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Popular Late-Night Host Calls His New RV a “Piece of Junk”

Popular Late-Night Host Calls His New RV a “Piece of Junk”

Popular Late-Night Host Calls His New RV a “Piece of Junk”

RVing has become so popular that even Hollywood Celebrities are buying trailers and motorhomes.

Late-night talk show host, Jimmy Kimmel, is among the RVers with fame and fortune. Despite his notoriety, he can’t escape poor RV quality – a plight the everyman knows well.

Today we’re spilling the tea about what he travels in and how Kimmel perceives its roadworthiness. 

Here’s What Kimmel Said About His RV

Last week Kimmel hosted Kristen Bell on his late-night show. Bell & husband, Dax Shepard, recently bought a million-dollar motorhome.

In fact, Bell and her family met up with Kimmel to caravan with their RVs in Idaho. During their exchange, Kimmel said parking next to Bell’s RV was “humiliating.”

And Bell quickly responded, “Only because you’ve got a Minnie Winnie.”

Kimmel follows up by saying, “I’m going to be honest, mine’s a piece of junk. It breaks. The latches come off. It’s garbage…They didn’t tell me that when I bought it. That’s for sure.”

The pain and suffering wasn’t lost on Kimmel.

Kristen Bell said she and Dax blew out six tires on their road trip. However, Dax was carrying a full weight bench set up in the storage bays.

It’s almost guaranteed they were over their weight capacity. 

Let’s be fair, basically all RVs have poor quality. Winnebago, in our opinion, actually makes some nice units. Here are the best RV brands in 2021.

Looks Like Celebs Overnight at Walmart, Too

Interestingly enough, both Bell & Kimmel are fans of parking overnight at Walmart. Even multimillionaires enjoy the simple things in life…like waking up at Walmart.

Bell says, “You can just go camp in the parking lot.”

This can’t be good for the future of Walmart overnight parking!

Despite what Kristen Bell says, camping at Walmart is no good. We believe overnight RV parking is ok at Walmart…if you follow these rules.

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Saturday 18th of September 2021

Jimmy get a old greyhound bus and convert it that's what I did ... thosee expensive rv's are cheap and really dangerous in my opinion

Michelle D

Friday 17th of September 2021

Great advice, Thank you! Not many people would know that,you think that you've just bought new tires,you're good‽ Not so much, thanks again for the advice. *also good tip iwe were to unload the black tank and then fill it up with water; dump a big bag of ice inside the yuck tank and drive it a few blocks, let it slosh around in there. The combination of the ice floating in the water will break up anything stuck to the sides. Then go back to where u dumped it. Dump it again and refill it up with water and dump it again.From what they tell me it will clean it wonderfully! In full disclosure, I have never ever touched the yuck tank even once. I have been blessed with my wonderful husband that agrees he will do that job (or else we would also have another mess to clean up!🤮. Happy RVing all!

Xwc Champ

Friday 17th of September 2021

I heard about the low quality of new RV models. I went to a local RV dealer who told me to wait until the quality improves before I buy. You would of figured though a big shot like Jimmy Kimmel would be taking home show room model. As far as camping in the walmart parking lot it would be similar to casinos having hotels. The store is literary in your front yard, and it's only for those passing through.

Pail Bockman

Friday 17th of September 2021

It's not like Kimmel doesn't have enough money to buy a dissent motorhome. Or park in nice campgrounds. But because he cheaped out on everything , he probably got a piece of junk. And who is to blame. Me. The average person goes and buys an RV and payrs attention to details. But a millionaire thinks everyone should take care of him.

Whitney C Brown

Friday 17th of September 2021

What every buyer of an RV should know is that the manufacturers, for the most part, put crappy Chinese tires on the RV. They blow out easily. Replace your tires with well respected and rated tires from the USA or foreign (but not Chinese). That is what we do. Also, never go above the recommended weight carrying load.

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