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What Is a Camping Pod?

What Is a Camping Pod? 

There are more ways to camp than ever before. Cowboy camping, freedom camping, yurt camping, glamping, and stealth camping are just a few ways we’ve talked about this year.

Today we’ve got a new one for you. It’s called a camping pod!

Do you hate setting up and tearing down your damp and dirty tent? How about driving a huge RV down the road?

If those sound less than desirable, we’ve got a solution for you!

Introducing, the camping pod…

A camping pod is an insulated, wooden hut used for camping. Sometimes they’re even somewhat shaped like a tent.

An enormous benefit to a camping pod is that it is already set up on the site. So, when you book a camping experience in one of these, you don’t have to worry about pitching a tent.

You may still need to set up your camping pad and sleeping bag, but some pods have amenities like power, heat, or water.

These unique huts stand up better to the elements than a tent. This makes your experience more enjoyable in wet, cold, or windy weather.  

So… What’s Inside These Pods?

There is some variability in what you’ll find inside, but here is what you can typically expect. 

Inside you’ll typically have lighting, a small heater, carpet, and blinds on the door. Some pods offer a more glamping type experience with an en suite bathroom and running water, but most are more rustic. 

Since most pods just offer a warm dry place to sleep, you’ll need to bring some things along on your trip. Don’t forget your mattress or camping pad, sleeping bag, pillow, cookstove, mess kit, cooler for food and drinks, and towels. 

Where to Rent a Camping Pod

There are several options for renting a pod for camping. You can search on vacation rental booking sights like AirBnB or VRBO.

You also may want to try your luck on or An additional place to find them is actually at RV parks or rustic resorts that cater to outdoor lovers. 

Where To Find Camping Pods for Sale

If you have land and are interested in setting up your own pod, you definitely can! There are a few companies out there that manufacture camping pods that you can assemble yourself or that the company can install for you. 

One website is BZB Cabins and Outdoors. They offer 2 versions which cost $4,950 and $8,650 depending on which size you choose. 

You can also purchase from Glamping Pods of America. These pods are very high end and come with a starting price tag of almost $11,000. But they come with room for a bedroom and include a bathroom so you don’t have to sacrifice on luxury. 

One other place to purchase your own pod is Shop Glamping. They have a variety of style pods available ranging from around $20,000 to $45,000. An awesome thing about this company is the amount of natural light that is let in with full-wall windows. 

Are There Camping Pod Building Plans?

Yes! Various sites offer building plans for your very own camping pod. If you’re handy, you can purchase plans for a camping pod for under $200. This may help you save on building the pod of your dreams. Since they are fairly simple structures, building your own pod is definitely possible.

A Unique Way to Experience Camping

This unique way of camping is very popular in the UK, and it’s gaining traction here in the US. If you love more traditional camping but hate being cold or wet, a pod is the perfect thing for you. Camping in a pod lets you get the real camping experience with a unique twist. 

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