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Top 5 Boondocking Sites on the Water

This week our “Five for Friday” series deals with some of our favorite things – free camping & water front views! That’s right, we’re giving you our top 5 boondocking sites on the water!

Watch the video:


#1 – Snake River in Moran, Wyoming

GPS44.1034, -110.6861

Body of Water: Snake River

Info: Snake River is a hidden gem located close to Yellowstone’s south entrance. The sites are spread out down Grassy Lake Road. There are multiple camps with 2-4 established sites at each. As you drive down Grassy Lake Rd, the path gets harder to navigate the further you go. We had no problem towing our 16′ camper down the road, but the bigger rigs were confined to the first established camp (which had 4 sites).

Each camp has its own vault toilet – these were the cleanest and newest vault toilets we’ve seen. They were better kept than any gas station bathroom we’ve used. Bear Boxes and trash receptacles were also available at each camp.

Absolutely no cell service available here – even with our WeBoost. We use AT&T and T-Mobile. Fellow campers using Sprint & Verizon received no service as well.

Watch the video of Snake River below:


#2 – Junction City Park, Texas

GPS30.4899, -99.7601

Body of Water: Lake Junction

Info: This is a charming city park with waterfront sites. There are spots for every size rig and lots of space to spread out. The park has bathrooms, dumpsters, and numerous water spigots. Best of all, our T-Mobile hot spot had full bars of 4G LTE and we were streaming Netflix all night!

One local said there was a three-day stay limit, but after that you only had to move 100 feet. Don’t take our word for that – we neither tested or verified that information. There actually aren’t any signs in regards to camping there at all.

Many people enjoyed their afternoons fishing and kayaking on the lake.

Watch the video for Junction City Park below:


#3 – Blankenship Bridge in Columbia Falls

GPS48.4641, -114.0726

Body of Water: Middle Fork Flathead River

Info: Middle Fork Flathead River is an amazing riverside campsite just miles from Glacier National Park. Access to the site is slightly challenging, but any rig under 25′ should be fine. However, don’t take our word – walk the entrance first to judge for yourself. We treaded the muddy, water-filled pits to find a hard rock bottom beneath. In fact, there was a 30′ Class A that made the trek. Parking is on a river-rock terrain. It was easy enough to get level.

Our AT&T service received 3 bars of 3G – and the tower wasn’t clogged. With the help from the WeBoost OTR we were able to boost our T-Mobile from no signal to 4 bars of 4G LTE.

The river stays busy with fishermen, kayakers and rafters.

Watch the video Blakenship Bridge below:


#4 – Quincy Lake in Washington

GPS47.1409, -119.926

Body of Water: Quincy Lake

Info: Quincy Lake is a peaceful boondocking site with established camping situated right on the waters edge. There are clean vault toilets located on site, but no additional amenities. We hiked around the grounds and watched nature roll by. There aren’t many activities taking place on the water, instead just a lot of peace & quiet. We received fast cellular connection at Quincy Lake and easily streamed movies & TV.

Large rigs will probably be confined to the sites towards the front of the camping area. The further back you follow the road, the rougher it gets.

Watch the video for Quincy Lake below:


#5 – Magnolia Beach in Port Lavaca, TX

GPS28.5599, -96.537

Body of Water: Matagorda Bay

Info: We enjoyed Magnolia Beach to the max. Cell reception was amazing, the tides were minimal, and free hot showers kicked butt!We didn’t see any water spigots, though. The ground is solid enough for any type of rig; making it easily accessible, but not ideal for sun bathing. There was minimal litter and no random dog poop.

Watch the video for Magnolia Beach below:


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  1. John says:

    Thank you much for great info. Have 11 months till retiring then gone to see n fish beautiful North America. Been learning alot bout boondocking. Dont much care for RV parks, but there will be times…
    Im thinking 25′ pull trailer with enough solar and batts. Im from Oregon. Beautiful place to start from. Just bought the tow vehicle last month.
    I very much appreciate suggestions, tips n tricks as well as donts. Have never been in an RV. But have towed a great deal.
    Thank you again.
    John Mageras

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