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Is a Yamaha Generator Good Enough for RV Life?

Is a Yamaha Generator Good Enough for RV Life?

If you’re planning to do some off-grid camping in your RV, a Yamaha generator is a great tool to have on hand.

Not only can you enjoy the benefits of having power while off the grid, but Yamaha generators are also quiet.

Today, we take a look and see if a Yamaha generator is a good option for your RV adventures.

Let’s dig in!

About Yamaha Generators

Yamaha has been making quality motors since 1955. They’ve taken their experience and packed a tremendous motor into their generators. Whether you’re looking to power your RV’s air conditioner and TV or charge up your batteries, a Yamaha generator is a great choice.

Yamaha offers an extensive line of inverter generators. With options ranging from 2,000 watts to 6,300 watts, you’re sure to find one to meet your needs. If you bring along one of these generators, you’ll be able to camp in even the most remote locations but still power your electronics.

No longer does primitive camping mean you have to go without some of your favorite luxuries.

Pile up of brand generators
A Yamaha generator is an excellent option to choose from when purchasing a generator for your RV.

How to Choose the Best Yamaha Generator for Your RV

There are several options to choose from. So you’ll want to keep a few things to keep in mind when selecting the best Yamaha generator for your RV. Let’s take a look.

Physical Size

A generator that creates more watts will be physically larger than a generator that creates fewer watts. The EF6300ISDE creates 6,300 watts but weighs a massive 200 pounds. However, the EF2000iSv2 produces 2,000 starting watts and weighs a measly 44.1 pounds. 

You’ll not only need a place to store your generator, but you may have to move it in and out of a vehicle. Picking a large generator may mean you’ll need an extra set of hands to assist with safe loading and unloading.

A larger generator will not only be heavier but also take up more space. Before making a purchase, verify that you have room for storing your generator. That big generator may provide a ton of power, but it also takes up precious storage space.

RV Power Needs

Knowing what you plan to use in your RV will help determine your power requirements.

If you’re hoping to run an air conditioner and heavy-use electronics, check out the EF3000iSEB (3,000 watts), EF4500iSE (4,500 watts), or EF6300iSDE (6,300 watts). These models will provide enough power to run your RV off the grid.

No matter which generator you choose, you should still be mindful of which electronics you’re running simultaneously. Generators can’t produce infinite amounts of power at one time. Running several high-power items in your RV simultaneously will overload the generator. The more power usage you require, the more fuel you’ll use as well. 

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Couple with their generator in front of their RV.
Yamaha generators come in different model types depending on what your RV requires.

Fuel Type

All of the Yamaha generators for RVing use gas. You can usually find a gas station relatively easily to fill up a gas can for your generator. This can be convenient, especially when you find yourself running low on fuel and need to fill up in a pinch.

Noise Levels

You don’t want to be “that camper” who cranks up their loud generator and disturbs everyone. Yamaha does make several models of “open frame” generators, but these are incredibly loud and thus not ideal for RVing. Their inverter generators range from 51.5 dBA to 64 dBa, which is incredibly quiet.

The more power you’re generating, the louder the generator will run. Yamaha generators are so quiet that you can easily carry on a conversation near one. Depending on the load you’re putting on it, you may not even notice it’s running.

Generator attached to an RV.
Yamaha generators are excellent options at a great price point.

Are Yamaha Generators Objectively ‘Good?’

Yes, Yamaha generators are known for their quality. For the price, you’ll likely have a hard time finding a generator as good as those offered by Yamaha.

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Are There Disadvantages to Choosing a Yamaha Generator?

Like many other generators, Yamaha generators require regular maintenance. You’ll need to keep an eye on how many hours you use your generator and change the oil accordingly. If you don’t keep up with maintenance, your generator could fail you right when you need it.

Product image of a yamaha generator.

With care and maintenance your Yamaha generator can last for decades.

How Long Do Yamaha Generators Last?

The more you stay on top of regular maintenance, the longer your generator will last. These generators can easily go for 2,000 to 3,000 hours. This means your generator can last 10-20 years when maintained properly.

In addition, Yamaha stands behind its quality generators by offering a three-year warranty against defects in material workmanship. So even if it does have a defect, Yamaha can probably help you out.

Should You Choose a Yamaha Generator for Your RV?

A Yamaha generator is a fantastic option for you to consider for your RV. Not only do they create a tremendous amount of power, but they also come with a great warranty. This can give you peace of mind knowing your investment is protected.

Whether you want to make a cup of coffee or keep your batteries charged, a good generator can handle the job. Yamaha’s can significantly enhance your off-grid camping experience and allow you to enjoy some of the same luxuries you enjoy at home. Have you considered a Yamaha generator for your RV?

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