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Why We Bought a 40 Foot Alliance 5th Wheel RV

Why We Bought a 40 Foot Alliance 5th Wheel RV

Why We Bought a 40 Foot Alliance 5th Wheel RV

We recently made a huge purchase – literally. We bought a new truck and 5th wheel and are so pumped about it! 

Sure, it’s a sellers market. Yes, the demand for RVers is higher than ever.

Nevertheless, it was the right time for our family.

This year, we upgraded from a vintage 24’ travel trailer to a 40’ fifth wheel with slides: that’s quite a jump. Here’s why we bought our 40’ Alliance 5th wheel RV. 

Our RVs Through The Years

The contrast between the RV that we started with and the one we have now is dramatic. Our first RV was a 16-foot 1985 Fiber Stream that we renovated ourselves and pulled with a 2004 Ford Ranger. 

We went full-time in that camper and traveled to free campsites all over the US! As you can see, our RV lifestyle had a small beginning… but we were hooked. You can learn more about our Fiber Stream here.

Later, we purchased a vintage 1979 Airstream Argosy and renovated it from the ground up, literally. This camper gave us creative freedom to build something of our own, and a lot more space than the Fiber Stream. 

During our Argosy Renovation, something happened: we got pregnant.

And in 2019, we welcomed our daughter Nora into the world. We loved our Airstream. But after a few trips we realized it just wasn’t big enough for our growing family. 

Learn how we sold our vintage Airstream for 40k in less than two hours here

Shortly after selling our Airstream, we became proud owners of a 40 foot Alliance 5th wheel RV. 

Why We Bought a 40 Foot Alliance 5th Wheel RV

Our RV size journey goes from 16’ to 24’ and now 40’… and you might wonder why we decided to go so big.

The answer is simple: we wanted an RV we could grow into, not out of. 

We grew out of both of our previous RVs, but we are confident our new Alliance will have plenty of space for our family that now includes our growing daughter and dog, River.

We have plenty of space to thrive in our new rig, and we’re currently outfitting it to be the ultimate off-grid 5th wheel.

And, why did we buy during a sellers market?

Simply put…we wanted to be excited to RV again. This purchase made the nomadic flame return.

Specs and Features of Our Rig: The Alliance Paradigm 390 MP

We picked up our brand new Alliance 390 MP in mid-July of 2021, and we’re loving it so far. Here are some of the specs and features of the 390 MP.

This RV has a total length of 41’, 11” and a GVWR of 16,800 pounds. Talk about massive!


The MP in 390 MP stands for multi-purpose, and this rig really fits the bill. It has a multi-purpose room in the middle that can be used as a guest room, an office, or whatever you want it to be! This feature is awesome for a content creator or remote worker on the road. 

The 390 MP also has a loft bedroom above the multi-purpose room that’s perfect for a kid. This rig has a mid kitchen and rear living with the master bedroom in the front. 

The Alliance 390MP has a beautiful light interior. Some of our favorite interior features are the kitchen island, the soft-close cabinets, and all the natural lighting from tons and tons of windows. This RV feels so bright and airy. 

There is plenty of interior seating and tons of storage, from cabinets to multi-purpose benches. 

The 390MP comes with washer/dryer prep, a king sized bed and walk-in master closet. The space in this thing seriously blows our minds!


The exterior of the Alliance 390MP looks slick with well-placed accent lighting, and it’s loaded with features. 

This RV has tons of exterior storage options. Alliance has also made it incredibly easy to access important areas like plumbing and electrical with an access door in one of the pass-through storage bays. The wires are even color-coded for easier serviceability.

This RV has two huge awnings for plenty of shade. It also has three air conditioning units to keep the space nice and cool on those hot summer camping trips. 

The Paradigm 390 MP is riding on a MorRyde CRE-3900 suspension system and tows like a dream. 

This rig is perfect for full-timers – just check out these tank sizes! 

  • Fresh Water: 98 Gallons
  • Grey Water: 106 Gallons
  • Black Water: 53 Gallons

Every Alliance RV is test driven before sale in a “performance audit”. Part of the reason we chose this company is because they are customer and quality obsessed.

The Alliance RV Manufacturing Facility

The Truck We Chose to Pull Our 40 Foot 5th Wheel

Choosing the “perfect” truck is often one of the most overwhelming steps when it comes to RVing. 

The truck we chose is a GMC Sierra 3500 dually Turbo Diesel with a 10 speed Allison transmission. That’s a mouthful, and this is a seriously powerful truck! 

This truck has a maximum towing capacity of around 36,000 pounds, so we know it will safely and comfortably tow our RV that weighs about half that figure.

We’re using a PullRite 5th wheel hitch. This hitch has an easy-to-install puck system that fit our GMC perfectly. 

We Love Our Alliance RV

Alliance is truly customer and quality-focused. We are confident that this rig will last us a long time and provide us with plenty of space to work, travel, and grow.

Watch our tour below (we show you the purchasing, the interior, and the off grid system).

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Bob Makowski

Sunday 26th of September 2021

Congratulations Kyle and Olivia, I thought I saw a while back you were representing another RV company. Surprised to see you in an Alliance. Beautiful Rig.

carolecolegmailcomCarole Cole

Friday 13th of August 2021

A Pine Setter, August 12, 2021, 10:30 pm

We purchased our first RV in 1970…a 22-ft mid class travel trailer. The following year we joined a large international camping organization. We were invited to join a local chapter. The chapter started with 30 families plus five on a waiting list to join. We were a group of various ages…mostly young families. We held monthly camp outs year round. Our children met not only the children in our chapter, but children of camping families throughout the US and many foreign countries. That chapter will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in September. Yes, it is still active. The hosts for this anniversary rally are those young children who bonded within our chapter. They now have married children of their own who were raised in the same camping chapter. All agree that the years spent camping (RVing now).were the best investment we could have made for our children, grandchildren and ourselves. My husband and I retired from our careers and our home into a 40-ft completely self contained fifth wheel in 1998. It was our home on wheels for 14 years until my husband’s death. We RVed in the 48 contiguous United States, Alaska and all of the provinces of Canada. It is a fantastic lifestyle.

Katrina Mayo

Wednesday 11th of August 2021

Love your videos and your new setup! If you don't mind us asking - who installed your solar/battery/inverter set up? Looks great and we are seeking quotes for our Grand Design Momentum 397th we will be picking up from the same General RV location in Michigan the end of this month!

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