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Showdown: Winnebago RVs vs Thor RVs

Showdown: Winnebago RVs vs Thor RVs

Winnebago RVs versus Thor RVs: Is there a difference? And which one is better? This RV showdown compares two of the biggest names in the RV manufacturing industry.

We’re taking a look at the RVs, affiliated brands, RV quality, customer satisfaction, and more.

Let’s dive in and compare Winnebago versus Thor!

Winnebago Versus Thor At-a-Glance

Winnebago and Thor RVs both stand out as some of the biggest names in the RV manufacturing industry. Both have a wide selection of RVs and types, and both have a large customer base.

They’ve both been around for a while and get strong reviews from their customers. So a quick glance doesn’t reveal much about which brand is better.

Comparing Winnebago and Thor 

Let’s compare the RVs and details of Winnebago and Thor. While more people will recognize the Winnebago name, Thor is a top contender in the RV industry. Let’s learn more. 

About Winnebago

Winnebago Industries is one of the biggest names in the RV industry. They’re so big, in fact, that Winnebago is a household name recognized by RVers and non-RVers alike.

This RV manufacturer has been producing RVs since 1958. With more than 60 years of industry experience, it’s no wonder Winnebago is a top choice for many RVers. Winnebago is a customer-centric manufacturer, incorporating customer-led features into new designs.

Types of RVs

Winnebago manufactures most types and classes of RV. They have a wide selection of Class B campervans, Class C RVs, Class A motorhomes, travel trailers, and even a fifth wheel model.

In addition to producing many RV types and classes under the Winnebago name, Winnebago Industries owns other major RV brands like Grand Design, the luxury brand Newmar, and more.  

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Durability and Quality

Winnebago RVs utilize high-quality materials, including real wood, aluminum, and high-gloss fiberglass. Another high-quality feature of Winnebago RVs is the dual-axle travel trailers.

Other RV brands mount smaller travel trailers on a single-axle, but having the dual axle is an important safety feature that shows Winnebago knows what it’s doing. 

Customer Satisfaction

Customers tend to rate Winnebago highly. Many Winnebago owners are brand-loyal and will only purchase Winnebago-made RVs for life. 

Winnebago provides great customer service and makes an effort to appear at many RV rallies and events across the country. It holds workshops to educate RVers and better understand the needs of consumers. 

Winnebago driving by cliffs
Both Winnebago and Thor RVs are quality, reliable brands.

About Thor

Thor Industries was founded in 1980, and today it’s one of the leading manufacturers in the RV industry. Although the Thor name might not be as well-known as Winnebago, they’re certainly a top contender. 

Thor owns many well-known RV brands and produces their own Thor-branded RVs. Brands include Dutchmen, Four Winds International, Keystone RV, Damon, Heartland, Jayco, Tiffin, and many more. 

Types of RVs

Thor’s self-branded RVs are all motorhomes. However, some of the brands Thor owns produce other types of RVs. Thor-branded RVs come in Class A, Class C, and Class B varieties.

Thor’s toy hauler motorhome is unique to the brand. Thor makes a Class C toy hauler and a Class A toy hauler, both called “Outlaw.” 

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Durability and Quality

As far as quality goes, Thor RV can fall a bit short. Thor doesn’t have a great reputation when it comes to RV quality. 

Thor has barely over three stars on the customer-led review website RVInsider. Reviewers describe issues with leaks, delamination, slide-out malfunctions, and more. Part of the reason for quality issues with Thor is the rate at which they manufacture their RVs. By most customer accounts, Thor focuses on quantity over quality. 

Customer Satisfaction

Reviewers on RVInsider rate Thor low for quality control and poor quality materials. But where Thor shines is the livability of the RV layouts. Customers love the floorplan designs and the amount of storage space inside Thor motorhomes. 

Winnebago parked in campsite.
See the world all from within the comfort of a Winnebago.

Winnebago Versus Thor: The Winner Is … Winnebago

In our opinion, when comparing Winnebago to Thor, Winnebago wins every time. Winnebago has been around longer and has a long record of producing innovative, quality RVs. It offers incredible customer satisfaction as well.

Thor shines through Thor Industries-owned brands like Jayco, Keystone, Dutchmen, Heartland, and others. Thor-owned brands still operate independently, and many of their affiliated brands produce high-quality RVs. On the other hand, Thor’s self-branded RVs leave room for improvement when it comes to quality. 

Is a Thor RV a Good Choice? 

When reading customer reviews of Thor RVs, it’s clear that while some customers experience issue after issue with their rig, others couldn’t be happier.

So it might just depend on what you get. If you’re researching RVs and considering Thor versus Winnebago, we’d put our money on Winnebago first every time.

However, if a Winnebago simply isn’t in the cards for you, you can still get a perfectly good RV from Thor. It all comes down to your personal needs.

Which brand appeals to you more? Drop a comment below!

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Tuesday 15th of February 2022

Own a 2020 Thor class C quantum sprinter…25,000 miles on it so far. Have been issues but ALL new RV have issues. We travel with friends with a 2021 Winnie View ..their door fell off on the highway and there levels stopped working after 2 weeks….I paid 50k less than the view ….happy with my choice

Lawrence Leahy

Monday 17th of January 2022

We own a 2014 Thor Acer and very disappointed in the overall qualify. We had all the furniture reupholster and have found windows to be of poor quality and durability. We will not buy Thor again


Friday 14th of January 2022

I have been researching RV models for the past two years. I determined that for my needs, solo retired woman that a smaller class C with no slides is preferred. This limits the models available to me. The best known is the Thor majestic 23A, used primarily by Cruise America. In 2021 I rented this unit twice. Once at two different State Parks with hookups and then 5 days boondocking at a free campsite. Dupris campground, located near Indiantown, Florida. This campground is used mostly by Equestrians and hinters. maximum of 8 days. A very nice option, reserved online through the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD). I am happy with this Thor unit, and am hoping I will be able to purchase one in spring of 2022.

Kirk Truman

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Absolutely Winnebago tell you why. Just bought one 3 months ago. 2000 Winnebago U35 Adventurer w/2 slides. The outside faded, but the inside looks absolutely beautiful new. Winnebago adventurer baby. 👍

Ray L.

Tuesday 11th of January 2022

Right on target. The Brady's have done the research. I worked as an RV tech for nearly 50 years, retiring from a Thor/Airstream dealer. RV's ALL have problems. Personally, I bought floorplan, had an ABOVE average Forest River I full-timed in. 1988 Holiday Rambler was by far the best of my personal RV's. Manufacturers have GOOD model years and BAD model years; just like cars. Some, like Winn consistently better, although we had nightmare electrical problems with Winn diesel pushers back in the late 1990's. Airstream in the early 2000's shoved out some of the worst quality RV's I have serviced, esp their dive into motorized units. Remember the early Mercedes/ Freightliner/ Sprinter/ CHRYSLER rails??? Majority had to be towed back to dealership from PDI test drive, and then sat at the Chrysler dealer for months waiting for parts, software upgrades, etc, etc. These, by the way were not Airstreams fault, rail manufacturers to blame there Our dealership tried to "give away" A/S 396 with a brand new Corvette thrown in. My hats off to Tim & Dave from Airstream, they took the time to come a visit regularly, listen to our concerns and then implement changes at the factory, spending time on the phone walking us through issues because they cared and trained me at their factory with some of the best techs I have every worked with. That's the key to successful business, and why I had a career, not just a job.

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