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5 Best Fiberglass Camper Trailers (with Bathrooms)

Fiberglass camper trailers are the best! Yes, we may be partial to them (our first camper was a 1985 Fiber Stream) – nevertheless, fiberglass trailers have a lot of advantages.

We’re not talking about RVs with cheap fiberglass side panels. Today we’re focusing on molded fiberglass units.

These types of campers are usually constructed with two or three molded pieces of fiberglass that create the shell of the trailer. They share more commonalities with a Boston Whaler boat than a traditional RV.

Before diving into the best brands, let’s look at the specific advantages.

Advantages of a Molded Fiberglass Camper Trailer

From aesthetics to functionality, here’s a list of reasons to consider a molded fiberglass camper.

  • Better Water Resistance: These trailers have substantially fewer seams than traditional RVs. This means entry points for water are significantly reduced.
  • Classic Look Means Better Resale: Fiberglass campers haven’t really changed their designs in 30+ years. Many brands like Scamp & Casita have looked the same for decades. This consistency keeps the resale value high.
  • Less Wood: RV’s (even fiberglass units) will eventually leak. The fiberglass shells support themselves and don’t rely on wood. This means less rot potential!
  • Light Weight: The campers we’re featuring are lightweight. Most SUVs and even some sedans will be able to tow them.
Fiberglass Camper Trailers

1. Scamp

Starting Price for Used Trailer: around $21,000

Why You’ll Love It: These Scamp trailers are perfect for smaller tow vehicles. They start at 13 feet (without a bathroom). Their 16-foot unit is the most popular model. It comes complete with a bathroom, kitchen, and bed/dinette.

There are multiple layouts available for each size, and every order is customizable.

Scamp hasn’t really changed their look since originating in the early 70s…and some of those units are still on the road today.

What’s the Word: Jack contributed this testimonial to the Scamp website: “On July 11th it will be 6 years to the day that we picked up our Scamp at your plant in Backus. It has been a wonderful 6 year adventure. We have towed our Scamp 52,002 miles.

We have spent 362 nights camping in the Scamp. We have pulled it to the North, East, South, and West. We have towed our Scamp thru 40 of the original 48 states. Our longest trip was 38 days when we went to California.”

2. Casita

Starting Price for Used Trailer: around $25,000

Why You’ll Love It: The Casita is a higher-end version of the Scamp. These trailers offer more options and higher-quality appliances.

There are 5 different models of the Casita that can sleep between 2 and 6 people.

Interior aesthetics are great with these fiberglass campers, too! Taking note from Airstreams, the Casita has a modern, light feel.

Top Rated Trailers break down all the unique differences between the models.

What’s the Word: Julia Thompson on Facebook says, “We enjoyed our little home every mile of the way. It was a delightful experience picking up our Casita. Jonathan and Victor were very helpful in explaining our Casita. We are back home now but looking forward to when we can go again. Very easy to tow, set up and break down and get into the camping spots.”

3. Escape

Starting Price for Used Trailer: around $29,000

Why You’ll Love It: If the Scamp and Casita seem a little too small, the Escape might be for you!

The Escape 21 offers a bigger floor plan (21 feet) and dual axles. The bed & dinette are separate. This means you’ll never have to convert it back and forth between eating and sleeping.

Best of all, you can completely customize it to your needs. You can add solar, give it a lift for off-roading and stock it with a high-powered inverter.

What’s the Word: Upfisk Garl on Facebook says, “Every trailer can be customized; the list of options extended to 2 pages when we ordered ours. The trailers are well made with high class finishes unlike other trailers of its size.”

4. Nest

Starting Price for Used Trailer: $45,900

Why You’ll Love It: If you love Airstreams, the Nest is for you! This is the first time Airstream has ditched the aluminum and opted for fiberglass.

The Airstream Nest measures in at 16.6 feet – from tongue to bumper. The exterior height is 9.5 feet and the width is 7 feet. Overall, the measurements make for easy parking!

The Nest weighs  3,500lbs dry – this means with no belongings on board and no water in the tank. The GVWR (how much your trailer can safely weigh including payload) is 4,000lbs.

Airstream Nest Floor Plan
Airstream Nest Floor Plan

What’s the Word: Justin Humphrees, the COO of Airstream says, “Nest appeals to those consumers who like understated and clean design lines.  The Nest is more automotive and modern in look and feel which really hits home for this consumer.

Although the product is great for boondocking as well, we find this customer to utilize campgrounds more.”

PRO TIP: We put the Airstream Nest and Airstream Basecamp head to head – this is what we found!

5. Oliver

Starting Price for Used Trailer: around $55,000

Why You’ll Love It: The Oliver travel trailer is the best molded fiberglass camper available. It’s beautifully constructed with attention to detail.

Every Olivier is made custom to the owners preferences. Better still, these trailers are made for 4-season camping. No need to store it in the winter!

The dual axles and aerodynamic design make it easy to tow.

The only downside is price.

What’s the Word: Linda Benson on Facebook says, “My husband and I are still impressed with the quality of our new trailer and the excellent service we received from first contact through pick-up and beyond. This is a top notch company with a superior product. We could not be happier.”

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  1. N Kincade says:

    14FK Forest River Rockwood Geo Pro. 14′ and solar is standard onbroof and has plug in for solar suitcase. Has bathroom with water miser system. Wifi Booster and 12 volt or 110 TV.

  2. carlsbits says:

    Love my Escape 19! You may want to take a look at the Bigfoot fiberglass trailers as well. They claim to be true 4 season campers.

  3. rawman001 says:

    Yes, you definitely need to check out Bigfoot. Very well built true 4 season fiberglass molded travel trailer. They have 3 sizes, 17′ 21′ and 25′. Higher end compared to Scamp or Casita, but less expensive than Oliver. Also, way way better than the Nest.

  4. Robert Dalby Grant says:

    We looked at Oliver and Bigfoot because we wanted a two piece molded (clamshell) fiberglass trailer in the mid 20 foot range. We ended up choosing a 25 foot Bigfoot for the following reasons: 1. More room, one foot wider and slightly longer. 2. Larger fresh, gray and black water tanks. 3. Larger refrigerator. 4. Larger dinette. 5. Dry bath. 6. Lower price (about $10,000 less. We have owned our Bigfoot about 18 months now and are quite pleased with it.

  5. Tom Roberts says:

    I agree. We were Cassitas for three months every winter for four years. Five years ago we went to a twenty five foot Bigfoot travel trailer with twin beds. It has been and is wonderful, just wonderful.

  6. Comet says:

    I love my Scamp 13 ft. RV and it has a bathroom!! Perfect for me and my dog and cat. We can go everywhere !! It is a little small for 2 people to live in full time, but for trips and going out where the natural beauty is, can’t beat it. And you can pull it with a car, I have an old 2004 Volvo with 270,000 miles on it and there’s no problem going anywhere. Highly recommend !!!!

  7. Robin says:

    You rarely mention The Snoozy, which is an incredible, full fiberglass, egg camper! It is innovative. Nothing on the roof at all – so it will never leak or need recaulked up there. It has a full time queen size bed or twin option with storage under. A jackknife sofa with a removable table making it also a dinette! The air conditioner and microwave are standard buy at any Home Depot or such, so much cheaper than “rv” items! The interior is all real wood! Beautiful finish options and a wet bath!
    You should check it out! The casita and the scamp are pretty much the same thing , but The Snoozy is more roomy because of the door placement and much more unique !

    I enjoy your articles , I think you need to visit the Snoozy plant to familiarize yourself with greater fiberglass options.

  8. Bruce Parker says:

    “Best” – Consider the Scamp 19 foot 5th wheel.
    This requires a truck, but it is light enough for a 4cyl NA truck. Added lightness. BP

  9. Robert Collins says:

    You did forget to list the Keystone Vantage which were made in 2012-13. The largest was the 32FLS but they had several different sizes and floor plans. They also had 1 slide out, 101” interior width and I believe a 7ft ceiling. Their shape makes them a dream to tow.

  10. Melody Miehe says:

    We love our 16ft.Scamp! Bought it new in 2004. Took our 3 Grandkids camping many many times.
    We lived in 5 months while visiting our family in Montana. And are living in it now while finding a new home in the NW. It’s part of our family.

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