lightweight camper trailers – typically weighing in at less than 2000 pounds, and can be pulled by just about anything. 

Many micro campers pop open or extend upon setup to utilize the interior space and pack down smaller for travel. 

Micro campers are an excellent option for those who don’t want to tow a larger trailer, don’t have space to store a larger camper, or want an upgrade from tent camping.

Without further ado, here are the five best micro camper trailers on the market today: 

1. TAXA Cricket

The TAXA cricket is a lightweight and rugged micro camper that can sleep two adults and two children. This camper is 15′ in length, has a dry weight of 1,800 lbs, and can easily be stored in a garage when not in use. 

The TAXA Cricket features a pop-up roof for ventilation and standing-room with five mesh windows in the pop-up tent panels. This micro camper makes the most of the tiny space with under-bed storage and a large kitchen counter with cubbies for storage and food prep. 

It has plenty of amenities, including propane tanks, a full-size bed, a 2-burner stove and sink, 15-gallon fresh and 16-gallon grey water tanks, exterior shower, furnace and water heater, and comes pre-wired for solar. 

2. Sylvan Sport GO

The Sylvan Sport GO is an incredible multi-purpose micro camper to suit even the most active of lifestyles. This camper is a pop-up tent camper, a gear transporter, and a utility trailer… all in one! The Sylvan Sport GO is about 12′ in length and has a dry weight of 840 lbs – making it towable by just about any vehicle. 

In camping mode, this micro camper is a multi-functional elevated tent. The interior is bright and spacious with a 6.5′ ceiling height, oversized windows and screens, and many sleeping and dining configurations. It features an awning that gives you an additional 46 sq. ft of covered outdoor living space. 

When the GO is in travel mode, you can load your gear on the roof to effortlessly bring along your camper, your boats, and your bikes! And, with a few easy adjustments, you can quickly transform the GO into a utility trailer for every day moving and hauling needs. This thing can be used for so much more than camping.

3. Polydrop Trailer

The Polydrop trailer is a geometric-styled, modern-day teardrop camper. The exterior of this micro camper features an exterior shower, a rhino rack for transporting gear, a solar road shower, and a Fantastic Fan for excellent ventilation. 

The rear of the Polydrop trailer opens up to access the kitchen area, complete with a sink, a cooktop and pullout counter space, and a Dometic refrigerator. 

One of the coolest features of the Polydrop trailer is the security cameras. This camper features four security cameras pointed in all directions, with a screen located at the foot of the bed. When you’re in the camper, you can rest assured knowing you can see what’s going on outside. 

The Polydrop trailer has a twin size bed, a few storage cubbies inside, an air conditioner, and an awning for additional outdoor covered living space. 

4. Timberleaf Pika

The Pika by Timberleaf is a rugged, lightweight teardrop trailer. The base model weighs 1,025 lbs dry and is 12 feet in length, making it an excellent option to be pulled by just about any passenger vehicle. 

On the rear side of the Pika, a door opens to reveal an outdoor kitchen, typical of most teardrops. The kitchen comes with an optional slide-out Dometic fridge and plenty of counter space for all your campsite food prep needs. 

This micro camper can comfortably sleep 2 with a double-sized mattress with storage at both the head and the foot of the bed. 

5. Go Little Guy MyPod

The Go Little Guy MyPod is a seriously cool micro camper – a 100% fiberglass body that weighs in at just 630 pounds! 

This is another teardrop-style camper with a double-sized bed, air conditioner, Fantastic Fan, and an entertainment center. 

The MyPod doesn’t feature a kitchen area, but it has a variety of optional upgrades, including a roof rack and a screened room attachment. 

Looking for a Small Camper Trailer, But Not This Small?

If micro trailers are too small for you, we totally understand! You have to be very adventurous to take a trip with one.

Fear not – there are still many types of small RVs that could be the right fit for you. Here are a few additional resources:

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