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Top 10 Free Campsites – Year One on the Road

In just a few days we’ll celebrate our one-year nomad anniversary! We decided it was time to look back on the travel log and compile a list of our favorite free campsites and boondocking spots.

We managed to camp at 105 sites over the course of a year, but narrowed this list down to our top ten. The campsite-rank is based on location, scenery, privacy, and our personal experience.

All sites listed below are FREE!

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Name: Hieb City Park

Location: Marion, South Dakota

GPS: 43.426449, -97.265274

Highlights: Hieb City Park is one of the few free campsites that offers complimentary water & electric hookups. The large grassy field and plentiful shade is another plus. To top it off, we received blazing fast cellular speeds to do ample Netflixing.

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Name: Clark Canyon Reservoir

Location: Dillon, Montana

GPS:44.9949, -112.8693

Highlights: Clark Canyon has amazing scenery and well maintained facilities. Every site has a pavilion, grill, and picnic table. The only bummer is that internet service is very limited here.

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Name: Snyder Hill BLM

Location: Tucson Estates, Arizona

GPS:32.1576, -111.1171

Highlights: Location is the best quality of Snyder Hill. It’s located right outside of Tucson and has easy access to all the big city perks. The cellular internet speeds are fast on all carriers here; and Snyder Hill is a popular spot among fulltimers, so the social aspect of the campsite is fun, too!

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Name: Blackwell Horse Camp

Location: Heltonville, Indiana

GPS39.0175, -86.3899

Highlights: Blackwell Horse Camp is spacious, grassy, and clean. Our pup loved it here because she had so much space to play. The campsite is located pretty close to Bloomington – we explored downtown and found some great restaurants.

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Name: Jamieson City Park

Location: Poynette, Wisconsin

GPS43.3845, -89.4302

Highlights:Jamieson Park is another spacious & grassy campsite. We had enough space to spread out, set up our tent, and feel a sense of privacy. The local town was small, but offered a really cool discount grocery store. Unfortunately, the park will be closed to overnight camping beginning January, 1st 2017.

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5SNAKE .jpg

Name: Snake River at John D. Rockefeller Memorial Parkway

Location: Moran, Wyoming

GPS44.1034, -110.6861

Highlights: This campsite is ideally located just a few miles from the Yellowstone south entrance. Our site was 50 yards from the river and pretty private. We were amazed by the vault toilets at Snake River – they’re the cleanest we’ve seen to date!

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Name: Lower Teton View or Upper Teton View

Location: Moose, Wyoming

GPS43.7645, -110.5558

Highlights: This is one of the most beautiful sites we’ve found. The Grand Tetons shape the horizon and create a unique sunset every night. We were able to get a strong cell connection, but the network was bogged down with traffic. The site is accessible for big rigs, as well.

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Name: Harshaw Road in Patagonia

Location: Patagonia, Arizona

GPS31.5149, -110.7037

Highlights: The camping on Harshaw Road is private and peaceful. A trailhead for the Arizona trail is only a mile down the road, and it was one of the best hikes in Arizona. The town of Patagonia is small and charming (and only 4 miles away). We visited the local coffee shop, Gathering Grounds, almost every day.

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Name: Blankenship Bridge

Location: Columbia Falls, Montana

GPS48.4641, -114.0726

Highlights: This is beautiful, riverfront camping located a few miles away from Glacier National Park. We absolutely loved this site. Our T-Mobile hotspot received 4G LTE and our AT&T was a weak 3G. It would be near impossible for a Class A to make it to this site, but a van or small TT can make it (but scope it out before you drive down)!

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Name: Buffalo Gap – Nomad View

Location: Wall, South Dakota

GPS43.8898, -102.227

Highlights: The scenery and wildlife are breathtaking. We saw big horn sheep every morning and evening and our site overlooked endless Badland formations. We also received 4G LTE at the campsite. We’d recommend a special trip to the area just to experience the nature and beauty here.

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  1. John says:

    Thanks for this great list. I hope to hit many of these spots when I hit the road next year.

  2. nmuleski says:

    We’ve stayed in a couple of the same sites! We loved the Blankenship Bridge by Glacier! That site represents everything I love about free camping! Great views, great location, and loads of other great people around. Hope you are enjoying your adventures!

  3. Pat Boles says:

    I wish I could travel. I used to be able to pack up every few years and go to a new town/city. Not anymore.

  4. Charles w. says:

    Estates at #9 this summer. Hand pumps for water + old man = work!…lol

  5. No problem! Hope you enjoy them as much as we did!

  6. You said it perfectly! We loved that spot soo much!

  7. George says:

    Just wondering what you use to get Internet at these sites? I am lacking in technology. I would do more boondocking if that were possible.

  8. AT&T phones and a TMobile hotspot and we have a Wilson WeBoost cell booster.

  9. Bob Ide says:

    Thanks for this and love finding free good sights and thanks for the tips

  10. Donna says:

    Wonderful, thank you so much. Keep posting.

  11. dave and gina says:

    Excellent list! Thank you so much! We will check some out this winter. Also, we really enjoy your YouTube channel. Great content. Dave and Gina

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